Metallica2010pic2400pix Metallica wrapped up their week long residency on the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson on November 21st by performing Sad But True. Watch it below.

To watch the band’s other performances, click on the highlighted names:

Hit The Lights
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Enter Sandman

The performances help mark the 10th-anniversary reissue of the Metallica documentary Some Kind of Monster, which will be available on November 24th as a digital release and on Blu-ray.

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  1. “Thanks for making a headline news story out of every single song metallica played on one tv series. We really wanted to know that badly.” – No one ever.

    1. Nick,

      I would have gladly made it all into to one post but:

      1. If I added the performances day to day to the original story, it doesn’t update on the headline page and the readers would be complaining where are the other performances?
      2. If I waited until the end of the week to compile all of them on one page, I would have heard complaints as to why are I wasn’t posting them in a timely fashion.

      Bottom line, you can’t please everyone.

      Finally, “It’s easy to complain and be an armchair music editor when you aren’t the one doing it.” says me.

      Dana from ET.com

  2. Thought they played well this week. Must be, what, two hours of prep for 5 minutes of performance. Good stuff. Can’t wait to see them next summer. \MM/

  3. Metallica – the world’s most overrated band.
    Even get a ridiculous amount of coverage on Eddie Trunk.

    How about KISS/Motley Crue/Slash playing the 3rd day at the Donington Download Festival?

    (Judas Priest is playing the first day!).

    1. Here’s my question for you and soooo many others that apparently don’t have enough authority in your life, why do you care to comment about something you don’t care about? What empty part of your life does it fulfill to do this? How devoid of power and command of others are you that it gives you such great pleasure on ripping on a website, one of the few rock/metal websites, for posting news about rock and metal bands? F–k some of you guys are whiny little bastards. Don’t like Metallica? Don’t click on the article. It doesn’t pop up automatically and temporarily hypnotize you into reading it against your will. We’ve only got a few good years left with most of these bands, and Lord knows I can’t stand half of them. But I’d rather read about them than Nickelback or The Biebs. Let’s wait for Dana’s next article on Firehouse or Trixter or something before we unleash the hounds. There was that one band I remember she posted an article about a few months ago who did some cover tune she really liked and got rightfully roasted for it, all in good fun of course. But God some of you endless whiners whining about what band is posted on a website is the ultimate in first world problems. Go get some fresh air and stay away from the screen for awhile.

    2. DR,

      It was Little Caesar and I still stand behind the band. The singer is a great guy with a good voice.

      Despite all the cheesy Pizza jokes (see what I did there πŸ˜‰ ), I still have love for that band, and Tora Tora, whom I felt was always very underrated.

      D from ET.com πŸ™‚

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