Vinnie Vincent has announced that his upcoming concert at Graceland, his first return to the stage in over 30 years, will be half unplugged, half “full shred” with electric guitar.

Vinnie said, “I’ve been paying attention to what the fans are writing and saying, and seeing how many fans want me to put on the electric guitar and shred on so many of the great songs we all know and love.”

With many sections of the theatre already sold out for the show, the concert at Graceland will start with an acoustic set, followed by an intermission, and then a full shred electric set. In addition to Special Guest Robert Fleischman, original vocalist for the Vinnie Vincent Invasion, who will be joining Vinnie for several songs including Back On The Streets, more special guests will be announced soon.

Vinnie will be releasing a special promotional video for the Memphis show on Friday, September 28th, 2018 at 12:00 Noon PST to give fans a little taste of what to expect at the Graceland show, plus maybe a surprise or two.

For Tickets and Info, please visit

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Rob Halford has revealed that Judas Priest is planning to mark the band’s 50th anniversary in 2019 with a special celebration.

“We are, yes,” he told Sara Parker of Philadelphia’s 93.3 WMMR radio station in a new interview (as per “We’re already having these discussions every now and again in the band and with our label and with our promoters and management. We have some ideas and when we get close to solidifying something, we’ll let you guys know.”

He added, “It’s gonna be a great year. What a celebration. Another incredible milestone for Judas Priest that we’re looking forward to sharing with everybody.”

Bassist Ian Hill is the sole remaining original member of the band, which formed in 1969. Halford joined the group in 1973 and guitarist Glenn Tipton signed on in 1974. Rob left Priest in the early 1990s to form his own band, then returned in 2003. Founding guitarist K.K. Downing parted ways with the band in 2011, and was replaced by Richie Faulkner.

Judas Priest will be hitting the road at the end of August for a co-headlining run with fellow classic heavy rockers Deep Purple, see dates below.

Deep Purple And Judas Priest Tour Dates:

8/21 — Cincinnati, OH — Riverbend Music Center
8/22 — Chicago, IL — Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre
8/24 — Detroit, MI — Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill
8/25 — Mt. Pleasant, MI — Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort
8/27 — Hamilton, ON — FirstOntario Centre
8/29 — Montreal, QC — Bell Centre
8/30 — Quebec City, QC — Centre Videotron

9/1 — Wantagh, NY — Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater
9/2 — Bethel Woods, NY — Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
9/5 — Darien Center, NY — Darien Lake Amphitheater
9/6 — Holmdel, NJ — PNC Bank Arts Center
9/8 — Virginia Beach, VA — Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater at Virginia Beach
9/9 — Camden, NJ — BB&T Pavilion
9/11 — Charlotte, NC — PNC Music Pavilion
9/12 — Jacksonville, FL — Daily’s Place
9/14 — Atlanta, GA — Verizon Amphitheatre
9/16 — Biloxi, MS — Mississippi Coast Coliseum
9/18 — Kansas City, MO — Starlight Theatre
9/20 — Welch, MN — Treasure Island Casino
9/21 — Council Bluffs, IA — Harrah’s Council Bluffs
9/23 — Denver, CO — Pepsi Center
9/26 — San Diego, CA — Mattress Firm Amphitheatre
9/27 — Irvine, CA — FivePoint Amphitheatre
9/29 — Mountain View, CA — Shoreline Amphitheatre
9/30 — Wheatland, CA — Toyota Amphitheatre

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Ruben Mosqueda of Sleaze Roxx spoke with singer Geoff Tate about his band Operation Mindcrime. Highlights from the interview appear below.

Sleaze Roxx: In one of our previous conversations, you spoke about Operation: Mindcrime [the band] and how you felt that it would have a revolving door of players that would step in when others stepped away to work on other things. Is that still pretty much the vision at this point?

Geoff Tate: Yeah, I do. I might have said this in one of our previous conversations — I’ve spent 30 years with the same people [so] it’s been so liberating to have the experience of being in a band with different musicians. It’s been a fantastic experience working with new people. It’s been fascinating listening to their interpretations of my music. I get to experience what got them excited about it and how they learned to play it. It’s an interesting perspective that I don’t have [laughs]. Currently, I have musicians from Scotland, England, Canada, Brazil — it’s an international band. Every one of them were fans of Queensrÿche and fans of Operation: Mindcrime.

Sleaze Roxx: When you look back at Operation: Mindcrime, you assembled a hell of a team, from producer Peter Collins to engineers, Jim Barton and Paul Northfield. That album was loaded. That crew helped take a great record to the next level.

Geoff Tate: [Laughs] I can’t argue with you there [laughs]! In this business, it’s all in who you know. Someone knows someone, a message is relayed to them by someone you know and you find out that they would like to meet with you to talk about collaborating. We met Peter through Q-Prime. Cliff Bernstein knew him from his A&R work with Rush. Cliff was very close to Geddy Lee and he highly recommended Peter to produce us. We had a meeting with Peter and he, Chris [DeGarmo] and I really clicked. The thing I really appreciated about Peter was that he was really easy to talk to and we had a lot of brainstorming sessions with him. He was great in facilitating these discussions and was great at nursing them along. He was great at “pushing the ball a little further,” if you know what I mean? He was great at working around the constant “brake lights” that happen during the recording process [laughs]. There was always something halting the process and he was great at dealing with those things. I refer to them as “brake lights” because they halt everything [laughs]. Peter brought James Barton on board because he worked with him previously on another record. He was right. We had started out with Paul Northfield who had also worked with Peter on Rush. You see what I was talking about earlier, about the who “people who know people” thing [laughs]?

Sleaze Roxx: In the past, we’ve talked about how great It would be to have Operation: Mindcrime as a feature film. If it’s 1988 and the film is a reality, who would Geoff Tate cast as Dr. X, Nikki and Sister Mary?

Geoff Tate: Oh, wow, that’s tough [laughs], I can barely remember 1988 [laughs]. There’s this Austrian actor named Max Von Sydow whose features I had used as the physical outline of Dr. X. I love his acting and the guy on the album cover is modeled after Max so I’d have to cast him. Nikki was such a tragic character, oh my God. I think I would have gotten Mickey Rourke in 1988. He’s a fine actor and would have done a wonderful job. The Sister Mary role in 1988 would have gone to Winona Ryder, she’s done stuff where she’s got this “heroin chic” thing about her. I have seen her in a lot of roles where she’s really pushing herself as an actor.

Read more at Sleaze Roxx.


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Ruben Mosqueda of Sleaze Roxx spoke with Enuff Z’Nuff frontman/bassist Chip Z’Nuff, excerpts from the dialog appear below.

Sleaze Roxx: You’re going to head out shortly the Sirius XM Hair Nation tour, which will be hitting a lot of theaters. You’ll be out with Jack Russell’s Great White and the Bulletboys.

Chip Z’Nuff: Yeah, we’re glad to be on board and part of the team. When Live Nation contacted us, we knew we needed to be a part of this. Some of the bands that they had contacted were bands like King’s X, L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat and many more. Some had already stuff booked so they declined. Other bands declined for Lord knows what reason [bursts into laughter]! This is the first I have released a record [Diamond Boy in the last 25 years that I’ll be following it up with a big tour [laughs]! These opportunities are hard to come by these days. The last larger scale tour that Enuff Z’Nuff was a part of was in 2002 with Poison, Quiet Riot and Warrant. We did arenas and the was our last run of debauchery and promiscuity [laughs].

The Hair Nation Tour is a great way to follow up the run we had with Ace Frehley last year, which got us into theaters and larger rooms. Jack Russell and the guys are headlining because they’ve sold like 20 million records over the course of their career. I’m so grateful that we were asked to be a part of this. Also on the bill are the Bulletboys who we’ve toured with a lot with over the years. We’re also excited that Eddie Trunk will be hosting some select dates on the tour. As you know, he has a weekly show on Hair Nation channel 39 and a daily show on Volume 106. Anyone that embraces the ’80s “Sunset Strip” sound will have a great time at this show and it is very affordable, so it won’t break the bank. I’m so excited to play the Diamond Boy record for people. I wish the tour started today [laughs].

Sleaze Roxx: On this run on The Hair Nation Tour, do you know how much you’ll be allotted and how much of the new album will you sneak into the set? I’m not asking for you to give away what new stuff will be in there, because I’m one that subscribes to the element of surprise when it comes to setlists.

Chip Z’Nuff: That’s kind of you and I think, you’re absolutely right. On this tour, we’re not going to use a tour bus. It’s like $1,000.00 a day to keep it on the road. We’re not even using a road crew this time around. We tried that for the first initial dates of the Ace tour and our crew did more cocaine than some of the bands did back in the ’80s. So we sent them home and loaded in our own gear for the rest of the tour [laughs]. I was kidding about the cocaine part. Nobody parties like that in this band or on this crew. We’re going back to square one. We’re using a van and pulling gear in a trailer. We’ll do an hour set. As you said on the Frehley tour, there were songs we had to play and when we had a short set like that, you got [to play] the main hits. I’d love to play the whole record if I could. We believe that much in it. I’m not trying to sound immodest or anything, but we feel that strongly about the new album. We’ll do two-three off the new album and mix things out throughout this tour. We’ll be doing shows with the Bulletboys on off nights from The Hair Nation Tour. We’ve never done meet and greets before but we’ll be offering those on this where we’ll have fans watch three songs at soundcheck, then get to hangout with the band for a little bit. Can I take a moment to talk about the guys in the band for a minute?

Sleaze Roxx: Absolutely.

Chip Z’Nuff: I have some “big leaguers” in the band right now, so I feel the need to brag a little bit. I have Tony Fenelle on rhythm guitar. He used to be the former singer of Ultravox. He also had a band called Big Noise. He’s played all around the world. This guy’s is a veteran. He’s from Birmingham, England. He’s a real star. I have Tory Stoffregen on lead guitar. He’s been with me for over ten years now. He’s done tons of stuff with me. He was in a band called Black Mollys. He moonlights in a band when he’s not doing stuff with Enuff Z’Nuff called New Black Sevens, they’re terrific. Tory’s a great singer and guitarist. Rounding the band out on drums, we have Daniel Benjamin Hill who played with a band out here in Chicago called Super Big. He’s a great drummer and songwriter. I feel that collectively, we bring a lot to the party here.

Sleaze Roxx: Daniel Hill is the son of ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill, right?

Chip Z’Nuff: [Long pause] He doesn’t like me talking about that. He’s an illegitimate son is what the rumor is right now.

Sleaze Roxx: How were you able to keep the peace with Mancow and with the [Howard] Stern camps? Early in, Enuff Z’Nuff’s career was during that time where Stern would ‘go to war’ with all these other jocks and you maintained a relationship with both camps.

Chip Z’Nuff: It’s real easy. You just be yourself and you keep those two away from one another [laughs]. I did a show there in Chicago where I brought in a lot of my friends on. I brought on Zakk Wylde when he released his first record and also Ace Frehley. I did it to help my friends in hopes that down the road, if we needed any help in promoting our music, they’d do the same. Howard Stern is one of the most loyal cats in the business. I was on Howard’s Wrap Up Show last week. In 1989, going on his show totally changed the trajectory that the band was on. It gave us a tremendous boost and for that I will be eternally grateful…

Read more at Sleaze Roxx.


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Ruben Mosqueda of spoke with Mr. Big vocalist Eric Martin. Excerpts from the interview appear below.

KNAC.COM: I don’t mean any disrespect, but you’re promoting ‘another’ live package. This one is titled Live From Milan and it’s available as a double CD set with a DVD or Blu-Ray and vinyl. Mr. Big has several live packages out there, some domestic and other as imports. When you get approached about recording another live album, do you have to think about it much?

MARTIN: You’re right, we do have a lot of live records out, they’re different. I think the last one we did was another one of those live at Budokan records, which was at this huge gig. When we recorded Live From Milan we were on a non-stop tour, I remember that it was unusually hot and that I was having to catch my breath a lot because of the heat. This record is really raw, loose and fun. You can hear that on the record, you have Paul [Gilbert] and Billy [Sheehan] doing their guitar and bass pyrotechnics. I would forget that we were getting filmed and I’d think to myself “Oh, there’s a camera, now I have to perform for the camera too, not just the people!” [laughs] I have to add that Matt Starr, our sub drummer did a fantastic job. It wasn’t just the four of us it was the five of us; Pat would sit in to help with background vocals and do some percussion on his “cocktail kit.” I have to add that this performance isn’t super tight or perfect, but it’s a fun performance. I don’t know if it’s “magical” or not but there certainly a lot of fire in that performance. If you know Mr. Big, there’s a lot going on—it’s like “musical chaos.” [laughs]

KNAC.COM: Live From Milan is made even more special because it’s a tribute and remembrance to [drummer]Pat Torpey [who passed in February due to complications from Parkinson’s disease].

MARTIN: [long pause] Yeah. You’re right though, I wish that it wasn’t his last recording for obvious reasons. I helped put the package together, I saw him in those photos, smiling and just having a great time. Pat was our anchor, it didn’t matter if we thought we were in dire straits, he was the guy that anchored us. Here was Pat, really weak, fatigued, we had a couple more weeks before we could head home. He really wanted to go home and rest, but like the true workhorse that he was we’d get to show time and he’d get pumped up. I would say something like “Where’d you get all this energy all of a sudden?!” And he’d respond “It’s showtime.” [laughs] On that tour we’d do Daddy, Brother and Pat would be off stage singing then he’d join us on Alive And Kickin’. I’d introduce him and here he’d come always with a smile and this positive energy. He was my rock. I’d be hot and miserable and I’d look at Pat and I’d get to work and belt ‘em out.

When I was looking back at the DVD it brought back a lot of great memories because there was Pat singing the songs and his voice. Pat had a voice like Paul McCartney, his vocal stands out in the mix, more so than Billy or Paul or even me at times. [laughs]

KNAC.COM: With the passing of Pat, where does that leave the future of Mr. Big?

MARTIN: Well, as you know I do a lot of solo shows, I play solo acoustic shows anywhere from Moscow to Hood River, baby. [laughs] Billy has Sons Of Apollo and The Winery Dogs, great bands and as you know has also has a solo career and he’s working on a new album now.

We are doing some touring this summer; we just got back from Australia, Thailand and China. We did some shows with Extreme and it went over wonderfully. I don’t know why we didn’t think of that earlier? We’re heading to Europe to do the European festivals, which should be fun. I’ve been home for about a week, but it hasn’t been tilL the past two days that I’ve been reflecting on Mr. Big. I’ve been working with my partner Andre Pessis who I’ve worked with throughout Mr. Big’s existence. We’re trying to get a jump on writing material for a “possible” Mr. Big album for 2019. That could very well be our last. We’re booked to do some touring in June of 2019. I’ll be honest, without Pat Torpey, the wind has been taken right out of me.

Billy would miss it just as much as I do, but he’s got enough stuff to keep him busy. Paul would probably love to get off the road, stay home and make solo records. We’ve been in this band for 30 years now, but without Pat Torpey there’s a huge emptiness. I don’t think we could find an equivalent to Pat. It’s impossible. I suppose there’s a chance that Billy can talk me out of it, but right now, I just don’t know.

KNAC.COM: Mr. Big’s biggest hit, To Be With You is the antithesis of the bluesy, soulful, hard rockin’ sound which the band is known for. How do you feel about the song now? And who or what was the inspiration for the song since you brought that song to the band?

MARTIN: I wrote the nucleus of the song when I was 17 years old. I wrote it about this girl that I really liked, she only wanted to be friends. I was like, “But we get along so well. Let’s ruin it by falling in love.” [laughs] I carried that song idea in a gym bag full of cassettes with song ideas for the first album. I carried that along for years. I remember we were writing some songs and I remembered I had To Be With You on one of those cassettes. Paul and I were talking about our love for The Beatles and to me To Be With You has The Beatles written all over it, so I played it for him. He loved it. He played it for Billy who also liked the song. It wasn’t brought up again until we were working on Lean Into It. Billy mentioned to [producer] Kevin Elleson that I had this great ballad he should listen to. Kevin loved it and suggested we get that on the record. We weren’t concerned that it was a departure from our sound. As you know when radio and MTV got a hold of it the song blew up. I don’t think that was a bad thing. We beat out Michael Jackson, Right Said Fred, then the pressure started to build. I remember thinking to myself “Oh my God, I hope we can sustain this?” Once the song started to slowly move from the top of the singles chart the pressure was off. Though it started its decline that song was on the singles chart for months.

That song changed our lives, we became headliners playing at Denver’s Auditorium Theater. How’s that for an oxymoron for you? [laughs]. Anyway, we could look out into the crowd and we’d see the hardcore fans that had been with us since the first record, but there were more girls and couples out there. We would open with either Addicted or Daddy, Brother and the look on their faces was that of “what the hell is going on?!” [laughs] They thought they were getting a full show of the To Be With You band! [laughs].



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Slash Ft. Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators have unveiled the new song Mind Your Manners, off their new album titled Living The Dream out on September 21st via Slash’s own label Snakepit Records, in partnership with Roadrunner Records. The new song follows the release of first single Driving Rain now the highest charting radio debut of SLASH’s solo career cracking Top 20 at Rock radio with a climb to #17 this week. Driving Rain has already generated well over 1 million streams. Listen to Driving Rain here and Mind Your Manners below, purchase the songs digitally here and pre-order Living The Dream here.

Slash describes Mind Your Manners, “I wrote this song on the spot to help the band get up and running once we got back in the studio this past January. It’s just a go-for-it type of song. Pretty straightforward rock and fun to play.” Myles Kennedy adds “Mind Your Manners was something I didn’t hear until the guys had started jamming together. It’s a cool, up-tempo sort of thing and I knew immediately it would have its own place on this record. Lyrically, it’s about how when things are going well there always tends to be someone who tries to rain on your parade and knock you down. You have to keep people like that in check and not let them get to you.”

In other news, the band announced a second Los Angeles show for October 16th at The Palladium in Hollywood, CA. Tickets for the October 16th Los Angeles show are onsale now. The group’s North American headlining tour officially begins September 13th in Los Angeles and will visit 20 major cities including New York, Denver, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, DC (Silver Spring, MD), Chicago (New Buffalo, MI), Dallas (Thackerville, OK), Austin, Houston, and more before ending October 16 in Los Angeles (all dates below). All tickets for the fall SMKC tour are available at

Tour dates:


13 Whisky A Go Go Los Angeles, CA
15 The Van Buren Phonenix, AZ
16 KAABOO Music Festival Del Mar, CA
18 The Depot Salt Lake City, UT
19 Fillmore Auditorium Denver, CO
21 Paradise Cove Margaritaville Tulsa, OK
22 Winstar World Casino Thackerville, OK (Dallas)
24 Walter Creek Ampitheater Austin, TX Stubb’s
26 House Of Blues Houston, TX
28 Louder Than Life Festival Louisville, KY
29 Four Winds Casino Resort New Buffalo, MI


1 Wellmont Theatre Montclair, NJ
2 Fillmore Silver Spring, MD
4 Casino Rama Rama, Canada
5 Pier 17 at South Street Seaport New York, NY
6 Mohegan Sun Uncasville, CT
9 Paramount Huntington, NY
10 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA
11 House Of Blues Boston, MA
14 Aftershock Sacramento, CA

Living The Dream is Slash’s fourth solo album, and third with Slash and his bandmates Myles Kenney (Vocals), Brent Fitz (Drums), Todd Kerns (Bass & Vocals) and Frank Sidoris (Guitar & Vocals). On Living The Dream, Slash and his band re-teamed with producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette (Alter Bridge, Iggy Pop, Incubus) on the powerful 12 song collection. The band’s previous albums World On Fire and Apocalyptic Love, debuted in the Top Ten on 12 charts globally, spawned three #1 hit singles at U.S. Rock Radio and earned worldwide praise garnering Slash some of the best critical acclaim of his career.

Living The Dream song list:

1. The Call of the Wild
2. Serve You Right
3. My Antidote
4. Mind Your Manners
5. Lost Inside the Girl
6. Read Between the Lines
7. Slow Grind
8. The One You Loved Is Gone
9. Driving Rain
10. Sugar Cane
11. The Great Pretender
12. Boulevard of Broken Hearts

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