The formation of the beast we now call Exodus began in Richmond CA in 1979, and although many started their journey as fans a few years down the line, there is no debating that the early 80’s was a time for major growth in the world of Thrash Metal, especially in the Bay Area of California.

Day in the Dirt was perhaps the ultimate example of the Bay Area thrash metal underground scene in 1984. A plywood stage constructed in a Berkeley, California park where Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus played to a frenzied crowd of headbangers. It was also evident from this show, and others like it, why Exodus was so influential on the Bay Area scene and thrash metal in general. With the eventual release of their first album Bonded By Blood, the band would take their music and their live show to new heights of insanity in the years that followed.

Take a trip back to that incredible time in thrash metal history with the recently unearthed live recording of No Love (Live At Day In The Dirt 1984), and listen to the raw power of the original Bonded By Blood lineup of the band that started it all… Exodus

Gary Holt comments, “Day In The Dirt was almost like the Bay Area thrash metal Woodstock, our own underground version on the legendary Day On The Green shows we all attended so many times. What happened that day at Aquatic Park in Berkeley has gone down in Bay Area lore as an epic day for the underground Thrash scene. The brainchild of the late great Wes Robinson, we were fortunate to have been a key part of such a great show. It was Rick Hunolt’s second Exodus show as well I believe!.”

Listen below.

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Stryper frontman/guitarist Michael Sweet says that he would love to help Van Halen make another classic album along the lines of their first three releases.

“Chances are in this lifetime it’ll never happen, but if it ever did, and we co-produced [the LP] together, and I was able, as a fan, a singer, a guitar player, a writer, to pull that out of them, I guarantee you it would be the best Van Halen album since [Van HalenII and [Women And Children First],” he told 10 Questions With The Musical Mind (transcription courtesy of blabbermouth.net) . “I can say that without even any hesitation at all, because, in a perfect world again, if they agreed to it, and we all worked together and went for that, I guarantee you it would happen and the world would be going, ‘What the eff just happened?'”

According to Sweet, the ideal Van Halen album should remain true to the band’s classic sound without attempting to incorporate any of the newer sonical influences which could dilute the group’s original songwriting magic.

“We don’t wanna hear Van Halen doing a modern song with no guitar solos,” Michael said. “You wanna hear Van Halen like you heard it on Van Halen and II and Women And Children First. That’s the Van Halen we all know and love, and that was the fire — a burning, ignited, raging fire.”

Back in 2015, Sweet said that Van Halen’s latest studio album, 2012’s A Different Kind Of Truth, was one of the most disappointing records he has heard in the last few years.

“I’m a huge Van Halen fan — about as big as they come — and I’ve always loved the band and everything,” he said. “And I just feel like the last album… You know when you feel like a band is just going through the motions and they’re just not giving it their best? That’s what I felt with that album. It got some really good reviews — people were saying, ‘This is great. This is great’ — and I’m just kind of sitting there reading them, thinking, ‘Okay, I’m hearing something completely different than these people are hearing, apparently.’ And I have absolutely no clue what I am talking about, because I just didn’t get it. I didn’t get it. There’s qualities there that you’ve come to expect that are still there that you love — you know, Eddie’s [Van Halen] playing… Eddie could play two notes and cause chins to drop, ’cause he’s Eddie. But… I don’t know, man.”

Stryper will be starting their History Tour – Greatest Hits & Covers That Influenced Our Generation on May 10th in Greenville, SC. To view the entire tour itinerary, please click here.

Listen to Michael Sweet’s interview below.

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Accept have released a special seven-inch vinyl single, featuring a brand new studio track titled Life’s A Bitch as well as Restless And Wild (Live at Wacken 2017), on the B-side. 

Guitarist Wolf Hoffmann says, “We love the title of the single… Who does not agree to that ‘life’s a bitch?’ It is universal, even if the stories are different. Everybody knows what that means.”

Listen to the song below.

Accept’s latest release was, Symphonic Terror – Live At Wacken 2017, on Nuclear Blast records. It features a unique show, shot on August 3rd, 2017 at the Wacken Open Air festival, where the band played the biggest and most extraordinary show of its career in front of 80,000, on top of thousands more fans watching via a live stream.

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Guitarist Jake E. Lee recently spoke with Tone-Talk , excerpts from the interview appear below, as transcribed via blabbermouth.net.

Speaking about how he was asked to join Mötley Crüe:

“I quit Ratt. I had nothing going on. I was going to Mötley’s f–king gigs… Nikki and Tommy wanted me in the band. They actually wanted me to replace Mick — which you can understand that. [I was] f–king better looking and f–king better playing. They wanted me to replace Mick. Mick’s in-law or whatever was funding the band, so that didn’t happen. And there was [talk of Mötley Crüe] maybe [having] two guitar players, which even then, I was, like, ”Mötley Crüe, two guitar players? I don’t know about that.’ So, anyway, it kind of started with that. ‘Cause there was that thing going. Whether somebody denies it or not, that’s what started the rift between me and Mick.”

On Mötley Crüe opening for Ozzy in 1984:

“I’m not saying I had a big deal to do with it, but I remember Sharon [Osbourne] saying, ‘This Mötley Crüe. What do you think about [them] opening?’ I said, ‘F–king Mötley Crüe. I think they’re gonna be the next big deal.’ So Mötley Crüe is opening for us now. At at one point, I’m out partying with… I think it was Tommy… It might have been Vince [Neil]. Who knows? Whoever Mick’s roommate was. We go back to the room, and Mick’s in his pajamas and he’s very upset with us. It was with RATT too — I remember Robbin [Crosby] was there, Stephen [Pearcy] was there. Mick, being the old man, as everybody joked about [him], he made a complaint. I’m not sure what I said. I think just called him ‘the old man’ and [told him to] shut up. And he did look over at me and said, ‘At least I’m not a slant-eyed Japanese bastard.’ And I did not like that — did not like it. I hadn’t heard it, actually, since I was in grade school — the whole ‘slant-eyed Japanese’ thing. And it pissed me off. I walked over. I was gonna beat the f–k out of him. And it was Robbin Crosby, who was six-five, he came up to me, picked me and said, ‘C’mon, Jake. None of that s–t matters.’ And he carried me out of the room.”

He added that he and Mars “made up after that,” and he stressed that he didn’t believe Mick was “so much racist as he [just wanted to] attack me ’cause I was younger, better looking and I was a better guitarist.”

Talking about what he thinks his career might have been like had he joined Mötley Crüe?

“It’s an interesting [thought]. What would Mötley Crüe have been if I was the guitar player? I’m not even necessarily saying it would be better. Nothing against Mick. [He had] great tone, f–king good rhythm. [He] probably was what they needed to be big. They wouldn’t have been as big with me. Musically, they might have been better.”

Lee is currently promoting Patina, the second album from his band, Red Dragon Cartel, which was released in November.

Listen to Jake’s interview, below.

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Hollywood Vampires return with new music in the form of their explosive second album, Rise. Rock and roll royalty Joe Perry, Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp, and shock rock icon Alice Cooper join forces once again for the unmissable rock album of 2019. Rise will be released June 21st through earMUSIC. The first singe, Who’s Laughing Now, can be streamed below.

Seconds into the opening track I Want My Now, it’s clear this supergroup has created something special. The chemistry between the individuals is unmistakable when they come together on stage or in the recording studio. Forget the individual reputations of the star-studded lineup, Rise features some of the purest, most unapologetic, and most enjoyable rock ‘n’ roll of the year — made by masters of the craft and true fans of the form.

Unlike Hollywood Vampires’ 2015 debut record, Rise, consists mainly of original material written by the band. However, in the spirit of the Vampires’ original mission, there are three covers of songs originally written and recorded by some fellow rockers who died far too young: an intimate and intense version of David Bowie’s Heroes, beautifully performed by Johnny Depp; the late Jim Carroll Band’s People Who Died; and Johnny Thunders’s You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory, sung by Joe Perry.

Raucous rock anthems like The Boogieman Surprise and first single Who’s Laughing Now capture the natural, raw, and celebratory attitude that the Hollywood Vampires displayed in their rowdy shows around the world. However, the album shows off their range as well with tracks like We Gotta Rise — a tongue-in-cheek politics song in the tradition of Cooper’s Elected — to the psychedelic gothic epic of Mr. Spider.

Rise is not only a totally different animal than the first Vampires album, it is unique to anything I’ve ever been a part of,” says Cooper. “I approached it very differently than I usually do when working on an album. Each of us; Joe, Johnny, Tommy, and myself have written songs on this album. What is different though is that I didn’t try to change any songs to be more ‘Alice-like.’ Because each of us has different influences, the sound of this album is very cool. I think that with this album, we are establishing what the Vampires’ sound really is, whereas with the first album, we were more tipping our hats to our fallen rock ‘n’ roll brothers.”

Perry says, ‘Rise came from pure creative energy, which is just like playing live with the Vampires. The record showcases everyone doing what they do best without anyone looking over our shoulders. There was no pressure or deadlines, allowing us to write and record an album that is one of the freest and most honest sounding records I’ve been part of. I can’t wait to perform some of these tunes live for our fans.”

Rise track listing:

1. I Want My Now 
2. Good People Are Hard to Find 
3. Who’s Laughing Now 
4. How the Glass Fell 
5. The Boogieman Surprise 
6. Welcome to Bushwackers (feat. Jeff Beck + John Waters) 
7. The Wrong Bandage 
8. You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory 
9. Git From Round Me 
10. Heroes 
11. A Pitiful Beauty 
12. New Threat 
13. Mr. Spider 
14. We Gotta Rise 
15. People Who Died 
16. Congratulations

Hollywood Vampires will embark on a short U.S. tour in early May. Completing the live lineup will be rock star musician friends Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper) on drums, Chris Wyse (The Cult) on bass, and Buck Johnson (Aerosmith) on keyboard and vocals.

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Jake E. Lee recently spoke with Tone-Talk. The former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist questions a story recounted in Motley Crue’s, The Dirt, about the Prince Of Darkness snorting a line of ants.

Lee said,” “I was there, and I never saw ants. I was right there. He snorted a little spider. There was a not a trail of f–king ants there. [Mötley Crûe drummer] Tommy [Lee] says it, Nikki says it, Ozzy says it — they were f–ked up. I was not. I was just trying to get a f–king sun tan. That’s all I was doing. They were getting f–ked up. Ozzy snorted a little tiny stupid spider that was crawling across. There was no ants — there was no f–king ants. I don’t care what the other guys say — there was no ants.”

What about the “urine” portion of the story, Lee stated,”Oh, that was true. It started with a contest. It was Nikki and it was Ozzy. I think it started in the pool. They were in the swimming pool, and they kind of raced, and, of course, Ozzy lost. And [they had] a push-up contest, and, of course, Ozzy lost. Ozzy was getting tired of losing, and he stepped it up. I do remember at one point, Ozzy was sitting there. He got this weird look on his face. He was sitting on the concrete, and piss started flowing out underneath him. And he was obviously doing a lot of vitamins, ’cause [the urine] was, like, lime green. So Nikk Sixx, I remember, pissed on the girl he was with. She was lounging. She was not happy about it. Ozzy pissed on the ground. [Nikki] saw that and he went over and pissed on the girl that he was with in the lounge chair. And that’s when Ozzybent over and started licking his own green piss up. That’s where I said, ‘Okay, I’m outta here.’ Not only is that happening, there’s families on the other side of the pool — children and mothers and fathers looking horrified, like, ‘What the f–k is going on over there?'”

He then added, “That is my recollection. And Ozzy snorted this little spider that was crawling across. There was no ants. It’s a minor detail.”

Listen to Jake’s E. Lee’s interview, below.

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