Metallica As their week long residency on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson rolls on, Metallica performed Fuel on the November 18th episode of the show. Watch it below.

Watch Metallica’s performance of Hit The Lights and their interview here.

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    1. Yes, thank you Ian,

      The page I got it from had the wrong link. Got the correct one from Mr. Ferguson’s Youtube page.

      D 🙂

  1. It is late. Ferguson doesn’t have a huge audience as it is so play some DEEP TRACKS! I will guess now the next three nights will be Enter Sandman, One, and Master of Puppets. Thanks, guys.

  2. They played good but I’m sorry, I still hate this song and I hate the Load and Reload albums. So I don’t get all that excited when they play songs from those albums. I wish they’d throw some curve balls and play something like Damage Inc, Harvester Of Sorrow, Metal Militia, or Trapped Under Ice. That’d be cool.

    1. I completely disagree. I liked pre-90’s metallica, but I liked 90’s Met even more. I still love Load and Reload. I played the ever loving shit out of those CD’s. Learned every song, not super hard of course. I would have rather heard a different song that Fuel, though. Bad Seed or Prince Charming would have been cool.

      I liked the slower pace, the groove. The songs were still heavy. To be honest, I prefer that era over the current Death Magnetic material. it sounds like they are trying to hard to be 21.

      It’s ok for your music to mature as you mature. I know fans get stuck in one era, but It’s pretty shallow.

    2. I guess I am stuck with what I like. I was 17 when Master Of Puppets came out. I started playing guitar when I was 10 and by 17 I loved playing aggressive metal and I learned how to play damn near everything from their first four albums. I was also one of those old farts that yelled “sellout!” when the black album came out. It took a while, but I actually grew to appreciate that album, mostly. But the others after just didn’t connect with me. I felt they were sacrificing their edge in order to write songs that would appeal to a wider audience. But one positive thing I can say about Load and Reload is they did have great production and solid song structure when compared to that sloppy mess of an album St. Anger. No solos from Kirk, that horrible snare drum sound, what were they thinking?

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