Early results on the year end special poll on the home page at the time I am writing this have Maiden, Rush and VH leading the top 3 for what shows I will do radio specials on in December. Kiss is in 4th just a few votes from VH. Interesting to see and the top 3 bands will get all 3 hours of one of my show for the holiday specials. Voting will close December 1, so whatever are the top 3 get the specials! Be sure to vote for your favorite of the choice there.

Thanks to Nuno Bettencourt, Carmine Appice and Joe Lynn Turner who were my guests last night on my SiriusXM show. As usual you can hear the interviews on the SiriusXM app if you are a subscriber and missed them. Extreme announced a 12 city tour and I will be hosting them in NJ 1/20 at Bergen PAC. Carmine and Joe have a new band together called Rated X. I’ll be seeing both of them Thanksgiving Eve at Dingbatz at the benefit for Karl Cochran.

Please be sure to check the appearances on my home page. Many added and info is always changing. Hope to see you at these gigs if in the area.

Have my first call with VH1 about the new season of TMS this Friday. Taping starts in Feb. Feels good to start the TMS machine rolling again! More info when I have it.

Ran into Brian Johnson of AC/DC last night at SiriusXM. He and Angus (who I saw but didn’t get a chance to speak with) are making the promo rounds through tomorrow in NYC. The scheduling didn’t work for me to get time with them on this run but likely will have some time a little down the line. Both Brian and Angus have been on my radio shows and TMS and I look forward to speaking with them more. Brian is in amazing shape for his age and both seemed in great spirits (Brian was running to have a cigarette before his next interview!). Cool to see the guys and see them looking and sounding so positive when you consider some of the question marks surrounding the band with Malcolm and Phil. They will be on Stern tomorrow. Should be interesting.

I’m getting my every few¬† years colonoscopy tomorrow. I bring that up because it is so important for us as we get older to not be ashamed of such things and get screened. My Dad had colon cancer and caught it early and is thankfully fine now. Ronnie James Dio did not get screened. If he had we may still have him with us today. It was a huge honor for me to host Dio’s memorial five years ago and I will never forget his doctor telling me it’s so important to get the word out about screening. Also congrats to Peter Criss who is getting an award tonight in NYC for his work creating awareness for male breast cancer. Peter was nice enough to ask me to present the award for him but because I am prepping for my screening tomorrow I couldn’t. Peter is doing great work helping to raise awareness and I’m happy he is getting honored for it.


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  1. Eddie, We saw Ace Tues nite in Annapolis @Rams Head.No way is that guy sober! He was falling down drunk on stage. Couldnt understand anything he said. Very sad

    1. What’s sad is people continually trying to drag people down and create falsehoods based on their past. I know the guy, he is 100% sober. When Ace was sober back in the day people still thought he was drunk. Honestly this is a waste of time to debate. I know the guy very well. If he fell apart I’d be the first to say it. Believe what you want but your statement on his sobriety is simply not true and it’s a shame that some continue to dwell on it.

  2. How about a year end special called M. Play metal bands that begin with the letter M! Mercyful Fate. Metal Church. Motorhead. More. Megadeth. Manowar. Just to name a few. I am not down with Metallica that much anymore. They sold out for 25 years making bad music. If you have to play them, just play stuff from the first 4 albums. Make mine metal. M. M. M. M. M. Just play metal bands that begin with M!

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