Had a crazy weekend last week. If you heard my Volume show on Monday you know all the details. But in a nutshell here I hosted Sebastian Bach at the IDL in Tulsa last Friday. Great crowd and Bas was in great voice. it’s amazing how well he can sing the old Skid Row stuff. He set the bar so high as a kid on those albums and still really nails it. Shout out to Monte Pittman and One bad Son for great opening sets as well. Back in Tulsa this Friday for Tom Keifer at IDL. Great time hosting these shows, come on out!

Saturday I shot TrunkFest (for season 2 next year) and Sammy Hagar’s High Tide Beach Party. Had major stress getting there (which had nothing to do with the event), but once I made it had a blast. The fans were incredible. Sold out 14K strong on the beach in Huntington Beach CA. Amazing setting and weather. I didn’t see much of the sets because I was working. But I did get to intro Sammy which was a huge rush and I thank him for that. Interviewed Sammy, Michael Anthony, Kevin Cronin, Eddie Money, Vince Neil and more. Congrats to Sammy for a great debut festival. It’s amazing what this man can do at almost 71! His set included VH, Montrose, Chickenfoot (with Joe Satriani!), Zeppelin, solo stuff and more. Incredible! I’ll see Sammy 10/19 in El Dorado AR again! This was all recapped in detail on my radio show Monday. If you missed it grab it On Demand.

After some years of great improvement the R&R Hall has dropped the ball big time for rock fans this year for the nominees. Nice to see Leppard finally on the ballot and thanks to Joe Elliott for joining me today on my Volume show to discuss. But Priest is not even on the ballot again, no Maiden, no Benatar, it’s just ridiculous. Listen to my Volume show from today for more and Joe’s interview.

New podcast Thursday will be Steve Vai and Sebastian Bach from my last Volume show from the Rainbow in LA.

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Massive response to my latest Trunk Top 20 on Rush! Hope you enjoyed the shows and thanks to everyone who called in with their own lists. Apologies if I didn’t get to you, there were a ton of calls and limited time. But I’m back live on SiriusXM Volume 106 Monday 2-4P ET and we can grab more lists then.

Hosting Sebastian Bach tonight in Tulsa at IDL Ballroom. Then in S CA tomorrow for the sold out Sammy Hagar High Tide Beach Party! I’ll be doing some TV and hosting the post show party at BLK.

New podcast up now with KK Downing. Have a great weekend all. Follow on Twitter for updates @EddieTrunk

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Attention Rush fans! Big TrunkNation radio special tomorrow and Friday on my Volume show on SiriusXM 106. It’s the next Trunk Top 20 featuring the 20 greatest Rush songs! Hear my 20 counted down tomorrow 2-4 & 9-11P ET, then on Friday call in live with your lists 2-4P ET. These Top 20 shows are a blast, and with the Rush fan base this should really be great!

New podcast tomorrow with with KK Downing of Judas Priest. Free Itunes or www.PodcastOne.com .

Headed to Tulsa to host Sebastian Bach, Monte Pittman and One Bad Son this Friday at IDL Ballroom. Then to S CA Saturday for Sammy Hagar’s High Tide Beach Party in Huntington Beach. I’ll be shooting an episode of TrunkFest for AXS TV, introing Sammy, and hosting the post party at BLK 10-12.

My AXS TV show TrunkFest is having the entire first season rebroadcast starting tonight and every Wednesday night 7P ET/4P Pacific on AXS. Episode 1 is tonight covering Sturgis Rally. If you missed season 1 set the DVRs and relive a new episode every Wednesday. Shows also On Demand on your cable service. Season 2 coming next year and shooting now.

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Had a couple great interviews to start the week on my daily SiriusXM show Trunk Nation on Volume 106 (2-4 and 9-11P ET). Alex Skolnick joined me Monday, KK Downing yesterday, producer Tom Werman today talking about the 35th of Shout At The Devil (he produced it). Hear all these shows On Demand on the SiriusXM app now. Tomorrow Mark Tremonti joins me live. Friday is all your calls for Free For All Friday.

Today I announced the next Trunk Top 20 for the Volume show. The 20 greatest Rush songs! This one should be huge! My list revealed 10/4, yours 10/5 on Volume. Can’t wait for this. Please call your lists in on 10/5!

New podcast posting tomorrow is with Mark Farner.

Starting next Wednesday AXS TV will start re airing season 1 of TrunkFest. Please DVR and check your listings as we revisit season 1 while I shoot season 2.

Psyched to be on board to host the first ever Megadeth cruise. It was announced yesterday for Oct 2019. Many more details to come!

I will be hosting the Sammy Hagar High Tide after party on 10/6 in Huntington Beach CA 10P-Midnight (party goes till 2A). Tickets on sale now. It’s at BLK in Huntington. Come on out and hang if attending.

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Wrapping up a couple weeks on the road tomorrow shooting a new episode of TRUNKFEST for season 2 on AXS TV (coming next year) at Bourbon & Beyond in Louisville. Rough day trying to shoot today since the weather was awful. Hoping better tomorrow. Doing a festival show outdoors it can be a challenge with the elements, but it’s always an adventure. By the way AXS will start re airing all of season 1 of TRUNKFEST next week. Please check your grids and DVR if you missed them. Hearing from many just discovering the show.

Had a blast on the Hair Nation tour. I will only be hosting one more date on the tour in Nov in Houston, but catch the show if coming your way. Also thanks to Justin Ellerton for having me host Vince Neil in Houston last night. Great crowd and it was good catching up with Vince, Dana, Jeff and Zoltan. Vince said the new Motley tunes are coming along.

Tons of stuff coming up, please see the home page for appearances. Up next Tulsa at IDL for Tom Keifer and Sebastian Bach, Sammy Hagar’s High Tide party (I’ll be shooting TRUNKFEST and also hosting the official VIP after party), Aftershock in Sacramento (again for AXS and TRUNKFEST) El Dorado Arkansas, and tons more. Check the home page.

Back live on radio Monday 2-4P ET live on SiriusXM 106 Volume and 5-8P ET on 39 Hair Nation. Live all week on Volume with replays daily 9-11P ET. Guests include Alex Skolnick and KK Downing this coming week.

New podcast up now with Lzzy Hale. Free iTunes and www.PodcastOne.com

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Sorry for the lack of updates here. I’ve been traveling extensively and it’s just hard to get on the computer all the time. Please be sure to follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for up to the second news and updates.

Had a great week last week in LA. My latest TrunkNation show from the Rainbow was another great one. More of the loose free for all I want these LA shows to be, and the place was packed. Thanks for my feature guests Steve Vai and Sebastian Bach, as well as The Conspirators, Chip Znuff, Marq Torian, Kingdom Come and all the drop by guests. The next LA Invasion show will be late Oct, details TBA.

Having a blast with Jack Russell’s Great White, Bulletboys and Enuff Z Nuff on the SiriusXM Hair Nation tour. Hosted shows in LA at The Wiltern and HOB in Anaheim (great crowd!). Tonight I’m in Phoenix, Thursday HOB in Vegas. See you if coming out.

Great hang last night in Vegas at the legendary Bootlegger. As always huge thanks to Ron Mancuso for having me. After I hung at a studio with Flavor Flav.. long story.. was a blast. Vegas is always awesome to me! Seeing Richie Kotzen, Vinnie Moore and Gus G there at Vamp’d tomorrow night. Friday I’ll be in Houston hosting Vince Neil at Proof.

New podcast Thursday is with Lzzy Hale. Back live on radio this Monday 2P ET on 106 Volume. More soon

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