judaspriest640 Judas Priest have been previewing and streaming full versions of songs from their upcoming album Redeemer of Souls, which will be released July 8th. Below is a preview of the song Metalizer with an introduction from guitarists Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner. Listen to it below.

In the past several weeks, Judas Priest have been previewing and streaming many of the songs from Redeemer of Souls. Click on the highlighted titles below to hear the corresponding song.

Redeemer of Souls
March of the Damned
Halls Of Valhalla
Battle Cry


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    1. doug r. I will now go jump in my clown mobile and head out to the highway….I can hear the cheering…..but ..I GOT ONE FOOT ON THE BRAKE AND ONE THE GAS OH!! TOO MUCH TRAFFIC I CAN’T PASS NO!! doug LIKES THE NEW PRIEST BECAUSE IT SOUNDS LIKE ‘CLASSIC PRIEST,’ THEIR BEST SINCE DEFENDERS OF THE FREAKING FAITH!!!!!! Sorry for the abrasiveness of my post there, enjoy the Metalizer, but what the heck is Dragonaut anyway? DOUG R!!!! iis in the house!

    2. Are you this jealous of Bozo too? Listen up clown, have you ever heard the old saying if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say nothing at all? I guess not. You call yourself a JP fan, but all you’ve been doing is knocking them, instead of applauding their efforts. Music is in their blood, they have every right to change their mind about retiring. The new music sounds really good, not just to me, but to most, except you & maybe 1 or 2 others. You know, you remind me of a stray cat, feed them once, and they never go away. Now, why don’t you round up your little gang of trolls & haters, and be gone! Stop wasting everybody’s time. There’s a circus train leaving in 5 minutes, if you hurry, you can still catch it, run clown run!!

    3. BTW, there’s only one “I” in the word “IS”, I guess it’s time for you to go back to “clown college”.

  1. doug, I hate to break it to you but the paycheck was just too much for them to pass up. They said they were retiring remember? They sound bored out of their minds on this, and Rob looked so bored on their last tour. How much effort do you think it took for them to come up with “Metalizer?” I used to think like you too doug, when I was 13 years old.

    1. Calm down clown, we all know opinions are like assholes, and apparently you have 2 of them. Stretch your brain back to the early 80’s, when Halford said, “I can see us doing this ’till we’re in our 60’s – 70’s. As long as I can still walk, sing, and health permitting, maybe even beyond that! I, along with most other JP fans will take a Halford vocal at 50%, than almost anyone else at 100%! Grow up clown, before somebody burns your circus to the ground. BTW, when were you 13? Yesterday? I find it hard to believe that you thought, or could ever think like me, you would have to be a mature adult in his late 40’s, not a teenage troll clown. You give clowns a bad name, AND Staten island!

    2. That’s the whole problem right there: you would take Rob at 50%! You are such a doormat. Rob should not step down necessarily, but for God’s sake he should stop attempting to sing his older material! You are right, he’s in his 60s, NO ONE could still sing those songs, so why does he even try? Dumb people like you, that’s why, who will fork over their $$.

    3. I BELIEVE YOU’RE THE DEVIL, I BELIEVE YOU’RE THE DEVIL’S CHILD. Sorry clown, I was just thinking about you. So, you’re still around ay? I guess you missed the circus train. Question for you, is your brain half empty or half full? Do you think you can write a song better than “Metalizer”? or any of the other new songs? Let’s hear it…..just what I thought. Now, open your mind, shut your mouth, and let the music do the talking, not your mouth. Not only can Rob still sing dumbass, he can still sing ANYTHING! Now, go grab a beer and watch Quick Change, or Killer Clowns From Outer Space, and think about how idiotic you have been. I got better things to do with my time than to “clown around” with you.

    4. Almost every artist uses teleprompters. It’s easy for us to say if we can remember the lyrics, why can’t they. Well, just because they are there on the stage doesn’t mean they’re using them the whole time if at all. There’s millions of distractions going on around them every second up there, so if once in a blue moon they need to peek at a teleprompter, so what.
      BTW, I’m not saying Halford’s Voice is at 50% now, I’m just saying “IF”, even if it was, I’d still rather listen to him sing than just about anybody else at 100%.

  2. Sorry, not impressed again. The main riff sounds like Judas Rising sped up. I’m also starting to think that maybe Richie Faulkner isn’t the right choice. (Nothing against him personally, he’s obviously a good guitarist and a billion times the player that I will ever be) I personally think that Mr. Halford should have asked Metal Mike Chlasciak to give it ago.

    Either that, or just made a new Halford album.

    As big as a fan of JP as I am, I believe that this album is a step too many and they should have given it up. The music sounds like it has been written by people who have become bored of what they are and have been doing, but maybe can’t let go of the life that they have lived for so long.

    It’s a sad end for me.

    1. Some bands are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. They don’t sound like they’re bored to me, they sound pretty damn passionate. REMEMBER, they’re in their 60’s now, not 30’s.

    2. What works for some, doesn’t work for others, especially clowns!
      Again, you keep acting like you’re a priest fan, but most of your comments lately have all been negative deconstructive criticism. You’re done with them, I’m sure they won’t lose any sleep over that, neither will any other “REAL” Priest fan.

    3. “deconstructve criticism?” doug you’ve invented a new term! Deconstruction is actually something else, it gets mis-used quite a bit. An example is if I make a Priest song pertain to an event in my life, then I would be deconstructing that song. doug, Priest is my all time favorite band, when they were in their prime, no one could touch them in my book, not live, and not in the studio…their Darwinian adaptability created an unmatched ten year run of great albums, in any genre. Live, they are the only band I’ve ever seen that could blow both Slayer and Kiss off the stage, that it, they beat both at their own game. It is because of my love of Priest that I am being brutally honest.

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