judaspriest640 Judas Priest have been previewing and streaming full versions of songs from their upcoming album Redeemer of Souls, which will be released July 8th. Below is a preview of the song Metalizer with an introduction from guitarists Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner. Listen to it below.

In the past several weeks, Judas Priest have been previewing and streaming many of the songs from Redeemer of Souls. Click on the highlighted titles below to hear the corresponding song.

Redeemer of Souls
March of the Damned
Halls Of Valhalla
Battle Cry


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  • JT on

    I wished this album would’ve been a cross between screaming and defenders but all we are getting here are painkiller leftovers 🙁

  • James on

    Painkiller leftovers would be better than Turbo leftovers. That’s a scary thought!

  • Harleydude666 on

    I’m sorry but I listened to and downloaded the songs available so far and they are downright terrible. They covered this ground many times already and the lyrics are just too….childish. I remember the day when Rob wrote thought provoking material, it’s over for this group.

    And this is coming from the BIGGEST Priest fan. I’m not flaming them, I’m telling it the way it is.

    • doug r. on

      It’s over? over 100 positive comments, and maybe 3-4 negative, and it’s over? Redeemer may not be a British Steel or a Screaming For Vengeance, but all things considered, most people think it sounds pretty damn good! People like you should at least give JP some credit for not “selling out” to the 2014 wave of machine made music bullshit. You’re entitled to your opinion, but most people would beg to differ, IT’S NOT OVER!

    • doug r. on

      It’s over? Over 100 positive comments, 3-4 negative, and it’s over? Redeemer may not be a British Steel or a Screaming For Vengeance, but all things considered, most people think it sounds pretty damn good! People like you should give JP credit for not “selling out” to the 2014 machine made music bullshit! You’re entitled to your opinion, but REAL Priest fans would beg to differ, IT’S NOT OVER!

    • Harleydude666 on

      Seriously???? You better visit some serious Priest sites and talk to the fans like over at the Quorum. No one likes this new crap and they are the biggest fans I found on the net. Where do you get 100 positive comments from? I’m curious.

      The music itself isn’t terrible, but all the same it’s very generic because it’s ground they’ve already covered many times. The lyrics however are god awful! They don’t appeal to 17 year olds anymore. The audience is in the 40s and 50s. When you keep writing about dungeons and dragons at this stage it is over. I hate to say because they are my favorite band, but they just never grew up with their audience

    • doug r. on

      eddietrunk.com my friend. I’ve read over a hundred positive comments about the new album so far. Yes, maybe SOME of the lyrics & music are “familiar”, but come on give them a break, it can’t be easy today to come up with something totally new & different that hasn’t been done or close to done before. I’m sure they try their best, and the way I look at it is, something’s better than nothing. That’s not to diminish the work they’ve done on Redeemer, because again, from what I’ve heard so far, and ALOT of others, it sounds really good. I’ve been listening to JP since ’77, and with a few exceptions I’ve loved everything I’ve heard since, and I’m not going to turn my back on them now just because of a few familiar sounds. Just because they’re older now and maybe a little bit slower, is no reason to give up on them, they might not be the “same” band they were back in ’82, but if they do hit the road again, I’ll sill be there to support them. There aren’t too many great ones left anymore.

    • Harleydude666 on

      I liked Notradamus, I thought it was creative but then they should have retired. I don’t buy that they can’t write better, just write about today not the same re-hash crap. I feel differently, I would rather have something inspiring, creative and thought provoking than “something’s better than nothing”. If you can’t be at the top of your game then call it quits.

      I want to see my band go out on top and not go out going through the motions.
      I’ve been a fan since 79 so I have the history with them too, but I am now embarrassed by what they have become. For Christ sake I was at the farewell tour 3 years ago and Rob could hardly walk. I don’t need to pay good money to see my rock n roll heroes walking with a cane.

      Believe me, never thought this day was gonna happen, but I guarantee we never see new music from ever again after this Redeeemer album.

  • Harleydude666 on

    But one thing we do agree on, there ain’t too many good ones left. I hate what is happening to the music scene these days

    • doug r. on

      Agreed! Hey, when Redeemer comes out July 8th, give it a good listen, you never know, it might grow on you. Cheers. 🙂

    • Harleydude666 on

      Hey, after everything I said I’m still buying the deluxe album. One, because I need to have it in my Priest disc collection, and two, I’m still holding out hope for the rest of the album and still wanna give it a chance. After all I’m a true Priest fan

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