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Legends Of Punk, Hip-Hop, and Thrash Unite As Marky Ramone, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, and Gary Holt Drop By VH1 Classic’s Centerpiece In Original ProgrammingWhitesnake’s Joel Hoekstra Returns As Guest Musician and David Coverdale Checks In Via The “Metal Modem”

With Season 14 of “That Metal Show” already making history (the Season 14 premiere was the second most watched Season Premiere in the history of the series) VH1 Classic’s centerpiece in original programming makes history again with its most diverse lineup of guests since the show began. This week’s show features legendary punk drummer Marky Ramone of the Ramones, Hip-Hop’s “King Of Rock” Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of Run DMC, and thrash forefather and guitar hero Gary Holt of Exodus/Slayer.

The episode also features Whitesnake’s new guitarist and TMS alum Joel Hoekstra making his return to “That Metal Show” as the guest musician. Joel dazzles the crowd with his incredible playing abilities and gives us some insight about the upcoming new Whitesnake record called The Purple Album slated for release on May 19th. Whitesnake singer and longtime friend of the show David Coverdale checks in via the “Metal Modem” from the recording studio where he is presently laying down the final tracks for The Purple Album.

Marky, Darryl, and Gary are candid and reveal their love of classic rock in the “Put It On The Table” segment. Eddie has a difficult time with “Stump The Trunk” this week and “Take It Or Leave It” has the guys discussing music streaming services and how they feel it affects the current music business. The “TMS Top 5” discusses the hosts’ favorite Album Closers and the “Throwdown” pits two genre smashing songs against each other as Run DMC/Aerosmith “Walk This Way” faces the Public Enemy/Anthrax “Bring Tha Noize.”

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  • T on

    Wow, Joel Hoekstra is going to make a very interesting contribution to Whitesnake. I knew he was good, but damn! Coverdale knows how to find a good guitarist.

  • shannon mehaffey on

    I don’t see Ritchie going down memory lane in the way DC described, and really, what’s the point of rerecording your old songs? Those records are still available. Some new music from them would’ve been great, but I have a feeling that it would’ve just been a rehash of their old ideas anyway. Ritchie is just not the same guy who wrote that heavy stuff, he moved on, I wish more artists would be as honest with themselves as he is. Hopefully Hoekstra will write some exciting material with DC. What’s cool is DC watches TMS.

  • shannon mehaffey on

    The extras are great…where was Dust? Marky is a cool cat, I remember when the Ramones hit and all we thought was ..where are the guitar solos? that was just totally unique…What else surprised me is DMC knows Ram Jam, that’s pretty crazy.

  • Gus Camos on

    Unfortunately ,I think this is the beginning of the end of this Show. This is the worst season so far with real bad guests. I love Eddie and crew but the guest get worst every season and when you have a great guest from a great band like Brian Johnson, Geddy lee. Instead of getting a great interview. They dick around with stump the trunk. I would rather have another 10 minutes of interview than that stupid segment. Bring on some legendary artist. Bring in UFO for god sakes. I would love to see an interview with Moog,Parker,

    • Eddie on

      Gus, we are enjoying our highest ratings in the programs history currently. Sorry it doesn’t please you. Do you honestly think we can just snap our fingers and make any guests appear? It is AMAZING to me how few get how TV works and that we work for a NETWORK that owns the show and makes the calls. Stump The Trunk is the most popular feature in the show. So much so I now tour on it. Do you NOT think as someone who has dedicated my whole life to rock I would not prefer to spend more time on interviews?? I do hours on radio and podcast! Dude it’s TV! It’s a different platform! I work for VH1. I appreciate you watching but if you think getting UFO from the UK to stop touring and be on TMS is what makes our show you are HUGELY mistaken and misinformed, and I LOVE UFO!

  • Mark Weichold on

    I thought it was an awesome show!!!! Coverdale was brilliant, and I am the farthest from a Whitesnake fan.

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