My new podcast is now up and available free worldwide with Steven Adler of GnR talking Guns reunion, his addiction battles, and his new song with his band Adler and much more. Grab it free on Itunes or at www.podcastone.com now. And remember to vote for The Eddie Trunk Podcast daily at www.podcastawards.com in Cultural/Arts category. Thanks!

All new TMS this Saturday 9P ET on VH1C with Darrell McDaniels (he is doing metal now), Marky Ramone, Gary Holt, David Coverdale and Joel Hoekstra.

I’m headed to Michigan. If in the Battle Creek area please come see me tomorrow night at The Music Factory. Just packed up a bunch of prizes for live Stump The Trunk and more! Tickets and VIP Meet & Greet tickets available now and at the door. http://musicfactorybc.com/ Signed books and merch available. All of my live appearances listed on this sites home page as they are confirmed.

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  1. Hey Eddie
    this doesn’t have anything to do with the topic at hand but since this is the latest posting by you, I wanted to write my comment here in hopes you see them.
    I have a 6 year old son Joshua who is a diehard fan of TMS to the point of pretending he has his own show. he wanted you to know his pick for the top 5 cover songs from a few episodes ago
    5. Motorhead or Lemmy Enter Sandman
    4. Anthrax Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
    3. Jeff Scott Soto Shot in The Dark
    2. Stryper Lights Out
    1. Van Halen You Really Got Me

    And he wants you to know the LIGHTS OUT version is UFO’s song. Santa even brought him the ESSENTIAL UFO best of for Christmas. He heard the cover version first and liked it enough to want to hear more from UFO and Santa was watching him listen to songs on ITUNES to bring him the actual CD!! No offense but I have never been a UFO fan myself, this is all him.
    his most recent “version” of his metal show had singer and drummer from UFO, Nikki Sixx. and the top 5 are the most thrash songs.

    just wanted to share with you and he is hoping you comment.


  2. Eddie, give ’em Hell at the podcast awards! I’m voting for you every day until the voting closes. As I was submitting my vote today, which was extremely simple to do, I glanced at some of the names of the podcasts you are competing with. OperaNow! I don’t know what’s more frightening: knowing there’s actually a podcast called OperaNow or the fact that there’s people in our world who would actually listen to it!
    Everyone who reads this, vote for Eddie’s podcast every day until the voting period closes. It’s VERY easy to do.


  3. Man, listening to Steven Adler talk is depressing. All that binge alcohol and drugs has really taken its toll on him. Even more depressing is his constant efforts to reunite the classic GNR lineup. I don’t believe it will ever happen. Axl is too much of an egotistical maniac. Furthermore, such a reunion would almost certainly blow up before we fans would even see one show, much less an entire tour. And I can only imagine what ticket prices would be like. The Eagles were just announced for a tour stop in my city. Best seats are going for $250! They weren’t worth $250 back in their ’70s heyday and they sure as hell are worth it in 2015. Lastly, a GNR reunion would most likely kill Adler, because the guy obviously can’t control his addictions. He’s better off playing with his own band in small clubs and Indian casinos.

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