Hope everyone had a great weekend and thanks for all the awesome response to last nights new TMS. As usual the Top 5 gets a ton of reaction, which of course is a good reason to do it! So many people scream “WHAT ABOUT……”. That of course is the whole reason to do it! The whole point is you can ONLY list 5, and of course we will always forget some and leave some great ones off. The fact I left off “Love To Love” by UFO, which is pretty much my favorite song ever is nuts for me! But I always think of the live version vs the studio version that ends Lights Out. It’s all good fun and debate for sure. This weeks show was a bit of an experiment having three first time guests, all rock fans, and all from different styles of music. And none of them knew each other. So we decided let’s bring them all out together and just have fun. And it worked great! As usual some stuff was cut out due to time (which kills me but that’s TV!) but we had a great hang for sure and most people really loved it. Thanks to Marky Ramone, DMC and Gary Holt. Hope to have them all back again soon.  Also always nice to check in with David Coverdale and have Joel Hoekstra play as well. It was a jam packed show for sure! It repeats all weekend and online at www.thatmetalshow.vh1.com with extras.

Next show we shoot is this Tuesday that you will see this Saturday. Guests include John Bush and Joey Vera of Armored Saint (debut appearance), Jamey Jasta and on guitar Michael Angelo Batio. Plus via Skype guitar great Jason Becker. Jason’s story is remarkable and I am excited to have him on for a few minutes.

Thanks to all who came out to my live show Friday night in Battle Creek MI at The Music Factory. Thanks to Jeff Harris, his wife Buffy and his staff for being so cool to work with. Hope to be back soon. Next live shows this weekend with Don & Jim. We will be in Falls Church VA this Friday and Willmington DE this Saturday. Tickets and VIP meet & greet tickets available for both shows. Details on this sites home page. Come hang with us! I will have books and merch available as well at both shows.

I will be live on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNKNation tomorrow 6-10P ET with music & talk that rocks. Guests TBA

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  1. “Weiss Heim” is the best guitar showcase I’ve ever heard. Notice Ritchie doesn’t need to double or triple track his leads, or employ an array of effects to get his point across. That kind of purity is also in his playing,. I can’t think of another guitarist who comprehends counterpoint to the degree he does. If you ever listen to his records, or watch a live DVD, and example is the ’93 tour with Gillian, and Gillian is out there with no backup vocals whatsoever, notice how much Ritchie’s playing supports his vocals…I love that even with his ginormous ego, he’s such a musical purist he won’t excessively overplay, like so many guitarists, even great ones I could mention, do.

    1. So let me get something straight; a band who has a bass player apply makeup and hairspray during the show ON stage while a fan blows on him, writes parody songs, all wear wigs and costumes with fake names, and who’s albums are on the COMEDY charts is NOT a joke? Wow, amazing!

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