tommylee Julia Hatmaker of reports:

The Motley Crue show at the Great Allentown Fair on August 27th was evidently lacking in the “rocking out” department. Tommy Lee, the band’s drummer, tweeted out his disappointment in the crowd, which he called “absent.”

Lee’s tweet read:

T❍mmy L✮✮ ✔ @MrTommyLand

The comments were met with apologies and confusion, with some fans saying from their perspective the crowd was eating up the band’s set.

Others blamed the sound guy and the lack of a drum solo. Sheila Gordon tweeted out her disapproval over Lee’s words:

Sheila Gordon @birdie2973

@MrTommyLand I’ve always defended him in the past but not this time. be greatful that after 30+ years fans pay big money to come see you
4:30 PM – 28 Aug 2014

According to the The Morning Call, the fault wasn’t on the crowd – but on Motley Crue itself.

The review called the show “boring” and singer Vince Neil “lackluster,” although it did ad that there were “enough flames, fireworks and skimpily-dressed women (and, occasionally, good music) in its hour-and-45-minute show to keep the audience of 8,679 from having its eyes glaze over.”

Lehigh Valley Live’s reviewer was kinder, stating that “the music seemed secondary to the visual stimulants” and that the performance was “the kind of hits-filled send-off expected of a band on their farewell tour. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Regardless of how the show went, not all the Motley Crue band members took to twitter to rag on the fans. Bassist Nikki Sixx had this to say:

Nikki Sixx ✔ @NikkiSixx

Sold out.Thank you.
10:56 PM – 27 Aug 2014

In somewhat related news, Lee has uploaded professionally filmed video footage of his solo during the band’s The Final Tour. Dubbed The Cruecifly, watch the video below.


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  • Jae Beaman on

    Remember…The sell out shows are based on promises and marketing. Motley is a marketing machine, but it’s tour promises have been broken ever since Carnival of Sins..I dug SOLA but this should have been the lid on the kettle. As a long time Cruehead and fan of the band I have to say I’m glad it’s over.. Yes I was there in August in Denver to say farewell.. The Crue is a mockery of itself and except for the Crucifly, it’s all been done before. Nikki’s address to the crowd about how Motley started? We already knew that…(The Dirt, Behind the Music, Rocumentary etc..) It’s all old and tired. I am not even sure Motley truly wants to be remembered for anything after 2008. I respect them as business people, but the art really died long ago. Going out on top? Not so much.. Going out because they really need to? More like it.

    My future support will lay with Sixx A.M. and anything Mick does musically…That has always been the backbone of anything great. Good luck to all of them. As Axl said on Chinese Democracy…”There was a time…”

    • Glitter on

      Totally agree. Nikki did that “everybody sit down” speech in Dallas and that was my exact thought that the large majority of the crowd already knows all of this stuff. In my opinion, they could have used that time to play another old hit. I saw them in Oklahoma about nine months before the Dallas farewell show and noticed that Tommy is not active with the crowd like he used to be. For example, no “titty cam” for a few years now. He never said a word. He just played the drums and left. Granted this venue wasn’t much bigger than a highschool gymnasium and it was in Oklahoma, the vibe to me is that they’re just tired. Mick and Nikki seem to be running strong but as a whole it’s past time. The farewell show was good but didn’t compare to Cruefest 2008. They did the Gas Monkey show in Dallas this past weekend and I didn’t go or miss them for the first time ever. It was really fun for about 25 years though.

  • Lee on

    No s–t on the McGraw draw Todd? Sounds like Nikki was BS’n n Tommy saw the low figure with no rig to use. On “Girls, Girls, Girls” the backing is prerecorded. I love the diaper derby downs and the piglets. I saw Britney Spears at a county fair get more than the Crue at Allentown and she was 16 and lipsyncing.

  • Skpperr on

    Just saw them in Holmdel, NJ last night. Alice Cooper kicked Motley’s ass. Same old Motley set, but different tour. We left before the first encore. I won’t go to see them again. They’ll drag out this “farewell” tour another five years. Bottom line: Mick Mars is and always has been this band and is the only respected member. Talent-wise, the other three are terrible; they only look the part and talk a lot of BS.

  • John Alonzo on

    Who really gives a crap what he Tommy Lee thinks nowadays? Another washed up 80’s band that have been dragging along through the years with the same old tours, what success have they had on their solo careers? Maybe a single hit here and there, I saw them with KISS and could say that I wasn’t impressed with anything they did that nite. Reality shows are all they are good for, they will not be missed in the future. He’s upset that the crowd wasn’t large enough, or not a rockin crowd? That town must have woke up.

  • Lee on

    Cooper’s been beating them down the whole tour.

    • Mike B on

      Really??? Not to say Alice isn’t still great–he is. But still…Well, he probably has his pick of the best musicians around and they’re younger and hungrier than Motley. After all, what does Motley Crue have to prove? When I saw them, they blew the place apart (metaphorically). Oh well, can’t please everyone I guess. Oh well–darn! Too bad.

    • Mike B on

      Hmm, and it was a couple years ago (2012) that I saw them–hard to believe they would go downhill so quickly. Maybe something about a double bill instead of an opener inspired them? Or maybe they underestimated Alice and his current band. Maybe they really DO need to retire. I was really hoping for another album because SOLA was excellent.

    • Bill on

      Alice Cooper still cares

    • George on

      Cooper still kicks major ass and CARES about the show he puts on…he shouldn’t be opening for the Crüe…he should be headlining..

    • Eddie on

      I love Alice, and he does headline, in theaters. He is opening for Crue because they headline to 10-15K. Simple math and who sells more, not who is better or more iconic. Just the truth. Who has the draw is all that matters to promoters trying to sell tickets.

    • George on

      Understood Eddie, but I’ve seen Alice at the Hard Rock in Hollywood Florida (you were just at) alone three times and it hold 5500 and the place was just about full…he is there with the Crüe in a few months so I don’t think Motley could sell some of these venues alone even if smaller…I’ve also seen Kiss and Motley separate from each other there…just sayin some venues in certain places Motley won’t sell any better than Alice would alone…I just feel Alice cares and is not just out on another money grab tour…

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