tommylee Julia Hatmaker of reports:

The Motley Crue show at the Great Allentown Fair on August 27th was evidently lacking in the “rocking out” department. Tommy Lee, the band’s drummer, tweeted out his disappointment in the crowd, which he called “absent.”

Lee’s tweet read:

T❍mmy L✮✮ ✔ @MrTommyLand

The comments were met with apologies and confusion, with some fans saying from their perspective the crowd was eating up the band’s set.

Others blamed the sound guy and the lack of a drum solo. Sheila Gordon tweeted out her disapproval over Lee’s words:

Sheila Gordon @birdie2973

@MrTommyLand I’ve always defended him in the past but not this time. be greatful that after 30+ years fans pay big money to come see you
4:30 PM – 28 Aug 2014

According to the The Morning Call, the fault wasn’t on the crowd – but on Motley Crue itself.

The review called the show “boring” and singer Vince Neil “lackluster,” although it did ad that there were “enough flames, fireworks and skimpily-dressed women (and, occasionally, good music) in its hour-and-45-minute show to keep the audience of 8,679 from having its eyes glaze over.”

Lehigh Valley Live’s reviewer was kinder, stating that “the music seemed secondary to the visual stimulants” and that the performance was “the kind of hits-filled send-off expected of a band on their farewell tour. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Regardless of how the show went, not all the Motley Crue band members took to twitter to rag on the fans. Bassist Nikki Sixx had this to say:

Nikki Sixx ✔ @NikkiSixx

Sold out.Thank you.
10:56 PM – 27 Aug 2014

In somewhat related news, Lee has uploaded professionally filmed video footage of his solo during the band’s The Final Tour. Dubbed The Cruecifly, watch the video below.


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  • Jake on

    Saw Motley twice in the 80’s – first opening for Ozzy in Chicago – second with Whitesnake in St. Louis. They absolutely sucked in St. Louis – i.e. Tommy missed several of his cues because he was bullshitting with a stage hand all through the concert – and exited the stage immediately after the encore while the rest of the Crue did the bow appreciation thing. They were obviously going through the motions at this show. I never paid to see them again.

    • talktopete on

      Wow Jake (Jake, from State Farm?) so based on a show in ’89 you never saw them again???? A bit resentful? I saw that show at the Checkerdome and it kicked *ss!!!! So then you missed the Dr. Feelgood tour at the Checkerdome? Or the Greatest Hits tour at the Fox Theater etc, etc, etc??? Your opinion, your choice. I’ve seen some GREAT Crue shows over the years.

  • bastard on

    dana, thanks for posting! I just wanted people to read this ungrateful a-hole’s comments. He is beyond delusional if he thinks that he “doesn’t owe s–t to anyone.” He works hard… Yeah? So do a lot of us… Take a fng pic with your fans, the very people that have allowed you to be the rich manchild you are (and have been for 30 years), and shut your mouth!!

    • Dana on

      Welcome 😉

      I love Tommy Lee and think he is a really great drummer. But, his behavior sometimes? Not so much.

      D 🙂

  • Unkle Justin on

    Mick Mars is incredible!!! Can’t wait to see what he comes up with after Motley. I kinda like SixxAm but I just KNOW Mick will cook up a monster. Hurry up and shut this Crue thing down so we can see what Mick has up his sleeves with his 10 Full Treble and 7 amp heads!!

  • Mike B on

    Regardless of what everyone has to say about Motley Crue here and now, I want to share something–Shout at the Devil helped me to get through some very hard times as a teenager. IF any of you have an album that helped you find your way through hard times, maybe helped you keep your sanity, kept you from hurting other people–think about THAT before you criticize–it may influence the way you post and then again, maybe not. No matter what, I will always be grateful l for that album–words cannot explain the peace I felt when I pressed the speakers against my ears to drown out the thoughts and feelings that–well, you get the picture. If anyone from MOTLEY CRUE is listening (or reading this)–THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now THAT was an album that changed my life!

    • Doug R. on

      Mike B., I know exactly what you’re saying about Shout At The Devil. I was 17 when that album came out, and like a lot of other albums, I’m glad it did, when it did. Never underestimate the importance and the power of music, especially when it sounds good, and makes you feel good. As far as Tommy Lee’s solo goes, or whatever you want to call that video, if that’s what he has planned now when I see them next month, I know exactly when I’ll be making my “beer-run”. Tommy, dude, come on with the rap-ish sh*t already! You’re Motley F’N Crue, ROCK is what you do! Leave the rap-crap home buddy, Crue fans (most) don’t want to hear it! KNOCK ‘EM DEAD, KID! (with Rock ‘N’ Roll!) 🙂

    • Mike B on

      Doug R,
      I’m not crazy about the hat. Richman is right–Tommy could use a wardrobe makeover. LOL
      Its hard for me to criticize Motley Crue unless its something really bad (and I could name a few things they did or said that was pretty bad). Nevertheless, Shout at the Devil was a perfect outlet for me in my early teens for a couple of tough years. Its funny, in those days I could listen to the same album by any band a hundred times without getting bored. These days my collection is so big that I feel obligated to listen to everything I own.

  • Gary B. on

    Techno Tommy the Dub Step demon isn’t happy that we folks here in the Allentown area aren’t down with his mailed in performance and a lead singer that looks and sounds like Dom Delouise? These guys (except for Mick “the man” Mars) have been nothing but a cash grab since The Carnival tour. It’s common knowledge they hate each other for the most part. (At least Vince has the stones to admit as much) There’s a reason they’ve used the crucifly,and before it the drum roller coaster,before it the tittle cam etc. It’s to try and cover up the worlds oldest teenagers lame attempt to shove techno dub step nonsense down a paying rock crowds throat. Dude,face it. You’re “that guy” at every club.You know the one. The creeper hitting on girls young enough to be his grand kids. Crüe will always be one of my all time favorite bands. But the last decade or so have been nothing but a legal rape job of their truest fans. Thank God for Alice on this tour.He shows fans how a true rock God appreciates his audience.

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