judaspriest640 Judas Priest have been previewing and streaming full versions of songs from their upcoming album Redeemer of Souls, which will be released July 8th. Below is a preview of the song, Sword Of Damocles, with commentary from the Metal God himself, Rob Halford. Watch it below.

The band is also streaming the entire album on on iTunes Radio.

To hear other songs and previews from Redeemer of Souls, click on the highlighted song titles:

Redeemer of Souls
March of the Damned
Halls Of Valhalla
Battle Cry

Redeemer of Souls is due July 8th through Epic Records.


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  • Dana on

    This sounds like a good song.

    Dana from EddieTrunk.com 🙂

  • Lee on

    Their best LP in 2 decades+ and they tour with an insane clown posse. How bout an ’80 Def Leppard-like new band from London opening instead of the circus show.

    • Eric Heaton on

      Could be worse..could have powerman 5000 opening…I seen them and they suck! At least your going to hear an opening band playing the same genre you like..not bad in this day and age of over inflated tix prices…

    • DC on

      Not sure if you saw the last Priest tour. I did. And ticket sales were nothing short of embarrassing. They couldn’t even fill up HALF of the Izod Center in NJ (Meadowlands). SP WILL help this tour sell tickets, I can guarantee you that.

      Also, many of us die-hard Priest fans are also SP fans, so this is a killer tour, IMO.

    • pete lytel on

      If you dont like priest just go away, its always negative or sarcastic. ..

  • brian on

    Nice song man another ball knocked out of the park

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