ac:dc400 Despite an earlier report from Billboard magazine that rumors of AC/DC’s retirement was imminent due the health of guitarist Malcom Young were false, conflicting information continues to surface.

Mark Evans, who claims that he is the son of original AC/DC singer Dave Evans, tweeted that reports of AC/DC’s retirement are true. He added: “Malcolm Young is very sick…. [Malcolm’s son] Ross Young spoke to my father this morning because the cat got out…. But yes, the band will be finished…. No new shows or music.”

Additionally, Australian journalist Darryl Mason of The Orstrahyun reports, “About three weeks ago, founding member, rhythm guitarist, co-producer and co-songwriter Malcolm Young had a stroke, which left a blood clot on his brain. When AC/DC reunited at the start of April to begin a month of rehearsals, in the lead-up to new album recording sessions, Malcolm discovered he couldn’t play. At least, he couldn’t play like he used to play.”

As previously reported, Billboard states that insiders claim here’s no truth to the rumors. However, the band, their management and the their current label, Columbia Records, have chosen not to comment on the matter.

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  • Rick on

    I learned something new..I thought Bon Scott was the original singer this whole time. Until I see an official statement from the band themselves, this is all pure speculation. Journalists often take something out of context and run with it for the pure sake of ratings. Hope to hear new music soon!

  • Roland on

    Glad I saw AC/DC back in ’09 during the Black Ice tour. It was the first time I ever saw them, and cost quite a bit for tickets. Good thing I did, as it will be the last time too. Those of use who grew up in the ’70s/’80s golden era of hard rock/metal need to come to the realization that our favorite bands are starting to walk the last mile. That’s the price we pay as we get older – things get taken away from us. Unlike KI$$, who refuses to hang it up and instead will soon become an official endorsed tribute band (they’re half way there!) I’m sure this isn’t how AC/DC wanted to go out, but it is the Angus brothers band after all, and if one can longer no longer perform, the other will not continue on without him. Hopefully Malcom can recover enough to live comfortably with his family for the remainder of his life. The boys did their job. They rocked us and gave us kick ass music that will live on until the end of time, or at least until the end of our lives, whichever comes first.

    • Dana on


      I am ashamed to admit that the Black Ice tour was my first AC/DC concert as well.

      I was blown away. I thought they were amazing and I could not understand where Angus Young got all his energy from, his solo alone was a jaw dropping, exhausting experience. I really hope Black Ice isn’t their last tour as I would definitely love to see them play live again.

      Dana from 🙂

    • pete lytel on

      Dana, this stuff breaks my heart, the end of an era. I hadnt seen them for 20 years and finally saw them again in St.Louis on Black Ice and they were better than back in the day! And my God…Angus…wow!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dana on

      Exactly Peter! I want to know what his secret is-LOL!! Unbelievable!

      D 🙂

    • Roland on

      Didn’t realize how badly I butchered my post. Kinda wrote that in the heat of the moment when the news broke about Malcom. Wish you had an edit option to correct posts.

      “Those of us” instead of “Those of use”
      “Young brothers” instead of “Angus brothers”
      “If one can no longer” instead of “If one can longer no longer”

      And Dana, there’s nothing to be ashamed about. If you saw AC/DC live only once, that’s one more than most other people. Hell, I only saw Ronnie James Dio perform once too.

    • Dana on

      I guess I am ashamed that I never made it to arena long before that tour. But, I guess, better late than never 🙂

      D 🙂

    • milkman on

      Oh, I’m sorry. Didn’t I make this very same point 2 articles ago? You Mr. Roland are a plagiarist.

    • Roland on

      Off your meds dude?

  • Lee on

    Columbia must be shitting bricks. They paid them millions. Hope they make the decision not a black rock NYC Columbia president on continued AC/DC.

  • Raymond Carver on

    Until the band comes out with an official statement, I’m not buying any of this.

    • DR on

      Start buying it then….cause they did.

  • Frank T. on

    I hope it’s not true but typically where there’s smoke……there’s fire.

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