Spinning Gold Digital Promotion

Spinning Gold Digital

What do musical acts like KISS, Donna Summer, and The Village People all have in common? They all rose to their musical heights under the music industry’s most colorful music producer and founder of Casablanca Records, Neil Bogart. Spinning Gold unveils how Neil and a ragtag team of young music lovers changed our culture and the music industry forever. Spinning Gold is yours to own with exclusive deleted scenes and bonus content on Digital now and Blu-ray 5/30.

Branded Crosley Record Player
5 Blu-rays
5 Digital Codes
Ace Frehley Costume

Contest Closed


D. Dennis
A. Sammons
R. Autry
G. Delzer
X. Gonzalez
A. Simon
D. Jaber
B. Bruner
J. Lemas
P. Scanga
A. Negas
C. Freeman

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