ac:dc400-2 AC/DC have released the track listing for their forthcoming album, Rock Or Bust, out on December 2nd. See it below.

Rock or Bust track list.

1. Rock or Bust
2. Play Ball (To listen to this song, click the name)
3. Rock The Blues Away
4. Miss Adventure
5. Dogs of War
6. Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder
7. Hard Times
8. Baptism By Fire
9. Rock the House
10. Sweet Candy
11. Emission Control

CD and LP versions of Rock or Bust are packaged in a limited 3D animated cover. All digital pre-orders of Rock or Bust come with an instant download of Play Ball.

Click the following links to order:



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  • Dan on

    As a diehard AC/DC fan that has seen them every tour at least once since The Highway To Hell tour I am excited for the new LP and tour. However, $40 for the vinyl release is BS! Really guys, do you really need the money that bad! Most new vinyl releases are $20 – $25! With the vinyl going for that much I can only imagine what the concert ticket prices will be!

    • Harry Taint on

      Dan, if you are a fan, you wouldn’t complain about $40 bucks for the vinyl. Newsflash for you, ticket prices will be expensive. Either get onboard or jump off. Quit your b—hing and grow a pair.

    • Medved on

      I’m not spending $40 just for a fancy 3-D cover.

    • Sean in Australia on

      We’ll buy it for the music then think of the 3d cover as a bonus You loser

    • Medved on

      Are you lonely? Is that why you’re so desperate for attention?

  • RJ on

    I agree , Dan. Pretty steep and maybe it’s the record label jacking up the price. But still disappointing. I like the song and Im looking forward to the rest of the album.

  • Harry Taint on

    Dana, you do a fantastic job on here. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You make this site fun to visit.

    • Dana on

      Awww, thank you Harry 🙂

      It is very much appreciated and thank you for all the laughs.

      D 😀

    • Joe Pensanti on

      I concur!

  • Medved on

    According to Wikipedia

    “At under 35 minutes, it is two minutes shorter than their previous shortest album, Flick of the Switch, released in 1983.”

    Seriously? Only 35 minutes? That may have been acceptable in the ’70s. And yet the album will cost around $12-$15 still. Unbelievable!

    • Joe Pensanti on

      I’d rather have under 35 minutes of all killer than an hour with half filler…case in point, “Reign In Blood” by Slayer…32 minutes (?), all killer.

    • Sean in Australia on

      Be happy that after the devastating news and effect that they cannot Ever have Malcolm play with them again that they even recorded new material, which they did in less than month. 25 mins 35 mins who cares. it’s All new material, they sound the best since they have since the legendary Mutt Lange albums So build a bridge and get over yourself you ungrateful got

    • Medved on

      Sounds like someone needs a hug.

  • Jason on

    AC/DC can play anything and make it sound f-ing great. Phil Rudd kicks major ass.

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