AC/DC have released their first official band photograph to feature new guitarist Stevie Young. Young is the nephew of Malcolm Young, who he replaced in the band when Malcolm, 61, was confirmed as having been diagnosed with dementia.

The photo has been released a week after AC/DC were in London to film a video for their new track Play Ball. Drummer Phil Rudd missed the video shoot due to a “family emergency” and he is also absent from the new photograph. Rob Richards of Shogun filled in for Rudd at the video shoot.

AC/DC wiill release their 16th album, Rock Or Bust on December 2nd ahead of a 2015 world tour. To read more about Rock Or Bust and to view the track list, please click here.


additional source: Classic Rock Magazine

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  1. I’m sure hoping Phil Rudd hasn’t left the band…great drummer and a staple in AC/DC. Saw these guys many times. Actually met the band when I was playing in Seattle back in the 90’s. Great guys, totally professional but very very funny.

  2. As a drummer, Phil Rudd is a prime example of how keeping it simple can sound so incredible without any fancy tricks, etc. Phil is one of the best at keeping it in the pocket and his drumming fits AC/DC perfectly!

    Also fyi Ace Frehley has been sober 8 years! Congratulations Ace!

  3. You know, I’m just happy they’re back. They’re going through a lot right now, dealing with Malcom’s situation, I’m sure of that. My heart goes out to them. They’ve been through enough already so maybe it’s time for us to just show them our love and support and get ready to rock with the Thunder From Down Under! I’ve missed AC/DC so much, I can’t wait to see them live again! I have a Gibson SG Standard that I love and can’t resist playing AC/DC songs when I pick it up. Only thing is I’m 6ft 2 and it looks like a toy on me compared to how it looks on Angus.

  4. Blows off a video shoot and not in a publicity photo? I smell a rat fink. Bet Bonham would like the gig over one offs with Hagar and indian casino Zep tributes. Anybody know why he quit California Breed? They were white hot without him last night.

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