AC/DC have released their first official band photograph to feature new guitarist Stevie Young. Young is the nephew of Malcolm Young, who he replaced in the band when Malcolm, 61, was confirmed as having been diagnosed with dementia.

The photo has been released a week after AC/DC were in London to film a video for their new track Play Ball. Drummer Phil Rudd missed the video shoot due to a “family emergency” and he is also absent from the new photograph. Rob Richards of Shogun filled in for Rudd at the video shoot.

AC/DC wiill release their 16th album, Rock Or Bust on December 2nd ahead of a 2015 world tour. To read more about Rock Or Bust and to view the track list, please click here.


additional source: Classic Rock Magazine

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  • Ed Parker on

    They need to go to Chris Slade and immediately apologize and beg him to come back to the band. I’ve always thought Phil was an overrated drummer.. Phil’s groove blah blah… Go back and listen to Chris Slade in AC/DC – he is twice the drummer Phil Rudd is/was.. Listen to his drumming on Are You Ready? Slade was a shot of energy into the band. Check out the Big Gun video – he had that awesome kit with the two bass drums up high.. Fricking awesome! The single worst decision AC/DC made beside Bon Scott deciding to go out drinking that one night was to chase Slade away. Stupid as hell.

    BTW, Eddie you should get Slade on TMS his life story is unbelievable..

    • guitarslinger on

      Nope. Phil has got the groove in spades, which is much much more important than that so-called high energy drumming of a more metal drummer like Slade. AC/DC is rock’n roll, not metal. AC/DC’s music is about that rolling groove, not about technical virtuosity or double bass gimmicks. The number of drums btw does not say anything about the drummer’s abilities or talent. One can be the “best” drummer in the world and still not be the right guy for this band, it must fit. So you clearly do not comprehend what overrated means because you actually cannot overestimate the importance of Phil’s kind (!) of drumming for the now classic and much envied sound and groove of AC/DC. Ask 1000 fans of the band which DVD they wanna watch, the one with Slade or the one with Rudd – guess what … why? Did I say it was this signature groove thing that makes you move even if you do not want to… ?

    • Ed Parker on

      Not heavy metal double-bass drumming technique.. I’m talking about his kit go watch the video and learn what you’re talking about. Spade had a groove too that was more energetic .. Phil stinks compared to Slade

    • RandyK on

      Exactly. Slade and Wright are great drummers, but Phil Rudd IS the back beat of AC/DC. He simply cannot be duplicated.

    • Doug on

      I don’t think anyone would disagree that there are a ton of better drummers out there, but Phil Rudd “fits” the best for that tremendous AC/DC sound. Terrible picture BTW.

    • MF on

      What a load of crap. Chris Slade had an ‘awesome two bass drums up high’
      So he is a better drummer because his kits looks so good ???????????
      Drumming ability is not based on what ‘kit’ you have Mr.
      Like Most ACDC fans I rate both Slade and Rudd as great drummers , though I think age has caught up with Rudd. Ask 1000 fans what DVD they prefer, well I like all of them actually.

  • Chris S. on

    Stevie Young (born 12 November 1956) is a Scottish-born musician, and the current rhythm guitarist and back-up singer for the Australian hard rock band AC/DC. He joined the band in September 2014, replacing his uncle Malcolm Young who left for health reasons. He is the nephew of AC/DC guitarists Angus and Malcolm Young as well as the nephew of George Young and Alex Young. He is the son of their eldest brother Stephen and emigrated to Australia with the rest of the Young Family in 1963 but returned to Scotland at some point in the 1970s –

    Stevie is only a year younger than Angus and three years younger that Malcolm –

    Mystery solved. You have to be a Young to play guitar in AC/DC.

  • Jperryrocks on

    Most people have not seen a photo of Stevie in close to 25 years. So I’m not sure what people are expecting from a guy who’s close to 60 years old.

    If you don’t dye your hair and look you’re age, that’s what you get. If we haven’t seen cliff Williams in 25 years and he looks like he does now…..we’d be saying the same thing. What happened to cliff and how come he looks so old?

    Lots of rock Stars 60 plus who are not coloring their hair black look quite old. You’re nearing the end of your life when you’re pushing 70 folks….none of us have a youth pill to keep us young forever.

  • Gary B. on

    Cliff Williams never ages. Angus looks like he trying to clear an obstructed bowel in that pic. Wish Malcolm all the best. He’s proof all the money on earth won’t help you when you’re brain decides it’s time to shift into neutral for your remaining years.

  • Jperryrocks on

    When you hear what happened to mal….what people look like with gray hair and age doesn’t mean much. Most people will happily look however old and grayed they want if they can be healthy in mind and body.

    At 61, most people still have a lot of good living left to do. Mental illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer’s are increasingly apparent as we are all expected to live into our 70s and 80s.

    We are in that time where a lot for the legends of rock from the glory years of music are getting older and facing health issues.

    But back to the issue of Phil. I really can’t see him being gone. Something really bad would have to happen. Phil knows this is the end of AC/DC after this tour and it’s all over. The band members don’t have another 5-6 years left in the tank with how long it takes to make a new record and tour.

    Brian still looks great…but he is 67 years old. I don’t seem him being on the road at 71.

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