Extremely psyched to welcome Geddy Lee of Rush for the hour as our guest on the first new episode of That Metal Show in almost a year! I really wanted someone huge for our debut and once again the Rush camp stepped up. Back in season 1 we had Geddy and Alex on and it was a great solid they did me at the time. You see TMS was in it’s infancy and nobody knew what was going to happen with the show. Ged & Alex flew down from Toronto to come on when we were just a 30 minute show not many had yet seen. Now 5 years and about 125 episodes later Geddy is back with us! I am also pleased to welcome Dream Theater guitar virtuoso John Petrucci as our guest musician. We will of course talk with John a bit during the show. Look forward to having him on for his TMS debut and see what guitar fireworks he has in store! I can also tell you there are some special surprises being planned for this episode that will not be announced in advance. It promises to be an epic return! We shoot it in NYC in less than 2 weeks and you will see it at our new start time of 9PM ET on VH1 Classic with a replay at 11PM and replays all week as usual. The remaining guests for the 12 episode new season will be announced as we go. Since we are shooting weekly everything is subject to change. But we have some great guests for the other 11 shows lined up with a very diverse roster, maybe more so than ever. TMS is back! Thanks for all the support as always. Here is the VH1 press release on episode 1 and more in the news section too: : https://eddietrunk.com/rushs-geddy-lee-confirmed-for-season-14-premiere-of-vh1-classics-flagship-series-that-metal-show-dream-theaters-john-petrucci-will-make-his-debut-as-gues/

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  • James English on

    Geddy Lee and John Petrucci in the studio at the same time!!! What a dream episode!!! Really looking forward to seeing this one Eddie.

  • Dan Buege on

    Awesome return!! Be sure to review that one question you got wrong that I actually knew the answer to…What Rush song was covered by Billy Sheehan. I’m confident you’ll be ready for game day as you always are.

    • Eddie on

      What’s the answer?

    • Dan Buege on

      The Trees on Prime Cuts, Eddie! The Maples are probably now complaining about global warming without the shade and want to cut down the oaks completely for material to build a retractable roof. I’d be curious to learn if the term “noble law” was used literally or facetiously. It seems like both opponents and proponents of these types of despotic government policies like this song. Regardless, the lyrics are quite clever as you would probably agree, but mostly I think people just appreciate the killer music.

    • Thomas Miller on

      The Trees…

  • Dave Storms on

    EDDIE!!! That is the best news I have heard all week!
    I think I remember you saying that the taping is on January 19th. Is that correct?
    How do I get tickets to the taping?
    I searched high and low on VH1Classic.com and all I could find was info from LAST season. Is the process the same?

    • Eddie on

      Gotham Casting

  • Dave Storms on

    p.s. Just started listening to your podcast a few weeks ago….almost all caught up….great stuff!

    • Eddie on


  • David C on

    Looking forward to some new TMS Eddie, thanks for working hard to book quality and interesting guests!

    Appointment TV for the wife and I on Saturday nights!

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