Extremely psyched to welcome Geddy Lee of Rush for the hour as our guest on the first new episode of That Metal Show in almost a year! I really wanted someone huge for our debut and once again the Rush camp stepped up. Back in season 1 we had Geddy and Alex on and it was a great solid they did me at the time. You see TMS was in it’s infancy and nobody knew what was going to happen with the show. Ged & Alex flew down from Toronto to come on when we were just a 30 minute show not many had yet seen. Now 5 years and about 125 episodes later Geddy is back with us! I am also pleased to welcome Dream Theater guitar virtuoso John Petrucci as our guest musician. We will of course talk with John a bit during the show. Look forward to having him on for his TMS debut and see what guitar fireworks he has in store! I can also tell you there are some special surprises being planned for this episode that will not be announced in advance. It promises to be an epic return! We shoot it in NYC in less than 2 weeks and you will see it at our new start time of 9PM ET on VH1 Classic with a replay at 11PM and replays all week as usual. The remaining guests for the 12 episode new season will be announced as we go. Since we are shooting weekly everything is subject to change. But we have some great guests for the other 11 shows lined up with a very diverse roster, maybe more so than ever. TMS is back! Thanks for all the support as always. Here is the VH1 press release on episode 1 and more in the news section too: : https://eddietrunk.com/rushs-geddy-lee-confirmed-for-season-14-premiere-of-vh1-classics-flagship-series-that-metal-show-dream-theaters-john-petrucci-will-make-his-debut-as-gues/

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  1. Hi Eddie, Just wondering if you are planning on having Coverdale on TMS or if you have asked him? I know Whitesnake is coming out with a new album soon end of March or early April according to your podcast with him. They are also suppose to be touring as well so I figure it would be easier to book Coverdale, I would think he would want to promote the new cd and tour.

  2. Ed…can you please ask Geddy three questions that for some reason are never asked?

    1. Has Rush considered working with Terry Brown again and is there any chance that will ever happen in the future?

    2. Looking back now do you regret not filming more concerts and not making more music videos from so many tours and since you have so many thousands of hours of live audio will you start releasing volumes of older shows and maybe release in digital format and limited pressed release?

    3. Is there a reason why Rush has only played Japan once in their career in 1984 and never went back? Those shows were all sell outs and doesn’t he think that hurt Rush’s global success by ignoring Asia?

    Appreciate it if you could fit these in there Ed. These questions are never asked for some reason.

  3. Oh and see if you can do your magic Ed and ask John and Geddy if they would ever work together on a project. The thought of the two of them doing tracks together makes my head explode. Would be amazing.

  4. Hey Eddie,

    I too like Douglas on here would like to know if they will work again with Terry Brown. Sonically, those were the best sounding albums. They were also all mastered by Bob Ludwig which was the crowning touch.

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