SebastianBach Sebastian Bach has released a lyric video for, Taking Back Tomorrow, which is on the singer’s forthcoming album called, Give ‘Em Hell, out April 22nd.

Watch the video below.

Bach previously released a video for the song, Temptation, which can be viewed here.

Watch an EPK for Give ‘Em Hell below.

Give ‘Em Hell track listing:

1. Hell Inside My Head
2. Harmony
3. All My Friends Are Dead
4. Temptation
5. Push Away
6. Dominator
7. Had Enough
8. Gun To A Knife Fight
9. Rock N Roll Is A Vicious Game
10. Taking Back Tomorrow
11. Disengaged
12. Forget You



  1. Something are best left unsaid !

  2. Well, that’s 4 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

  3. Now I know why Skid Row want nothing to do with LOSER.These songs SUCK in plain English.BAZ you suck big time!!!!!!!!

  4. I wouldn’t want this trash for free.Good musicians complain they cant sell cd’s,and along comes this BOZO whocalls herself a singer?You don’t deserve to sing at county fairs!

  5. Eric Heaton says:

    Wow! Im scratching my head on this one…..he was alot better in damocracy…prob bcuz they were better musicians…the music (shitty as it is), doesnt suit baz’s singing stlye or vice versa…either way this is subpar…not even worth downloading…lol

  6. I’ll give this guy credit. How he stays somewhat topical is impressive. Dude hasn’t done anything worth mentioning since Slave to the Grind IMO, and yet here he still is. He had some pretty impressive talent in the studio with him this time round, and still nothing memorable to listen to thus far.

  7. LOL, this is total crap. The fact that he is in a comic book strip goes perfect with this song. A total comedy of errors…hahaha

  8. Yikes. Now I think the skidmarks are playing pookey’s parlour to get away from Bas’ new music, Rachel bro, I might be on your side soon. I got my Skid Row records in a red milk crate like the one behind Bas. Stacking the vinyl.

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