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Acefrehley400 Ace Frehley believes Kiss bassist Gene Simmons has “alienated just about everybody on the planet” with his recent comments on depression, addiction and poverty. And the guitarist has predicted his former colleague could next turn on gay people – all because he doesn’t understand the human condition.

His comments stem from Simmons’ incendiary comments about depression, when he claimed his message to anyone preparing to take their own lives was, “Fuck you, then kill yourself.” He later apologized for his statements.

Now Frehley tells Artisan News Service, “First he attacks immigrants, then he belittles poor people by saying, ‘Be nice to the rich people because we’re the ones that give you jobs.’ Then he attacks people with depression, alcoholics, drug addicts. The only thing left for him to do is to attack the whole gay movement. I’ve heard him do that in private, so that’s probably still yet to come.”

The guitarist argues Simmons isn’t as clever as he likes to think. “I don’t think he makes any sense,” he reflects. “He prides himself on being such an intellectual, he brags about being able to speak seven languages, but when it comes to being knowledgeable about the human condition – depression is a very serious disease.

I’ve suffered from it, I know my daughter suffers from it. Alcoholism is a disease, so is drug addiction; it’s the disease of addiction. Many people are born that way – and Gene just seems ignorant of that whole fact. I think it’s time for Gene to go back to school and get educated in the health field.”

source: classicrockmagazine.com


  1. Thank You Ace,

    Seems it takes a star to say anything about Gene. I am a combat disabled veteran suffering from PTSD. So in Genes eyes im worthless.

    Kudos on the album I bought it not only to piss Gene off from not buying his crap but I love actual craftmanship. Sure as a former roadie I wish to make tweeks here and there but superb job bro

  2. I try not to get caught up in the ‘KISS’ / ‘Ace’ drama but I have to say Ace is typically just defending the crap spewed from Gene or Paul ,damage control for the most part . I’ve realized the less I like an artist as a person the less I can enjoy there music. Fortunately for me as I’ve been a ‘KISS’ fan for 37yrs it doesn’t impact my likeness for the classic era 74′-82′ and selective tracks from the 80’s albums all the way up to Phsycho Circus.
    I believe Paul & Gene have been trying to demish Ace & Peter’s credibility & importance as founding members and trying to make it sound like they did the majority of work on early albums , basically trying to claim ‘KISS’ as there band dating way back and in the process they have ripped on everyone who was ever involved in the creative process & especially Bill Aucoin . Sean Delaney is hardly mentioned at all by Paul or Gene.
    I’m happy we got so many records from ‘KISS’, I mean look at how many albums we got from 74′-81′ ! not to many bands could do that or were capable of doing that but when that ‘KISS’ Machine’ got rolling back in the late 70’s the $dollar sign$ were flashing, the merchandise train started and that plus the fact the band never really got time to rest between albums/tours plus four different personalities and the #1 reason for group breakups in my opinion ‘ego’s’ and remember all 4 members were young and still growing as people(or lack of).
    It makes me wonder why ‘KISS 2.0’ (G & P) still do this and I came to the conclusion that it’s a)Money …I think 1 of Genes goals is to become a billionaire before he dies , like my Dad he’s a workaholic , he has more than enough. It appears as money/fame & fortune mean more to him than a family life or friendship as I don’t believe has any real friends unless we count Shannon ?
    …who is and was very forgiving of Gene as he slept with 1000’s of women while with her (btw gene was a bad influence on me as was Ace >but Im 12+yrs sober & stopped bangin women like it was one of my goals in life).
    b) I wonder if Paul & Gene have been in character for so long that maybe they prefer it over being themselves when not in ‘KISS’ mode ? Paul talked about his insecurities in his book (which btw I still haven’t read after buying it 3+ months ago and this adds to what I was getting at earlier ..my childhood heroes or (2 of them) have made me (my choice) not like them as people anymore ..I always forgave them when they said mean stuff & belittled , cut down or downrite just insulted Ace & Peter + other members who came and went + other groups & there members ..judging others & pointing out there flaws or weaknesses in an attempt to make themselves appear better than everyone or to cast blame outwards ..in some cases I think it takes the focus off of them when they point their finger. I remember Gene’s statement 20-25yrs ago quoting some line about ‘bad press’ is better then ‘no press’? Could you imagine if the memebers of Led Zeppelin or Judas Priest or AC/DC were like this ? well I don’t think they would ever need to resort to this juvinille behaviour because like Aerosmith ..they just ‘let the music do the talkin’ !
    Sad is may be I have no control but as a fan I don’t havr to like it and thanks to the internet we all can be heard today ..I know Gene & Paul really do …oh yeah Mr.simmon’s has closed his Twit’ter account ‘LoL’ …his mouth and that anger he has all bottled up inside & that hatred & jellousy towards former band members & his childhood abandonment issues + the fact that his wife Shannon used to make softcore porn movies & has probably herself had sex with 100’s of men ..all that stuff & his deep seeded unresolved issues make him in part of who he is & how he chooses to act also the fact that that his self importance & wealth shadow and make it hard for me to believe or buy his senserity when he shows that side ..makes me wonder if he does nice things more out of guilt as he prides himself on being a BIG A-Hole and like Denis Leary said ‘and proud of it’ ..maybe thats where Gene got that idea ? I believe alot of his demeaner , that fasad is more out of fear ? ‘his wall’ to keep everyone at bay? He knows what type of person he is so he surely doesn’t trust anyone & is probably cynical as can be too ?
    I got carried away …maybe I should post more frequently ‘LoL’ I did’t like Monster or Sonic boom .I saw ‘KISS’ last year and I will not see them again for many reasons a) it’s 1/2 a KISS Tribute band b) Paul’s voice is beyond shot & c) they syaed way to looong ,that party was over back in 2001 and c) gene & Paul lied 1 to many times ,the last time for me was the Hall of Fame ..any true fan knows the real reasons behind that ‘KISS-Gate’ B.S. ! mite as well add a d) most important to me ‘Gene & Paul don’t care about the fans who got them where they are today just like they don’t cars about Ace & Peter …great examples to us & our kids hey: Gene n’ Paul : walk all over people & use anybody & everybody you can to get where you’re going in order to achieve success ..oh and be ungrateful . . . . anyways, on a positive note :Mr. Frehley …I cannot stop listening to “Space Invader …havn`t done the yardwork ,stoodup a few friends earlier “LoL`maybe I need a 12 Step Program `LoL`great album in its entirety , solid rock & roll tunes with that SpaceMan signiture guitar sound …“Keep on Rockin Ace`The Scorpion has spoke !!

  3. Ace has not done anything good since his Kiss days, sad but true. It’s like he forgot how to write a good rock song. This is a guy who wrote Parasite, Strange Ways, Shock Me, Rocket Ride. He can still do some amazing solos, but the songs themselves not so good. Same with Kiss, last great album was Love Gun. I know everybody loves Creatures of the Night because it’s so heavy, but Kiss was never about being a heavy band. Just listen to the first six albums, straight ahead good time rock n roll. After Love Gun they started jumping on band wagons, from disco to pop to hair metal band, they even tried to be grunge. I’m just glad I got to grow up with the real Kiss and not what ever the flavor of the month they tried to be.

      1. I have heard it and my opinion stands…..that cd is typical 80’s sounding, nothing special. Can you really say any of those songs on that cd measure up to anything he wrote with Kiss? If you do maybe you should go back and listen to those Kiss records.

        1. Actually a few of the songs on the new album sound like they would’ve been great kiss songs. I’ve heard the album twice and my impression is it’s a very good album.

    1. Love Gun really is the last record that Kiss was being themselves on. Creatures is great, but I agree, it was bandwagon jumping. Kiss still hasn’t found their way back. the closest thing I heard from them doing so is “Yes I Know” off Sonic Boom, but that was them trying to copy their old style. I’ll still take it over stuff like “Danger Us” and “Take me down Below”. At least it sounds like a classic Kiss tune. Lo and behold, it’s an old Gene song from the 70’s!

  4. at a recent kiss concert i found out at the merchandise outlets kiss changed there shirt desighns with tommy and eric on the shirts as well as dressed to kill and rock and roll over shirts people were pissed off any way def leppard blew them away

  5. I am losing more and more respect for Gene everytime he speaks and the way he is with women is ALSO an addiction. It’s called sex addiction and he has it. So for him to say all addicts are losers is just the pot calling the kettle black.

  6. Ace’s vocals “too good?”…..did you see him on TV this month? A studio can be different than live. I wonder if he’ll be at Disneyland instead of The Grove? Related to an old N.A.M.M. joke from Regan I heard years ago. Gene has an addiction to bad wigs.

        1. It really IS his best since ’78. I have had “inside the vortex” playing in my head all day. Funny thing is that The Joker and Gimme a Feelin (his first two singles) are not the best songs on the album. Change, Vortex, and Past the Milky Way are my favorite songs so far. The title track is good too but he doesn’t really sing it–he sort of shouts/talks rather than sings, but it works for that song. Really good album but there are maybe three songs I would skip at this point. I haven’t decided yet knowing it takes a while to get used to a new album. For that matter, the ’78 album had some high and low points–I never cared for “Im in need of love”, but rip it out, speedin back to my baby, and fractured mirror are some of the first songs that got me into rock music. Another funny thing–New York Groove was the hit off that album, but not (imo) one of the best songs from it.

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