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yngwie400 Yngwie Malmsteen is one of the most technically accomplished guitarists of all time, rewriting the book on hard rock/heavy metal guitar. In addition to countless awards from music and instrument specific publications, none other than TIME Magazine hailed him as one of the ten greatest electric guitarists.

2013 was a banner year for Malmsteen, as he released his bestselling autobiography Relentless which coincided with a wildly successful tour that played to full houses all over the world. The only way he could top that in 2014 was to hand pick an all-star lineup of Guitar Gods to share the stage with him on a magical full North American tour.

“Fans can expect the unexpected,” Malmsteen said regarding his live shows. “I raise the bar with every performance I do and this tour will be no different.”

Held in the highest regard in his own right, Uli Jon Roth brings the very special 40th Anniversary Scorpions set that has been playing to frenzied audiences in Europe to North America, embracing his storied history with the band and digging deep into their catalog for this tour.

Acclaimed for his accomplishments for perfecting his playing in multiple genres (rock, blues, surf) and respected by both fans and peers alike, Gary Hoey performs his radio hits such as the Billboard Top 5 smash Hocus Pocus along with other favorites/

Gusn N’ Roses guitarist Bumbleoot (as seen in the just released DVD Appetite for Democracy which documents the bands Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel residency) embarks on his first solo tour, playing songs from his entire critically praised recorded history.

Tour to take place from June-July. Exact dates TBA.



    1. yep, but no one cares how he is, just his style of playing dude. get to land. he has been an inspieration for most and famous and great guitar players even Jason Becker, so your comment is nonsense to be deleted if I were the admin. cheers and kisses!

    2. Satriani is fascinated by what Yngwie plays ,which are more or less bach piano runs.Shawn lane used a lot of Yngwie runs ,he just played them 2Xs faster and they were unrecognisable.
      I enjoyed Blackmore, with his Lyrical slide guitar playing, in Rainbow .Yngwie pushes into “Fusion Prog rock” Territory with the diminished 7th cycle thing .That will never sound like it belongs in rock music.
      Guitarists who push into fusion territory go over the heads of their audience
      Look at Jack Bruce with Mick Taylor on guitar .It sounded like Jazz. No one got it . Bruce formed “Cream” with 2 riff songs,and Mick went to the “Stones” who basically plaay 2 riff songs . That’s rock and roll
      Check out Colosseum II with Don Airey and Gary Moore ,that was a bit too much ,though it predated Guitar Prog Rock.Don Airey is so under rated ,almost non existent .Such a huge influence on Rhoades.He wrote Mr Crowley for gods sake

  1. I don’t care who you are. Outside of EVH and a couple of others, I would not want to share a stage with Yngwie. Not a huge fan of his music, but that dude has shredded like few others before and after. He would embarrass most acclaimed six stringers out there.

    1. How big a draw is Yngwie as a solo act in the U. S.? I was curious. The article implies that he’s hugely popular thoughout the world.

      I enjoy watching his videos on occasion, but after about 10 minutes I’m done. For a guy who’s such an accomplished musician, he seems to only enjoy partaking of about 3% of the spectrum of emotions available. I hear a lot of ego and thousands of hours worth of practice in his playing. He likes speed, that’s for sure. He has great technique and vibrato. Has some very good heavy songs. But I can’t listen to too much of him.

      Guys like Satriani and Yngwie have finally figured it out. Their main audiences are guitar players. So you cater to them. To me, well rounded musicians reach people who aren’t musicians. John McLaughlin has said that painters are around to teach people how to see, and musicians exist to teach them how to hear. Music is there to communicate emotions. A lot of guitarists don’t get the big picture.

      1. There has never been anything “emotional” about Malmsteen’s playing. He just shreds up and down to what sounds like some Muzak backing track. Who cares really? Nobody. Plus he is basically a jerk, which doesn’t help his cause.

          1. Authority isn’t needed to leave a comment. You fill in your name, email address and then you write your comment.

            Yngwie is a fat douchebag that basically solos over a Muzak track. Why do I hate him? I don’t hate him, just find him to be completely insignificant. Nobody really cares.

      2. Yngwie will sell CDs and MP3s no matter what .Jazz ppl buy his stuff,Classical folks buy his stuff , rock ppl buy his stuff . Yngwie could get dropped by a record label ,and it was no big deal .He always sells.Companies give him products.He has the best endorsement deals possible .
        He always has an audience .I don’t know if any one cares about him in Louisiana,and the deep south ,but Yng is the classical soloist ,the fusion master and rockstar ,that can cut heads with anyone .
        I’ve seen him play one handed arpeggios with wide finger stretches leaning all the way back looking at the ceiling ,5ft in front of my face at L’amour in Brooklyn NY .The fact he is a calm guy and a cool kind of humble dude is actually unexpected

  2. You don’t have to like him or his music but to regard him as one demensional is a sign of ignorance of the instrument and genre he basically created. I’ve seen him live many times and have never been disappointed with his showmanship, technicality and his respect for other forms (i.e. Hendrix and classical medleys).

    1. Listening to Yngwie can be so overwhelming…there should be a online course to prepare unsuspecting cats .Europe has a whole different thought process about music .It would be important to know who Villa lobos is,and understand the difference between Baroque ,Classical,and Modern eras. Listen to at least Wagner ,and Vivaldi ,to understand lyrical themes and virtuoso violin runs how they work in a song like Vivaldi Winter ,or Ride of the Valkyries

  3. I’ve been listening to Yngwie since 1985 (saw him open for AC/DC in Baltimore) and met him last May at Guitar Center, seriously cool guy (so, he’s had a heavy metal past, get over it!). Caught the show at House of Blues that evening, freaking phenomenal. If you aren’t impressed with him, well, you’re just not, but you can’t say much bad stuff about a guy who invented neoclassical shred and still reinvents it, while the other artists of his era have sold out, given up, changed, or just never made it. This will be a show not to be missed. Eddie, you rock. Thanks for the news!

    1. He invented Neoclassical shred? Congratulations. LOL I would rather pick the peanuts out of my shit than spend money on a ticket to watch a fat guy shred to a backing band for 2 hours.

      Beyond boring.

  4. Sounds like this could be really cool. To see Uli and Yngwie on one stage would be killer. I loved the early Scorps with Uli. A pioneer for his time. Gary Hoey always fun to watch. Will have to check out Bumblefoot. Don’t know much about him. I hope Yngwie goes retro and plays some gems like Little Savage, Trilogy, Marching Out, or songs pre Odyssey stuff. For those of you who still comment about his arrogance or weight… you should check your sexuality OR stop basing your opinions on someone else’s ignorant comments. Yngwie is a living legend, and whether you think his playing lacks emotion, plays too many notes, etc… then don’t listen.

    1. Ha ha …yngwie told it like it was ,and raised the bar on american music .He said he used Modes and listened to other instruments besides guitar ,read music ,and liked Holdsworth and DiMeola ,he though Frank Zappa was weird and didn’t like Steve Vai ,that was too much for guitar players to handle at that time .Especially when it seemed like KIRK HAMMET was the inventer of the ARPEGGIO as far as anyone in THRASH metal was concerned back in 1983.

  5. Yngwie speaks his big respect for the listen to MAB,EVH, and slash they’ve sold out to popular hiphop collaborations et. Zakk wylde,yngwie,petrucci are still the pillars of

  6. Yngwie is a caricature of himself 30 years ago! Since he has came on the scene he has done nothing new, & is really playing the same old tired licks, harmonic minor stuff, etc that he did when he came on the scene. His recent albums especially = are usually very incompetently produced with poor sound quality (he should go check production on e.g. recent Axel Rudi Pell album, etc to see how it is done) + tedious improvised solos usually 100mph, etc. Back 25/30 years ago really cared about what he was doing, now he doesn’t and it shows – production in home studio to save money, don’t get top musicians/singers to save money like current live line up, very poor songwriting, etc. When Yngwie came on the scene seriously people thought he would be the future of guitar but everyone realised fast – he was a weak songwriter, & had no intention of doing anything different than when he first appeared. Had he added in a co songwriter, not used the YM (or worse YJM’s Rising Force!) name, etc ; who knows he might have been more successful consistently in places like the U.S. As a live act Yngwie can still cut it, even if he still does many instrumental breaks and solos he has done for decades live. SAD fans will still buy the current crap he releases, even with awful production & sound quality, & weak songs (again go compare sound quality on recent Yngwie album to recent Axel Rudi Pell album & hear the huge difference!). To most non guitar/metal fans that I know & I know many such people that have heard his music, they simply don’t like it & find it very unmusical! Even a lot of rock/metal fans regard Yngwie as a great technically skilled guitarist but an absolute joke of a songwriter & they don’t like his material. If Yngwie gets co-songwriter (a good one!) + great singer (so that rules out Tim Owens & the current dude he has live!) + top producer + goes more for musicality than must have technical skills demonstrated = who knows maybe Yngwie could release something good but don’t hold your breath! Uli Jon Roth is far more of a serious musician than Yngwie ever will be.

    1. Dude are you seriously comparing Axel Rudi Pell to fucking YNGWIE? Hahaha! You are an idiot man! Even Axel says Yngwie is the BEST guitarist in the World! Before you speak your shit think first! Even Gus G. Says that Yngwie is the Best guitarist in the World! You might not like him or his ego but he is the Best guitarist this world has ever seen or heard!

    2. I actually think that he is an amazing song writer… Sure his ego is big,, wouldn’t yours be if you where him? To be the best you kinda need to know your the best…. – but the ego can deceive us if left unchecked! Hendrix probably knew he was the best also. I believe that a huge part of the emotions being expressed is the egos individuality! As all personal art forms. I have listened to malmsteen for years and I think he is excellent! Yes I see his arrogance, but – so what??? All very good guitarists probably at some point had a bit of a struggle with keeping ego in check. So so what who cares. Hendrix etc and all the greats where probably no different really. I think his playing is great! – a skill is hours clocked (learning) and nothing else – perhaps he was a guitarist in a past life.

  7. Hard to jam with Yngwie, 1st the guy will blow anyone off the stage, yes I’ve seen him with Vai and Satriani – it ain’t pretty. 2nd he will make you look like a rookie on a big field. Yngwie sweats rock star and shreds like no other. Not saying others can’t shred, just that they will play all their tricks in a few minutes, Yngwie’s bag is so full of tricks he could take hours playing them out.

    1. What you are saying completely depends on the audience. If it’s all young shredders, you are 100% right. Because Yngwie is fast as hell. The other players will get blown off the stage because 14 year olds think fast = good, so faster = better. Sorry but not necessarily. Funny how “slowhand” Eric Clapton can sell out 2 or 3 nights in a major arena and command a premium ticket price. And guess what, there are a lot of guitarists in his audience too. But he has about 40+ blue chip tunes that are bonafide rock and roll classics that are ingrained in most rock fans psyche. People don’t want to just see a guy prove that he practiced instead of going out with girls and all the rest of the stuff most normal guys do.

      If the audience is all classic rock fans, like a Led Zeppelin audience, Yngwie could get booed off the stage or at best get a very lukewarm response, because his material doesn’t have mass appeal. Let me repeat that HIS MATERIAL DOESN’T HAVE MASS-APPEAL. Yngwie appeals to male guitar players. People than compare him to Bach, Beethoven or Pagannini are drinking his Kool-Aid. Sorry, but there’s zero comparison. Jimmy Page was more like Pagannini than Yngwie. Because women swooned over him and guys wanted to be him. Zeppelin shows took people on a musical journey, not an ego journal or narcissistic journey. Which is why even at around 70 years old, those guys could fill stadiums at $200 a pop for tickets if they wanted to.

    2. But yes, sometimes he will upstage another guitarist for the sake if image at the expense of music – I would do the same too if I where him! 🙂

  8. Wonder how many from those who criticize Malmsteen so much can “hear” anything else of major/minor scale….To say Mlamsteen is nothing more than shred is like Bethoveen is better than Bach or viceversa.Living legends like Yngwie cant be compared, imo.Just dont listen guys if u dont like but…who are you?

    1. Yngwie will NOT be remembered in 100 years – end of story! Anyone saying otherwise is deluded and in denial. He is a very poor songwriter & that is one of the main reasons he will not be remembered! = if you think any of his songs are up there with Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, etc you need to lay off the drink! Yngwie is primarily a stunt guitarist & his main stunt is playing fast, it is RIDICULOUS to attempt to compare him to serious musicians like Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucia, Uli Jon Roth, etc. Joke players like Michael Angelo Batio, Chris Impellitteri, etc can put on a good show too but great musicians or songwriters – get out of here!

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Malmsteen fan per se. Don’t like much of his music ‘musically speaking’. Don’t even own an album. But if you’ve ever played guitar, you can’t help but watch this guy play. Its not just that he plays fast, his finger work is unbelievable. Again I’m not defending him. But if you ever wanted to just watch a guy shred, (and granted most people don’t), he’s the guy to watch. I’m not one for the 8 minute guitar solo on a good tune, it ruins it really. But just from a pure technical standpoint, Yngwie has a talent that is his own.

        1. I agree with you. I LOVE watching the guy play. He’s phenomenal. But he is controversial. His interviews, especially early on were cocky and abrasive. He has been around now for nearly 30 years. He is what he is. He will never change. He will never be popular. He has some good songs, but nothing that most rock fans apart from hard-core metal heads would know.

          Truth is he has had the opportunity to work with some great rock singers like Joe Lynn Turner and Graham Bonnett. Ritchie Blackmore had waayyy more success, cause he understands that it ain’t about HIM, it’s about the effin song. And with Yngwie it’s always been about him, despite what he says.

          I’m not a huge Vai or Satriani fan, but more people dig their work than Yngwie. G3 will do more boxoffice and sell more tix than Yngwie-Fest. And as far as inventing “neo-classical shred” I’d say – who cares? Nobody. Maybe Mike Varney. But only a few people are into it. I’ve never seen a neo-classical shredder have any real success. They play clubs, join bands 20 years past their prime and offer lessons online. That’s about it. But Yngwie is technically amazing as a soloist and that’s why he’s still around whereas the others are long gone.

  9. All critics of Yngwie is because of jeleausy, especially the Joe and Vai fans. Yngwie rolled over them on the G3 tour as his playing was bigger, huger vibrato and precision. I felt sorry for Vai and Joe and you can see their embaressment. Standing next to Yngwie is a huge risk for getting fucked over. Yngwies is a great songwriter (listen to Odyssey and Eclipse). You people are ignorant and jeleaus.

  10. I would love to see this show!! The Spectrum of these remarkable talents on one stage outta be pretty freekin amazing! I look forward to a south Florida show. I have seen Yngwie several times, and have never been disappointed. So , to all you haters…… Feel the Rising Force of my boot , kicking your ass, to the nearest Black star , far beyond the sun!

  11. Don’t know what’s with the negativity with Malmsteen for? What are your jealous your favorite shredder did not make it on the list in TIME Magazine for the Top Ten Guitarist like he did?! I would not say he’s a bad guitarist nor a bad songwriter for that matter, I have his music and he’s simply amazing! What’s wrong with his singers? He’s had some great ones, like Jeff Scot Soto, Joe Lynn Turner, Mark Boals, Doogie White, Hell he’s even worked with Graham Bonnet in Alcatrazz! Yeah, Yngwie really gives two shits about all the negative comments about him! More power to Yngwie to keep working with other Guitar Greats!

  12. Sad to read all this stuff you all guys posted, it’s all so simple, someone likes him & his songs, style etc., someone not, just wanted to say whatever and however Yngwie plays, lives, look, it is meaningless to speak, everybody has it’s reasons,and thoughts about him, so do I, and without any shame or pride, just can tell that he pretty much contributed to my playing and pushed me forward into the guitar world, just like so many guitarists and bands before and after him….if nothing else he’s still playing, although it is not what it used to be, but however He is still here, has a nice career and has left some legacy to the music and guitar world. Sometimes even myself cannot believe how he looks, and other stuff that make me think – ” oh my god, this is unbelievable” (either good or bad way….) but I can only thank him for bringing into my life one more nice music, and feeling, and school… Cheers You people!! Don’t be so hypocritical (no insults ;))

  13. MALSTEEN is the greatest guitarist in my opinion i hope it’s true that Uli Jon Roth is going to be in this tour love his style made the Scorpions a heavier sounding band in the 70’s then they were in the 80’s

  14. Sounds like a great line-up. All these nut-tard armchair critics of Yngwie down there, why don’t you get up on stage and play 5% of what he plays and then comment you opinionated losers. True, he is not as versatile, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s still a legend.

  15. that moment when you realize Yngwie is better than any of your favorite guitar player and far better than you and all you can do is call him fat and say music is “subjective”. must be a sad for all you mediocre people =\

  16. It is interesting to hear all the comments about Yngwie’s shortcomings on the one hand and his extreme power and virtuosity on the other. For my part, I’m not really a guitar player but I really like his stuff. I never met him in person so I can’t say he’s a meanie, though I have heard stories about that. Of course in my day-to day life I have no patience for opinionated assholes who try to shit on my musical tastes, so I avoid such people.

    As for his live playing, I have seen him play good and not-so-good. As for his lack of mass appeal, I can only agree considering that he once said, “I make about 50 grand a year.” So his Ferraris he drives around are probably used, and that’s a funny way to allocate his funds, lol. But that’s Yngwie.

    There is only one Yngwie Johann Malmsteen and I still like his stuff.

  17. “Yngwie’s music has too many notes”??? Seems to me that was said about another “nobody” in the past…. (Mozart). Genius will always be criticized by the know-nothings of this world.

  18. Everyone is talking Yngwie. There are four guitar players on the bill. Yngwie in his day did his stuff and yes maybe it remained his bag of tricks. Too bad he should have reinvented himself anyone ever hear of Jeff Beck. Well anyway Bumbefoot aka Ron Thal is in the line up and certainly has taken the guitar to another level. Knowledge, phrasing technique, creativity, etc.. His thimble technique playing notes and hitting pitches correctly off the neck that only the best of slide players have ventured. He is a master. Not to mention Uli and Gregg.

  19. Hey by the way, Eddie Trunk, your show kicks, we can all be critics. Love the show who was the best singer Robert Plant or Freddie Mercury. Well to be even in a position to be judged in that company is extremely rare. Just keep practicing, we always need someone new to look up to, cut up, debate

    1. This blog seems inactive, seems i jumped in late in the game.

      I just got back from the Jersey Pac, Englewood NJ show and here is my take. Ron Thal/Bumblefoot was awesome and has the future in the palm of his hand. Gary Hoey was amazing and was most musical, connected best with the audience and if you have not listen closely, you should.
      Ywgnie was insular and I guess the ten people that were into him would disagree with me. He sucks and when the tour came out together he gave not Gary or Bumblefoot any space to play. Malmsteen sucks painful to listen to. who cares, go home. He needs to learn the fundamentals of musicianship. He had fourteen 4/12 Marshall bottoms and who knows how many Marshall JCM 800 heads who cares you are boring overrated self indulgent guitar player and not certainly a guitar god.

  20. First of all, as a musician myself just let me say – music is an Art, not a Sport. It’s not a competition to see who is the “Best.” You folks that are slamming Y. Malmsteen… I just don’t get it. There have been many guitarists over the years that have changed the course of history because they were “Different” or more “Creative” in some way. When Jimi Hendrix came onto the scene, people went WOW!! When Richie Blackmore came onto the scene, people went WOW!! Same goes for Eddie Van Halen, S. Vai, Joe Satriani – I could go on and on. Malmsteen also falls into this WOW category and is just as important in guitar player history as the afore mentioned artists that came before him. We need to quit comparing and slamming musicians who are outstanding in their field and simply appreciate them for what they contribute to music history.

  21. Rockin Randy, you have a point and I agree with you.

    Yngwie made his mark in history and he should hold that spot. When someone like Yngwie plays what he was playing when he was new on the scene and can not draw the crowd he was able to draw unless he is packaged with artists that can draw a crowd he needs to get that dynamic. He has nothing new, like Billy Joel, but to their credit are both icons. He like others need to learn that unless you are offering up something new he is touring on his past contributions to musical history as well as counting on the draw on the backs musicians like Ron and Gary in this case.

    My objection was as a musician you need to be humble because there is always someone else playing something you will never achieve. That may be connecting with another artist or even your audience. I have seen the best of the best and when there is a finale when musicians gather on stage most play nice in the sandbox. It can actually be a time where you learn something while entertaining the audience at the same time.

    Ygnwie does not have a collaborative interest in making music enjoyable. I studied jazz as a part of my training with a jazz purist who could have been amongst the best of the best in the jazz genre but is not, and not because of his amazing talent, but because he relates to a very narrow audience and is not aware of that reality.

    Anyway, I appreciate everyones individual rights and respect individual opinions and musical tastes.

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