yngwie400 Yngwie Malmsteen is one of the most technically accomplished guitarists of all time, rewriting the book on hard rock/heavy metal guitar. In addition to countless awards from music and instrument specific publications, none other than TIME Magazine hailed him as one of the ten greatest electric guitarists.

2013 was a banner year for Malmsteen, as he released his bestselling autobiography Relentless which coincided with a wildly successful tour that played to full houses all over the world. The only way he could top that in 2014 was to hand pick an all-star lineup of Guitar Gods to share the stage with him on a magical full North American tour.

“Fans can expect the unexpected,” Malmsteen said regarding his live shows. “I raise the bar with every performance I do and this tour will be no different.”

Held in the highest regard in his own right, Uli Jon Roth brings the very special 40th Anniversary Scorpions set that has been playing to frenzied audiences in Europe to North America, embracing his storied history with the band and digging deep into their catalog for this tour.

Acclaimed for his accomplishments for perfecting his playing in multiple genres (rock, blues, surf) and respected by both fans and peers alike, Gary Hoey performs his radio hits such as the Billboard Top 5 smash Hocus Pocus along with other favorites/

Gusn N’ Roses guitarist Bumbleoot (as seen in the just released DVD Appetite for Democracy which documents the bands Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel residency) embarks on his first solo tour, playing songs from his entire critically praised recorded history.

Tour to take place from June-July. Exact dates TBA.


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  1. It is interesting to hear all the comments about Yngwie’s shortcomings on the one hand and his extreme power and virtuosity on the other. For my part, I’m not really a guitar player but I really like his stuff. I never met him in person so I can’t say he’s a meanie, though I have heard stories about that. Of course in my day-to day life I have no patience for opinionated assholes who try to shit on my musical tastes, so I avoid such people.

    As for his live playing, I have seen him play good and not-so-good. As for his lack of mass appeal, I can only agree considering that he once said, “I make about 50 grand a year.” So his Ferraris he drives around are probably used, and that’s a funny way to allocate his funds, lol. But that’s Yngwie.

    There is only one Yngwie Johann Malmsteen and I still like his stuff.

  2. “Yngwie’s music has too many notes”??? Seems to me that was said about another “nobody” in the past…. (Mozart). Genius will always be criticized by the know-nothings of this world.

  3. Everyone is talking Yngwie. There are four guitar players on the bill. Yngwie in his day did his stuff and yes maybe it remained his bag of tricks. Too bad he should have reinvented himself anyone ever hear of Jeff Beck. Well anyway Bumbefoot aka Ron Thal is in the line up and certainly has taken the guitar to another level. Knowledge, phrasing technique, creativity, etc.. His thimble technique playing notes and hitting pitches correctly off the neck that only the best of slide players have ventured. He is a master. Not to mention Uli and Gregg.

  4. Hey by the way, Eddie Trunk, your show kicks, we can all be critics. Love the show who was the best singer Robert Plant or Freddie Mercury. Well to be even in a position to be judged in that company is extremely rare. Just keep practicing, we always need someone new to look up to, cut up, debate

    1. This blog seems inactive, seems i jumped in late in the game.

      I just got back from the Jersey Pac, Englewood NJ show and here is my take. Ron Thal/Bumblefoot was awesome and has the future in the palm of his hand. Gary Hoey was amazing and was most musical, connected best with the audience and if you have not listen closely, you should.
      Ywgnie was insular and I guess the ten people that were into him would disagree with me. He sucks and when the tour came out together he gave not Gary or Bumblefoot any space to play. Malmsteen sucks painful to listen to. who cares, go home. He needs to learn the fundamentals of musicianship. He had fourteen 4/12 Marshall bottoms and who knows how many Marshall JCM 800 heads who cares you are boring overrated self indulgent guitar player and not certainly a guitar god.

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