Whitesnake has canceled its previously announced North American tour with the Scorpions due to singer David Coverdale‘s “continued treatment for a persistent upper respiratory infection.”

Scorpions will continue with the scheduled tour, however, support will now come from Swedish band, Thundermother, beginning on August 21st in Toronto, Ontario. See the Scorpions’ entire tour itinerary, by clicking here.

On August 5th, Whitesnake frontman Coverdale released the following statement: 

“It is with profound disappointment and a heavy heart that I must announce that Whitesnake will no longer be able to join the Scorpions on their US and Canadian tour due to my continued treatment for a persistent upper respiratory infection that affects my ability to perform. This includes the cancellation of our own headlining shows, as well.

While Whitesnake will no longer be on the tour, the Scorpions will be continuing on. We Wish Our Good Friends, the Scorpions Every Success!!!

We Wish You Well.”

Scorpions issued a separate statement stating “We wanted to let you know that Whitesnake will no longer be joining us on our U.S. and Canadian Rock Believer tour.

Nothing is more important than our fans and it was important to us that we keep the shows as scheduled.

We wish Whitesnake all the best and look very much forward to seeing you and rocking with you all on tour along with Thundermother.”

In other recent ‘Snake news, the band’s Greatest Hits collection has been remixed, and remastered, for the 2022 collection. To read further details about this release, please click here.

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  1. Makes no sense , Dino sings just like Coverdale in his prime maybe better …. why lose all that guaranteed money ? You’ve got a crew and musicians depending on it ….

  2. It sucks Whitesnake had to pull out of the tour, but i think seeing Whitesnake in concert, without David Coverdale, is akin to seeing KI$$, in makeup, without Peter Criss and Ace Frehley….it’s just wrong.

    Sadly, this may be it for Coverdale’s performing career.

  3. I was looking forward to the Scorp’s and Whitesnake….don’t know much about Thundermother yet. With ticket prices being what they are and Whitesnake cancelling, I just don’t know about this. I can’t see the Scorp’s lengthening their set at their age and if they do, it won’t be more than a song or two. Shorter show, less hits….same price I bet. They really should replace Whitesnake with someone…Tesla? Tom Keifer? RATT reunion? Winger? Firehouse? Stryper? Night Ranger? Seems like plenty of bands that have several original members that could fill Whitesnakes spot although maybe not as popular. I can’t see Thundermother being a big draw for the type of crowd that will be going to this show, Scorps are great but they need help to fill arenas and with prices give the fans some kind of value for their $$$$$$$$$$$.

  4. I agree , but we’re talking about people’s livelihoods. Insurance may cover some costs , these crew men and women depend on this income to put food on the table most likely the band as well , again not to mention you have an actual front man a pro who knows how to front a band and knows the songs and has an incredible voice it just makes zero sense to me … Coverdale is important yes but a week or 2 out with a great singer stepping in will not hurt anyone’s reputation or legacy if anything it would most likely enhance it

  5. Any chance they’ll add a similar band to replace Whitesnake…Thundermother was already the opener. I paid to see 3 bands and now only getting 2 and there’s no reduction in ticket price or partial refund. I’ve always wondered why this is when a non-headliner drops out of a tour and the headliner gets a bigger cut at the expense of the fans.

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