SebastianBach Entertainment Weekly reports:

Have you ever wanted to become Whitney Houston, Adam Levine, Kesha, or Kelly Clarkson? Are you already famous? If so, the sky’s the limit on America’s latest singing competition, which debuts this week on ABC.

Sing Your Face Off, a new series based on a reality format that’s popular overseas, will allow stars to morph into their favorite popular musical acts in both style, look, and performance. During the show’s six-episode run, viewers will watch five celebrities (including Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach, actor Jon Lovitz, basketball star Landry Fields, singer China Ann McClain and actor/TV personality Lisa Rinna) undergo vocal training and physical transformation to take on the identity of a popular musician. They will be judged by a panel that includes actor John Barrowman (Arrow, Torchwood), pop singer Debbie Gibson, and comedian Darrell Hammond (Saturday Night Live).

So, how might this show work? Or rather, how well does someone like Sebastian Bach pull off the smooth stylings of Maroon 5′s Moves Like Jagger? We’ve got your first look, and, uh…we’ll let the clip speak for itself.

Sebastian’s new album solo album, Give ‘Em Hell was released on April 22nd through Frontiers Records.


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  • Greg on

    I don’t understand what I just saw or heard. That wasn’t Sebastian, right? It didn’t look or sound like him. I think I just bought milk from this guy at Elm Street Convenience. If it was him, I think he did great. If it was Sebastian…I’m at a loss.

    • Lindy on

      Me too. That sure didn’t look like him.

  • Greg on

    And yet, I can imagine that this is what the younger generation sees as talent. If it was Bach, I assume he did a good impression? I have no idea. Is this what entertains young people? Such a dreadful sorry state. I’m just shaking my head that this is talent and that a TV show was green lighted for this. Whoa.

    • Dana on


      That is indeed him. They used makeup, wigs, etc. to “transform” him into Levine.

      Dana from 🙂

    • Lindy on

      Today’s music sucks.

  • Adam J. on

    We Are The Youth Gone ….. Well, just gone!

  • Rick on

    When does Adam Levine perform his Phil Anselmo impression?! Anything to stay relevant, I suppose, eh Sebastian?! I would’ve figured he maybe would’ve performed as another rock/metal artist ..someone who he idolized or influenced while growing up? !

  • Franky on

    On a ironic note, Bach did this without even stretching his vocal chords. Now lets see Levine do Bach. Not a chance. This makes a strong statement on how lame some of todays popular lead vocalists are.

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