paulstanleydeesnider_640 Dee Snider has reignited his feud with KISS frontman Paul Stanley by calling Stanley a “dick” and saying the band exude an air of “arrogance.”

The Twister Sister singer fell out publicly with Stanley when the Kiss man branded Snider a “wannabe” in response to comments in which he said it was “insulting” that KISS members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer were using the Catman and Spaceman personas made famous by Peter Criss and Ace Frehley.

Snider replied by challenging Stanley to a rock face-off, saying he’d “bury” him.

Now Snider has moved to explain the spat in more detail, insisting he is a fan of KISS, but doesn’t think they should be shielded from criticism.

Snider tells The Real Radio Show, “Let me lay out my KISS credentials. I own the first seven albums. I have stood in front of a mirror and lip-synched Paul Stanley vocals. So, I don’t think I’m out of line to say that I have an opinion and that I feel that the Ace Frehley impersonator playing guitar now is an insult to fans.

..People disagree – that’s fine. People agree – that’s fine. But Paul reacted to me making a statement and decided to call me a wannabe and a buffoon, and I had to address that in an open letter to Paul, where I pretty much took him out at the knees.”

Addressing Stanley directly, Snider adds, “Paul, I love your band, I love your music. Why do you have to be such a dick? Alice Cooper is not a dick. Alice Cooper has inspired a million people and he’s the coolest guy in the world, yet Gene and Paul have got this arrogance about them, like the world owes them something. We do owe you something, but let us offer it. Don’t insist we buy it from you.”

Twisted Sister will go on a farewell world tour in 2016 with Mike Portnoy filling in for the late AJ Pero.

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  • jeffrey heffernan on

    LIKE I HAVE SAID BEFORE,as a huge kiss fan,the whole extension of there personalitys thing was really cool,and i thought it was a good idea,thats how they sold it,not us,so when the reunion happened it was great to have a visit with the catman.,spaceman,demon,and starchild again.but now there telling us ,its not that way at all,so coupled with the fact that the band is in there 60s and paul cant sing anymore,gene has become almost a joke with his demon persona,it just makes the whole thing sad,like ive said in my other posts i would rather see a trib band ,at least its honest,its a bunch of guys that are pretending,and tell you so,for a fraction of the cost….

  • RTunes68 on

    Attention all two-hit wonders from the ’80s!
    Let Dee Snider be an example to you! If you desperately want a few more minutes of media attention – and a lot of support from fans of a certain website… – all you have to do is start a dopey, one-sided name-calling feud with the FAR more successful Paul Stanley. This means you, Europe, Firehouse, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Mr. Mister, Wang Chung, etc.!

    • Waverider on

      Totally agree with your commment, but since you mentioned them, the latest Europe album, War of Kings is really good. Packed with great songs and playing. Hard rock, nothing like the Final Countdown. Recommended.

    • Tre Billis on

      Why would anyone want music by Europe that is nothing like the Final Countdown? The Final Countdown is Europe. Without it they would not be heard and I am not saying write FInal Countdown over and over again, but to have music that sounds kinda like it is what people want from Europe. By the way, love the Gieco commercial.

    • Waverider on

      Nothing wrong with the Final Countdown. I always liked the song, but never explored the band’s music further until Eddie’s recommend a few months ago. As I said, I’m really enjoying the album and plan to check out the music they’ve done in between.

    • elliot goldberg on

      writing final countdown over and over would dilute the finality of each countdown.

    • RTunes68 on

      I can’t stop laughing.

    • Waverider on

      I like it, Elliot!

  • celestial lopez on

    Let me end this now, PAUL STANLEY thinks that if he puts a tribute band together and names it KISS he will be able to make money of them just like he is making money off the Idiots Thayer and singer… I say this to you PAUL you will fail miserably like the football team thing…..I would pay money to see a REAL TRIBUTE band from the people to the people. be smart you are now in THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL respect your fans don’t just obey the $$$$$. you don’t see the WHO putting out a tribute band and calling it the WHO2 but if they did WOULD YOU GO SEE THEM or if JIMMY HENDRIX’ relative would dress someone a JIMMY would you go see him or approve of it… Am asking you as a FAN don’t destroy what I and so many other real fans consider this band a lifetime Journey…. back in the 80’s around the time ASYLUM was release you came out with the slogan ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS remember….so come on PAUL STANLEY….. Come on……

    Respectfully a REAL KISS FAN….

    • Chris Adams on

      Tell this to the fake Elvis in Vegas.

  • Doug R. on

    …We got a little surprise for you tonight,
    we’re gonna turn the microphone over to,
    Tommy Thayer, “Shock Me”………………… see, it just doesn’t work, and it’s wrong!
    The Spaceman & The Catman are more than just “characters,” they’re people! They’re Ace Frehley & Peter Criss! NOT Tommy Thayer & Eric Singer. Don’t care how it happened, who did what. who tricked who, mislead who, whatever, NOBODY can or will ever replace OR REFACE Ace & Peter, OR Paul & Gene! No matter what! The “new” KISS can be exactly the same on the outside, but they’ll never be the same on the inside, they’ll never have the heart and soul of the real KISS, the original 4!!!!

    • Waverider on

      A lot of rhetoric there. Saw the current lineup not too long ago, Tommy did the Ace routine, and it didn’t bother me a bit. Didn’t seem to bother the rest of the packed arena either. It’s true that Paul’s voice is past the best before date, so anyone considering spending $150 on a ticket should know that and maybe check out some recent youtube to see if it’s worth it to you, but overall I enjoyed the show and will go see them again if they come back.

    • Eddie on

      I honestly am well over the whole Kiss/makeup thing. I checked out when it first happened so it’s old news for me. Amazing for something that apparently isn’t such a big deal how much it still is a talking point over 10 years later. Which to me proves it IS an issue for some. And I know for a fact many artists feel the way Dee and I do, but in this PC world won’t say it public. Dee did bring up a point I’ve said forever, it is weird Kiss is the one band you can’t have an opinion on without crazy backlash from some fans or Paul himself. Finally I question “packed arena” unless it was a co headline show? Kiss has not and can not do an arena tour without a co-headline at this point in the US. They haven’t for a long time. AC/DC, Van Halen, those are pure headlines. Co headline with Motley, Lepppard, Aerosmith in sheds is far from selling an indoor arena out with no name support.

    • Tre Billis on

      But Kiss can coheadline with Aerosmith and Def Leppard and play nice sized arenas. Twisted Sister is not playing together because they could not get enough money to play live. Dee plays shows on his own because the pay is the same for Dee or for 5 members of Twisted Sister. Divide it 5 ways or keep it to yourself? The thing is if Twisted Sister were to co-headline it would be at some bar with Dokken. People just love to attack KISS. The thing is they are still here 40 years later…minus two losers.

    • Waverider on

      I believe the number of people who have a problem with Tommy and Eric in makeup is a very small minority, though a very vocal one. It was a packed arena, and not a co-headline, though I will grant you it is a small market city where they haven’t played before. Capacity about 8000.

    • Tre Billis on

      Good points Waverider. I hope most do not care about the ACE and Peter stuff. They are out for reasons and I have long moved on from that. We get KISS with Gene/Paul or we don’t get it at all. I am fine with it. I also feel the same about Van Halen. Often and it is absolutely true although others may blindly deny it. But with KISS and Van Halen the most important band members are still with the bands. Some people think a better KISS would be with Peter and Ace only……LOL.

      As for the makeup thing, KISS did such a much better job of promoting it that Twisted Sister. Do people remember the Makeup design used by AJ PERO?

    • el loco on

      If 8,000 means “arena” for you, what was e.g. Dodger Stadium in the good old reunion years then? Circus Maximus (capacity in ancient Rome about 250,000) ? I know from personal experience that Kiss is still able to sell out mid-size venues (let us say 10-15,000) in Europe, Japan and (currently) Australia as a single headliner, but talking about Europe, they did a number of shows this years considerably lower than two or three years ago – why?!? Plus, the Berlin show I went to (one of only two instead of usually 5 to 6 in Germany) was not sold out, maybe 75% out of of maximum of 15,000. I guess the reason why Kiss keep on touring non-stop is that Paul knows that he and his voice have a very limited time ahead of them before it is totally over. And it might be hard to quit when you have come accustomed to being celebrated. Still, there are rock stars that end their careers in style. The reason why Paul keeps on diminishing others is to compensate for his failures because of age and endless touring. So far no journalist seems to have the nerve to really confront him with his contradictions, needless bashing and pointless self-appraisal. Ace on the other hand I found fresh, healthy and rocking as good as ever during his club tour through Europe, attendance only being maybe 600, but hey, money isn’t everything. And the crowd had a great time too. Whereas the Kiss show was strangely cold, all routine and going through the motions .

    • Brian B on

      How dare Paul not take s–t from a legend like Dee ! Maybe Paul forgot to tip him ? That could be why Dee is attacking.

    • Coredrum on

      My issue with Dee is that why the hell would he even go there, whether he feels that way or not?? He should keep that to himself, or in conversation but not on a radio interview, period…its classless and frankly laughable that Dee Snider is talking any crap about Gene and Paul continuing in makeup, and that they are arrogant, and destroying the Kiss name…laughable because Dee is known more for his reality show appearances than his music, which is sad because back in the day from Stay Hungry and back, they were a great band…then because Dee was such a dick to his band mates and thought he was the king Sh*t, they broke up….not to mention the choice of material (Do you remember Leader of the Pack Dee???). So I don’t give a rats ass (or Bobby Blotzer ass) about his opinion of any band, not just Kiss, as he himself has made some very questionable decisions and continues to make them, like this comment, to try to keep himself in the press…so my problem is not his opinion, but the fact that he discussed this for zero reason other than getting some press…ironic the rest of that earth shattering interview hasn’t been discussed at all…only the part about Kiss…Hmmmmm??

    • elliot goldberg on

      sonic boom and monster performed live, straight through. most kiss fans would go for that.

    • Doug R. on

      Rhetoric? Obviously some people just can’t handle the truth, isn’t that the truth Waverider?

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