TMZ has exclusive photos of Axl Rose rehearsing with AC/DC in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday. See the photos below.

Axl’s reportedly said he’s been working hard to get in shape for the double duty tour. Guns N’Roses recently announced North American tour dates.




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  • Richard Franks on

    I’m not really sure he’s rehearsing with AC/DC, G N R has an upcoming Reunion Tour planned, for all we know both Axl and AC/DC were using the same studio at the same time (it has been known in the past from stories by different musicians at one time or another have admitted sharing the same studio as another artist). It doesn’t really mean they were working together unless something like an Official statement comes out I’m not buying it. Studios have more than one recording room for use, so it is quite likely Axl just happened to be there at the same time as the AC/DC guys, then again a News source like TMZ could have gotten these photos at two separate times and try to “claim” both Axl Rose and members of AC/DC were working together. I am not buying it as fact until an Official Press release from AC/DC comes out that its true Axl will be singing with them to replace Brian Johnson.

  • Michael B on

    It seems a strange thing to do just before this whole GnR thing, but then it doesn’t look like AC/DC has that many dates left to begin with.

  • chad bormann on

    if this is true, it’s the most spectacularly bad idea ever with perhaps the exception of gary cherone being brought in van halen.

    • Michael B on

      It wasn’t Gary’s fault VHIII sucked. You can blame Edward for that nugget, considering at one point he asked Patty Smyth, Mitch Malloy, and Daryl Hall the singing job.

    • Dana on

      I don’t know why, but the thought of Patty Smyth being the front woman for Van Halen always gave me the d-chills. 😉

  • randy cook on

    We had tix for ACDC in Atlanta – as soon as we heard ‘rescheduled with a guest vocalist’ we opted for the refund – to me it just wouldn’t be the same with anyone else singing – and personally i think Axl will butcher their sound – i’m not a fan of this combination with Axl and ACDC, i’d prefer the boys hold their head high with the career they’ve had and call it a day

  • shannon mehaffey on

    Why would anybody go to all that trouble to put this show on? Lol..who the hell cares?

    The Clown (who has moved from Staten Island)

    • Michael Monet on

      Oh by the way, Happy St. Pat’s, I’m half Irish myself.

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