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Founding member of Krokus, bassist Chris Von Rohr, has sent the following message to Eddie, and his website:

“Hello eddie and fellow hardrock maniacs out there,

This is Chris Von Rohr, founder,bassist and producer of Swiss metal band Krokus.

Some facts regarding the AC/DC, Marc Storace and Krokus rumors. Of course for every band, and every singer, it would be the number one dream to team up with AC/DC, but lets get real for a minute, life is no damn wish concert!

1. For me, this whole news about Brain Johnson seems very strange. I would love to hear HIS personal opinion about what transpired. Can everyone just back off from being ready to jump on Brian’s job? Where is the respect? Don’t you see what he has accomplished in all those years, from Back In Black until today? The high level of his singing, his charisma and his humor? Until I hear differently from AC/DC, Brian is still the singer of AC/DC-end of story!

2. Marc is a great singer, but he never was really asked for an audition. Not now or after Bon Scott’s death. This is an untrue rumor. At the time, it was just a lighting guy from Birmingham, England, who suggested an audition. Of course, we wish Marc would get the chance as it would help krokus too. But honestly, no f–king body can replace Brain Johnson.

3. As we know, AC/DC, and their producer at the time, John Mutt Lange, did not want a Bon Scott type of singer-otherwise they would sound like their own tribute band. So, they came up with something new and fresh. By the way, Bon Scott himself said before his death that he was a big fan of Brain [Johnson’s].

4. For me, as a producer, it is hard to believe without Malcom, Phil and Brain that they will go on for another 10 years, even if Angus would be bored painting tulipes in Holland. But, they [could] possibly go on again with something fresh and new.

5. You’re absolutly right Eddie [Trunk], for the remaining shows (if they happen at all), the only option is a big famous singer like a Steven Tyler or the possibility of money back.

Anyway, as we all know, its maybe the hardest thing to decide when the final curtain should fall, when something has to come to an end. As a dedicated AC/DC fan, I wish Angus the power, the wisdom and the instinct to know when the time is right. We owe them a lot, and it truly will be a very sad moment, because what would be left without AC/DC? Millions of coverbands, who have no damn clue how to play that unique big arena sound and beat.

Eddie, I wish you and all your dedicated listeners a great Easter and yes, “let there be rock!”

PS- Krokus is working on a album and will hopefully be back in the states in 2017.


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    1. Just out of interest and procrastination, I read through all the comments on Blabbermouth, (about as crappy as VHND for Van Halen fans) and found no posts by the person that has been mentioned (BB?) or those words in any comment.

      Lighten up anyways, who cares?

  1. Whoa. Wow, someone told me about this. I couldn’t believe it was true, but it is. I can’t believe that I’m seeing this article being quoted all over the Internet, “Founder of Krokus says, ‘Where is your respect for Brian?” When that is a direct copy and paste of what BB said 10 days earlier on an article about the lead singer of the same band who was talking about taking his job. This is only disgusting, it is frankly embarrassing. I’m sorry, but that is extremely uncool to copy and paste what someone else said and pretend it was something that you said– Especially when it was about the singer of your own band!
    As women, we are regularly disregarded as having very little to say, and very little too far for us to rock ‘n’ roll. If you are in a position where people listen to you, you should have the class to at least cite who you are quoting if you are following what they say.

    No, our band is also from Switzerland, and I am well aware that saying what I am saying here is the equivalent of shooting ourselves in the foot. But we do not care. We are here for truth and rock ‘n’ roll, not to be cool say the right things at the right moment.

    Let there be rock, or GTFO.
    3:) Hell-ena 3:)
    BACK:N:BLACK – The Girls Who Play AC/DC

    1. No clue what this is about. Is this person BB the only one who may have had that position? Strange thing to get upset about but maybe take it up with Chris if there is an issue. It was his statement HE sent me to post..

  2. That is absolutely incorrect from you. Actually, it is stealing. You could have written that the quote was BB’s – that it wasn’t yours – but you didn’t. Taking other musician’s sentences and using them for one’s won, that’s absolutely not OK. And to use them in order to take an advantage out of it is even worse! You can be a famous musician or an unknown novelist, but you always should stick to your own words. Stealing the words from a woman or a man, no difference, so you wouldn’t have liked it too if anyone would have done that. If you think being better because you are male or whatsoever reason, you didn’t understand much about life. Finally, you are not more than cellular mass, not being able to do more than others.

    “Sharing is one of the most important tools needed for personal growth” (Victor Wooten)

    Sharing with his fans would have been ok, but taking the words and using them for yourself and not giving the true source the chance to stand for her words and being recognized for them is egoistic, false and shows your true character.
    BB is one of the biggest AC/DC-fans I know, her dedication makes her putting so much love into what she does. And how you speak about cover bands is inappropriate too! Listen: Music doesn’t belong to anyone, everybody should be allowed to play whatever he or she likes! It is not genuine when someone else plays it, yes, but the importance is how you play it, if you can bring across what you intended to. If only 5 people are allowed to play the songs of AC/DC, the songs would be dead at the moment they don’t play any more. The honour that there are people willing to play what others came up with AND REWARDING THE IDEA TO THEM is precious; they give the songs life and every member of AC/DC put his heart and soul into the song. So the music carries their point with it, no matter who plays it because if they DON’T CLAIM THE SONG BEING THEIRS they only show their appreciation and dedication. So you should not claim someone’s words being yours.

    Think about it.

    1. I have no idea what anyone here is talking about. Chris Von Rohr asked me to post his statement that he emailed me (I have the email!) about AC/DC and Storace. I have NO IDEA who BB is or what anyone is talking about. But if you think the line “have respect for Brian” is something only one person ever said then I don’t know what to tell you. I said it myself countless times since this story..

    2. BB is the guitarist for the Swiss band BACK:N:BLACK. Who she is not important, but what she said is.

      Of course having respect is nothing new. I think you got a big reaction because the words Chris used seemed essentially copied and pasted from what BB said as a comment on a Blabbermouth article about Marc Storace — 10 days ago. I was there when she read this article about Marc Storace, and she was very angry that it seemed yet another person was talking about taking Brian’s job. We discussed it, and to be quite honest, we worked carefully together on how to express exactly how she felt. I am a mother tongue English speaker, and I naturally say things like “Where is your respect”, and “Until I hear otherwise…”. She liked these phrases and used them.

      When some saw these words repeated and attributed to Chris Von Rohr, I think it rubbed some of the band and their fans the wrong way. Fans of BACK:N:BLACK know that BB stands for what she believes in, and feels she owes a huge amount to AC/DC. This is why many were proud that BB out Jim Breuer immediately for his insensitive remarks. And this is likely why they came to her defense and called out Chris when he apparently used her words. I guess it just came across as a bit insincere, something that was underscored by the plug for the new Krokus album at the end.

    3. With all deference to you, and BB, a good portion of people use these phrases and idioms. There is no copyright on the expressions that you mentioned.

      Also, if you are offended, please take it to the direct source. We will not be tying up the thread any further with a discourse over syntax. All further comments will be deleted.

      Have a great day.

      Dana from ET.com

    4. Hey Dana, I’ve got another record for you, Astra by Asia, it came out in ’85 (this sneaks in on this thread because Mandy Meyer from Krokus replaces Steve Howe). We were discussing Pyromania, and this one here is another Concorde of a rock record. Astra is an absolute masterpiece from beginning to end, and again, vinyl is the best, only?, way to experience it.

  3. No problem Dana. The point was made, and no need to beat a dead horse. I’ll clear out and leave the thread for others who want to discuss Chris’s statement. Cheers, Randy

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