I get the AC/DC – Axl thing is huge news and everyone is speculating about it. But again, until I have a statement to go by there is nothing to say. As per TMZ pics apparently they were in the same room (if the pics are real). But that still doesn’t mean he’s the new singer. It can also mean they did jam (Axl, like many, worships the band) and who knows if it worked out? Steven Tyler. Myles Kennedy and Sammy Hagar all jammed with Zeppelin to replace Plant may I remind everyone. So again, I don’t know what’s really going on. Nobody does but Axl and AC/DC, two very secretive camps. So when and if this becomes real I’ll get into it. I just can’t see with a Guns tour announced Axl taking on a full schedule with another mega band. If anything a guest spot for a few songs? But who really knows? And I for one still want to know what the hell really happened with BRIAN JOHNSON!?!?

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  • Richard Franks on

    I agree with you Eddie about the whole AC/DC, Brian Johnson, Axl Rose drama that’s all over the web as of late. To me it seems too far fetch that Axl would be doing stuff with AC/DC (replacing Brain) when he just announced a GNR Reunion plans. A jam session, that I can believe is since he is a Fan of the Band, he could have been rehearsing for the GNR shows and just happened to be there the same time and day as AC/DC. I for one won’t believe its true until an Official Press statement is released by AC/DC. We still don’t know the FULL details of Brain Johnson’s departure/illness. If Brain’s hearing is damaged or on the verge I wish him well, but let’s hope we can here something Official soon to squash any rumors. To me TMZ could have just got lucky and got these photos of Axl and AC/DC when they were there at different times, not all News outlets online speak the truth.

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