Shot the pilot for my new TV project Inside Out with Eddie Trunk last night in NYC at Iridium with a live audience and Ace Frehley as my guest. The interview went over two hours and album by album with Ace. He also played some classic riffs, things he hadn’t played in decades! It really was a great first taping and I thank Ace, the fans, and Don Maggie and the entire Iridium crew for making it happen. Next step is editing it down to an hour show (and since it was over 2 cuts will be hard to make!), producing it, and then finding a home for it. If that all goes to plan then it becomes a series. So still much to sort out. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Also FYI we are still very much working on a new home for TMS. I have a meeting today as a matter of fact. It is a slow moving process but we are still very hopeful. More when I can share.

New podcast tomorrow is an exclusive with Phil Mogg of UFO!

Headed to S FL tomorrow for 80’s RockFest. I’ll be on Paul & Young Ron 9A Friday on Big 105 in Miami, then at the event both days. Congrats to my ticket winners in ET’s Box Office.

Hope you all like the new site design. Obviously some fixes still to come but it is cleaner, easier and now optimized for phones and tablets. Thanks to webmaster David Souza for all his hard work!

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  • elliot goldberg on

    I had the good fortune to attend the interview. It was one of the greatest kiss-related events I’ve attended in 25+ years of being a fan..as good as going to a concert..2 hours of Ace/kiss heaven, riffs and laughs, great food, meeting cool people ..and I got to ask one of the fan questions afterward! I could not contain my Kiss geekness as I was yelling out keys of Kiss songs that Ace was trying to remember how to play.. Many of which he hadn’t played since he recorded them decades ago. Thanks to Eddie, Ace, John (Ace’s manager), the Iridium and all involved for treating the fans as V.I.P’s. I hope this excellent interview finds a home. If not, then maybe as bonus material on a new Ace live dvd? Kudos to Eddie: Barbara Walters can make her guests cry but she can’t get them to play “Dark Light”! I’m done.

  • James K. on

    Eddie, I just listened to the Phil Mogg podcast and it was incredibly entertaining. Phil’s got a great sense of humor. The story of Pete and the baby made me spit out my coffee because I was laughing. “Pete, put the f***ing baby down!”

  • Debra Hughes on

    Hey Eddie, How does one go about getting a ticket to a taping of your new show? I never got on TMS and I would really like to check out the new show.
    I like the new site. It’s going to take some getting used to though. Thanks for everything that you do.

    • Eddie on

      There is no new show yet, just a pilot. All info as usual will be in Trunk Report and on Twitter. Still working through kinks in the site but thanks

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