2499059-queensryche-new-617-409 The self-titled album of legendary Seattle rockers Queensrÿche has topped the charts. The new record Queensrÿche, released via Century Media, debuted on Billboard’s Top 200 chart landing at #23 and selling 13,659 copies its first week. The album also impacted the Amazon charts where it hit #2 on the Hard Rock and Metal chart and also hit #6 on the iTunes Top Rock Albums chart. The first single Fallout is currently impacting radio and the video for the song will be released next week.

“We can’t thank the fans enough for their support in helping us get to this point. It is because of you that we have had this incredible debut and we are overwhelmed with the response the album has received. Todd, Parker, Scott, Eddie and I are grateful for everyone who has stood by us over the past year,” states guitarist Michael Wilton.

Queensrÿche has gotten critical acclaim including Billboard magazine’s review stating, “From the moment Rockenfield’s drums and Wilton and Parker Lundgren’s guitars go on the attack in Where Dreams Go to Die, the traditional Queensrÿche sound is back. The hooks are arresting, and the rhythm section packs unmitigated fire power.”

Queensrÿche first burst onto the music scene in 1982 with the release of their self-titled 4 song EP Queensrÿche. They very quickly gained international recognition and performed to sold out audiences around the world. With the follow up first full-length album The Warning in 1984, and the ground breaking 1986 release of Rage For Order, Queensrÿche continued to prove their worldwide dominance as one of the most respected and creative bands of the 80’s. In 1988 the band turned out yet another monumental album Operation: Mindcrime, which would go on to become one of the TOP 10 best selling concepts records of all time, and set the stage for continued sold out performances around the world. With the release of the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Empire in 1991, the band earned multiple Grammy Award nominations and won the MTV “viewer’s choice” award for the #1 chart topping hit Silent Lucidity. During the next ten years, the band continued to release albums and tour the world to sold-out audiences. Queensrÿche has sold over 30 million albums worldwide and have continued to break new ground and push their creative process.

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Queensrÿche is Todd La Torre (vocals), Michael Wilton (guitars), Parker Lundgren (guitars), Eddie Jackson (bass) and Scott Rockenfield (drums).


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  • Kevin Perkins on

    Do you think you could have them on again and possibly spend time with them this time?

    • Eddie on

      I guess being the lead guests isn’t enough for you? Not to mention several extensive radio interviews I did. AMAZING people don’t get how TV works and that I work for the NETWORK. Unreal..

  • DR on

    Well this should start some interesting conversations again….

  • joseph on

    sorry guys, but i just don’t get it..i listened to cd and i for one is not all that into changes especially band members….ppl has this notion that every band should put out nothing but killer albums ,and hey there’s nothing wrong with that but come on every band has something that was released at one point and is not all that hot then or today… but i can tell you this as this is only my opinion that this is going no where . i personally think its over

    • Bill C on

      Thanks for playing Joe and please enjoy some lovely parting gifts. A year’s supply of Rice-a-Roni and the home edition of Family Feud.

    • David on

      Well, I think you are probably mistaken as, evidently, there is still a market for their music or they wouldn’t have ended up in the top 25 of the billboard charts. So, with that being said, great album great return to form and I look forward to their next one as well, which they’re already writing for while they’re touring.

    • jase on

      Lol… What? Dude you made zero sense with all that babble.


      Got my deluxe version last week and I was totally blown away! Sorry Geoff it is over for you. They more than DOUBLED your sales of F.U. and this is just America! I wonder what it sold in the UK! And everywhere else. This just made the courts job much easier in November. The fans have spoken. THIS IS QUEENSRYCHE.

    • Don on

      Joseph it’s comforting for me to know that no matter what stupid comment I ever make on this site, it will never be the stupidest comment ever made on this site. Thanks to you. Bill was generous giving you the Rice-A-Roni.

  • FreeJack on

    Queensryche lost me after Promised Land. They won me back with this record, and Todd La Torre…this is an excellent record and old school fans should do themselves a favor and listen to it.

  • Jace Nuzback on

    I’ve been a Queensryche fan since the EP in the 80s. I attended concerts for the Mindcrime, Empire and Promised Land tours. They lost me at Hear in the Now Frontier, but I continued to buy every album to give it a chance and support the band. After listening to Dedicated to Chaos I quite literally threw the CD away! It was that bad. I was done with Queensryche. However, I’ve been following ALL of the drama very closely. From my perspective it seems like Geoff Tate has been the problem with the bands direction and sound since DeGarmo left. I’ve watched live videos of Tate’s all-star band and Queensryche with Todd. I also listened to both new albums. Here’s my take: Geoff Tate has sadly turned in to a selfish, violent person. The MANY members of his so-called “band” can’t seem to get through one song on stage without screwing it up. His F.U. album is NOT good and simply doesn’t sound like Queensryche in ANY way! The real Queensryche is on stage tearing it up and is as tight as a snare drum. Todd is an amazing vocalist! Personally I think he’s as good as Geoff ever was (and that’s saying something!) and his vocals on the REAL Queensryche’s new album are OUTSTANDING!!!! This new album is sounding better to me with every listen. I can’t wait for the next one! I’m currently a VERY happy Queensryche fan. More than anything, I’m happy to see the guys having a good time on stage again.

    • Adrian Hextall on

      I have no need to writing anything further , your comment nails my views even down to the tours and the desire to keep buying “in the hope” that the next CD was a return to form. The new CD in my opinion rocks and kudos to them for releasing it. A good return and a good chance tht the follow up will be a killer.

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