MOR_Poster_June_2013_1 The Monsters of Rock Cruise Team has announced the following about the Monsters of Rock Cruise, Escape To Monster Island set to sail on March 29th-April 2nd 2014.

“First of all, we have announced quite a few artists with more to come. We hope you are as excited about the lineup as we are! The cruise is March 29th-April 2nd, 2014, visiting Nassau and Monster Island. Regarding Nassau, we are working on additional details regarding our Nassau stop. We have good reason to go there so be patient as the cruise unfolds over the weeks to come. As far as Monster Island is concerned, we are planning something very cool and can not divulge details until we are closer to sailing. We can tell you this…this will be a day to remember at a very special destination. We think it is the coolest place we have visited thus far, so be patient Monster Cruisers, we’ve got your back!

Our ship is the new MSC Divina and she is spectacular! It will provide us with more entertainment options and other special features we are preparing especially for you. We just returned from Europe and were blown away by the awesome beauty, bars and stage layouts on this incredible vessel. Once again, your Monsters of Rock Cruise Team will not miss a thing…bigger, better and badder than ever!

As far as pricing, double occupancy rates will be similar to last year, starting about $900 per person. This price includes meals, entertainment, activities and much more, however, does not include gratuities, taxes and fees, which should be around $200 per person. Optional dining restaurants, drinks, spa services, gift shop and other discretionary purchases are additional. Finally, we will offer special discounted drink packages, which will offered as we approach the sailing date.

Once again we thank all of you for your interest in the 2014 Monsters of Rock Cruise. We will make history together, taking the greatest floating metal experience to new heights. Wish we could tell you more but we would have to…you know the rest!!

Also, once again, our very own Eddie Trunk will be hosting the festivities.

For more information, please visit monstersofrockcruise.com.

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    1. Dana didn’t have a photo of Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy. Seriously, is that even a real band? Stay with ASIA Carl (never thought I’d have an ASIA rant on ET’s site….or any site for that matter).

    2. Yep, it’s called a faux pas and it has been corrected. Sorry about that, I really thought that I had clicked on the correct picture in the grid.

      Guess I had Bon Jovi on the brain for some reason? LOL!

      Dana 🙂

  1. Imagine telling Ratt/Cinderella/Quiet Riot back in the day walking off their sold-out L.A. Forum shows you’d be on a 20 act gig on a boat in ’14. Is it just me or is it painful seeing stuff like this? Carl Palmer played a small club when I saw him, maybe 111 people. 1973 I saw him with 65,000. Keith Emerson must be laughing.

  2. I went on this cruise last year and it was the best. Very first day I had lunch with Eddie, just because he was stuffing his face next to me (actually just a healthy salad). Met every artist and partied with a few also. If you are a rock fan (which if you’re on this site you are) the $1K is well worth the trip. But get in shape, running from one concert to the other gets tiring.

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