The End Machine, featuring members of Dokken, and Lynch Mob, have released a lyric video for, Burn The Truth, listen to it, below. Their debut album is due March 22nd via Frontiers Music Srl.

The band previously released a video for the song, Alive Today, which can be heard, here.

Bassist Jeff Pilson said, “We think that, notwithstanding the obvious nod to our past experiences together, The End Machine sound has a unique identity. Sonically, this is not just ex-Dokken members with a different singer or a rebooted incarnation of Lynch Mob. This is a new sound. Everyone has been doing great on the album and there is a lot of energy and a lot of focus.

Singer Robert Mason concurred, saying: “This is decidedly not me ‘stapled’ on to a Dokken record. I wouldn’t have been involved if that was the intent. Fans will hear bits of our styles in this collection of songs, and while reminiscent signatures are undeniable, The End Machine was purposely built to stand apart and on its own merit.”

In December, The End Machine announced some West Coast shows, they are as follows:

April 4 – Whisky A Go Go – Los Angeles, CA
April 5 – Count’s Vamp’d – Las Vegas, NV
April 6 – Encore – Tucson, AZ

The End Machine track listing:

1. Leap Of Faith 
2. Hold Me Down 
3. No Game 
4. Bulletproof 
5. Ride It
6. Burn The Truth
7. Hard Road
8. Alive Today
9. Line Of Division
10. Sleeping Voices
11. Life Is Love Is Music

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  • Dana on

    First impression: Totally dig it 🙂

    Finally, some good new music. Really liking Mason’s powerful growls, and Lynch, one of my top three all time favorite guitar players.

    D 🙂

    • robert davenport on

      I really like this as well , to me this sounds a lot like badlands first album – also like their appearance , I hope they stay together – looking forward to hearing more !

  • Doug on

    Totally agree, Dana!

  • Doug R. on

    I like it, it’s okay, but not as much as Alive Today. Still hate the band name, though.

    • Dana on

      I think I like this one better, sounds a bit more like updated Lynch Mob versus Alice in Chains. I also really liked the new Dokken song, Just Another Day.

      D 🙂

    • Doug R. on

      At least they didn’t make the same mistake as the Crue and add a f–king rapper to their new tune!

    • Dana on

      LOL, true.

    • Tyger of Pan Tang on

      Savage Animal, man!

  • Horse Latitudes on

    Wow Incredible sound!!
    Lynch got his Sacred Groove back.
    So glad he moved on from Ultraphonix last year.

  • Rattlehead on

    Hey, this is Dokken with a real vocalist!

    • Dana on

      Or Lynch Mob with Jeff Pilson 🙂

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