The End Machine, featuring members of Dokken, and Lynch Mob, have released a video for a new song called, Alive Today, listen to it, below.

The End Machine track listing:

1. Leap Of Faith 
2. Hold Me Down 
3. No Game 
4. Bulletproof 
5. Ride It
6. Burn The Truth
7. Hard Road
8. Alive Today
9. Line Of Division
10. Sleeping Voices
11. Life Is Love Is Music

The End Machine will play its first set of shows in April. Brown will be unable to make the dates and will be temporarily replaced by Evanescence’s Will Hunt.
The dates are as follows:

April 4 – Whisky A Go Go – Los Angeles, CA
April 5 – Count’s Vamp’d – Las Vegas, NV
April 6 – Encore – Tucson, AZ

Tickets go on sale on Friday, December 21st.

To read more about the band, please click here.

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  • Doug R. on

    For a second there, I thought I was listening to Alice In Chains!

  • Doug on

    Are they “The End” or “The End Machine?” Anywho, I’m a fan of all members of this band, and excited to see Robert Mason front it.

    • Dana on

      The End Machine, they declared the name back in November. Their original name was Super Stroke.

    • Doug R. on

      I agree with my twin brother from another mother, Doug, I too am a fan of all members of this band, but both band names – The End Machine and Super Stroke absolutely suck! Hopefully the album don’t!

    • Doug R. on

      They should’ve called the band The Juke Box Heroes, I’m sure Jeff would’ve voted for that! 😉
      Hey, anything’s better than The End Machine, or Super Stroke! (Two thumbs down) And now I’m in the mood for a sandwich, it’s never too early to eat! LOL!!! 🙂

    • Dana on

      I would just call it “The Mob,” since they are Lynch Mob, with Jeff Pilson.

    • Doug R. on

      Yep, yep, that would’ve worked. Or maybe, The Dirty White Boys? (Ducking) 😉 Don’t mind me, I’m going off the rails on a Party Train! 😉 Cheers!!

  • Doug R. on

    Reminds me ALOT of Beast In The Box! Which reminds me of Man In The Box! Hmm…

    • Doug R. on

      I got it! The End Machine is an “alternative” version of Alice In Chains!! Yep, I’m losing it, the Party Train is rolling full steam ahead! 😉

    • Dana on

      Beast In The Box does not remind of Man In The Box, but a a grungy version of a Lynch Mob song. Not sure which tune, though.

    • Doug R. on

      Well, we’re on the same track, but I think we’re on different trains! Man In The Box? I Can’t Remember, I think I have to “Check My Brain!” 😉
      Lynch Mob, Lynch/Pilson, The End Machine, what’s next? Lynch In Chains?? HAHAHA!!! ® 😉

  • robert davenport on

    another group of solid musicians from popular bands getting together hoping to catch lightning in a bottle , have fun with friends , make a few dollars …. either way for me…nothing special ,did not like the song at all or the video , although I thought they looked great ! so that’s something – I always wonder when these all star guys from pretty popular bands get together , why cant they write a good catchy hook filled song ?????????

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