frankhannon-vh640 Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon has posted the following thoughts on his official website about Van Halen’s new live album, Live At The Tokyo Dome:

“Ok, after all the flames have settled down from people burning up David Lee Roth’s vocals on Jimmy Kimmel, here’s my thoughts on the new Van Halen: Live At The Tokyo Dome CD.

If you are a fan of truly “LIVE” albums as I am and have stated, this album rules! Just to hear Eddie’s guitar tones on Romeo’s Delight, Beautiful Girls, Women in Love alone is worth the $16. As for Dave, well he’s included a 6 page book with lyrics to read the words he don’t sing..and to hear him tell of the spotlight operator in Ice Cream Man is priceless, not to mention all the Japanese BS he rambles.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this CD while driving my 17 yr old to school this morning remembering hearing VH when I was his age and loving it!!!

For those of us who anxiously waited in line at Tower Records to get VHII, Women and Children First, and Fair Warning…this album will tickle your fancy…for those who want perfect vocals, buy a One Direction live album!!!”

Hannon currently has some live shows scheduled in support of his latest solo album, World Peace. See the dates below.

Apr 18 Monsters of Rock Cruise Miami, FL
May 16 Red Hawk Casino Placerville, CA
May 21 Black Oak Casino Tuolumne City, CA
May 22 Cesar Chavez Plaza Park Sacramento, CA
Jun 6 Thunder Valley Casino Resort Lincoln, CA

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  1. I just gave it a full spin. I enjoyed the deep tracks and the handful from the last release. Dave does really well on some of the tunes and Eddie,well it is great to hear him playing.

  2. I’m still floored by the “Michael Anthony” comments. I get that he is a great guy (and he is; I met him in Philly on the “club” leg of the Chickenfoot tour) and a way under-rated singer/bass player, but of all the replacements in music today (Bill Ward, Portnoy, Bun E. Carlos, anyone in Whitesnake besides DC, Jon Anderson – twice, Jeff Watson, Zakk Wylde, whatever is going on with Megadeth), this is one that actually DOES make sense.

    The band name is VAN HALEN. It is run by Ed VAN HALEN. The drummer is his brother, Alex VAN HALEN. And the bass player is his son, Wolfgang VAN HALEN. If anyone is entitled to step in, it’s blood family, and Dominic Toretto would kick your ass for suggesting otherwise.

  3. I haven’t heard one track from the VH live album, and didn’t watch any of their TV appearances. Maybe I’ll get around to it, maybe I won’t. I kind of gave up on having hope for VH many years ago, and I like both DLR and Hagar eras (though the number of favorite, enduring songs from Sammy’s era are far fewer for me than with Dave – because I don’t give a damn about “hits”). I have heard “A Different Kind of Truth”, and thought it was alright. This current incarnation of VH is too late for me to care that much, and not having Michael Anthony doesn’t help. No disrespect to them, I wish them well, but for me that ship sailed a long time ago and is too far gone to come home.

    But that’s not why I posted. I just want to give props to Frank Hannon, a kickass guitar player in a really good band that deserves some recognition. Seeing Tesla in a club around 2003 when they got back together for “Into the Now” will always be one of my favorite shows.

  4. the only bad stuff on this cd is pretty woman,aweful song,and alex van halens drum solo,drum struck,is horrible.eddie sounds great,hear about it later,unchained,romeo delight,and mean street are the best.

  5. “Daves a lounge singer, dave can’t sing anymore, I miss mickey, Wolfie has no right to be in VH, dave cant hit the high notes any longer, I’ve given VH the boot long ago because I had high hopes for them and they are not the same, eddies great, mikey got screwed, dave cant jump”……Crap just trying read a simple blog and everyone has an opinion! Do you folks honestly think dave gives a s–t what we think? Folks…I venture to say none of us are as good as we once were! And the fact remains people….things change always! When was the last time you stepped in a phone booth to make a call? Handcranked your car to get it started? But you still like to drive and talk correct? Just because Mike is out and dave is 60 does not mean its over!! Thats like saying…..i dont like America anymore cause we always get a new president! Its time to get over it and move on or move out!

    1. Love it or leave it! But hey then again I still miss Michael and Sammy. HA!

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