frankhannon-vh640 Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon has posted the following thoughts on his official website about Van Halen’s new live album, Live At The Tokyo Dome:

“Ok, after all the flames have settled down from people burning up David Lee Roth’s vocals on Jimmy Kimmel, here’s my thoughts on the new Van Halen: Live At The Tokyo Dome CD.

If you are a fan of truly “LIVE” albums as I am and have stated, this album rules! Just to hear Eddie’s guitar tones on Romeo’s Delight, Beautiful Girls, Women in Love alone is worth the $16. As for Dave, well he’s included a 6 page book with lyrics to read the words he don’t sing..and to hear him tell of the spotlight operator in Ice Cream Man is priceless, not to mention all the Japanese BS he rambles.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this CD while driving my 17 yr old to school this morning remembering hearing VH when I was his age and loving it!!!

For those of us who anxiously waited in line at Tower Records to get VHII, Women and Children First, and Fair Warning…this album will tickle your fancy…for those who want perfect vocals, buy a One Direction live album!!!”

Hannon currently has some live shows scheduled in support of his latest solo album, World Peace. See the dates below.

Apr 18 Monsters of Rock Cruise Miami, FL
May 16 Red Hawk Casino Placerville, CA
May 21 Black Oak Casino Tuolumne City, CA
May 22 Cesar Chavez Plaza Park Sacramento, CA
Jun 6 Thunder Valley Casino Resort Lincoln, CA

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  • Michael B on

    Well, sure. I think the CD is OK. I love hearing Edward and the band, (I’ll not beat the Michael Anthony dead horse again) but the vocals are marginal in many spots, ok in others, and I already give Dave a ton of leeway because he never was a “singer” style of frontman. It is what it is, and it’s what they wanted to release. Apparently they left it all up to Dave to pick the show to be released as well.

    I’d rather see a DVD.

    I also think the packaging/artwork is a little on the “lets get this out the door as quick as we can” side.

  • Mr. Rock And Roll on

    Thanks, Frank. That was a very nice opinion and push for the latest Van Halen release. I’m sure the band is tickled pink that you thought of them in such a wonderful way. However, I am not interested in purchasing this cd, and it has to do with one factor. Michael Anthony is not in Van Halen.

  • Ryan B. on

    Thought it was a good listen….good show and I guess only VH knows if it is a truly live record or if overdubs were used at all. EVH sounds great. I am by no means a DLR or VH fanboy, but the DLR singing nor improv just didn’t bother me.

  • Dan Rizzi on

    I had the pleasure of seeing VH with DLR a number of times during the late 70’s and during the 1984 tour. I also saw their last tour in Chicago. Yea, DLR’s vocals were not a 10 but The truth is, DLR was never a great singer he was and still is a hell of an entertainer! Give the guy a break, he is 60 years old! A singer’s phasing will change as they get older! Listen to Dio’s last live recording and AC/DC’s last live recording, the vocals on those recordings are not as strong as they were 30 years ago either! I bought this recording and I am happy I did. It is a snap shot of one of the greatest rock n’ roll bands of all time. To hear Eddie play some of the VH classics live anytime I want is worth the price itself! Yea, I wish it would have been recorded during their prime but this is what we have so enjoy it! If you do not like it, don’t listen to it and do not waste your time telling us about it! Rock on VH and Diamond Dave and thanks for giving us a live recording!

  • James K. on

    The stuff Frank said about Dave’s performance on the album makes me NOT want to buy it. Dave’s not the best singer, he never has been, and he’s always made up for his live vocal limitations with his stage antics and performance. That’s one reason I’d rather have a dvd of of this rather than a live album.

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