GeorgeLynchhead Sweet & Lynch, the supergroup featuring Stryper vocalist Michael Sweet, iconic guitarist George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob, KXM), bassist James Lomenzo (White Lion, Megadeth) and drummer Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, S.U.N.) has released an audio snippet of the song Time Will Tel. It is being streamed exclusively at Blabbermouth.net and can be heard by clicking here.

Sweet told Guitar International, “I co-wrote the songs with George. I called Brian Tichy and James Lomenzo to put the band together. You’ll start to hear about it in September with the first single and video. It’s an incredible combination of classic 70s and 80s. You will hear some flavors of Journey, Bad Company, Dokken, Van Halen, and Stryper. James and Brian are amazing musicians. They tore it up. The drums and bass are just as impressive as the guitars. Everybody really delivered. I love this CD. I’m super excited for people to hear this CD. I’m so proud of it.”

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  1. I’m in! When you look at the lack of material from some of our guitar greats like EVH, it’s AWESOME to see guys like Lynch just rolling out one project after another! I’ll take ALL I can get, even if some projects are better than others. GoGeorgeGo!

  2. I just spoke with George two days ago. Looks like T&N might have a name change and michael sweet as a vocalist. dokken without don but the incredible michael sweet on vocals. This is gearing up to be a killer album. Cannot wait to hear it.

    1. Don’t f with us Witch Meadow. Is that a real deal? I haven’t heard Lee confirm that.

    2. I’ve heard that Sweet will do the touring with T&N as the vocalist because his voice is more like Don’s than Pilson’s is. Don wad never any good live anyway. And now he cant sing a lick.

  3. I’m not crazy about the name of the band. Sweet Lynch sounds like it could be the name of a 1970’s era street pimp. I wish they would have come up with something better and more original than just using Michael’s and George’s last names. That must make Brian and James feel special.

  4. KXM Thankfully is History, I really was disappointed in that CD. Maybe this lineup will last a year. well 8 months..,ok tour for 4? then again.. maybe they’ll appear on That Metal Show, plug the CD and go on to his next project.
    And change the name George.. Sweet Lynch?? sounds a bit gay

    1. KXM was George’s best work since Wicked sensation in my opinion. Toning down thr solos and just laying down some good songs.

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