GeorgeLynchhead Sweet & Lynch, the supergroup featuring Stryper vocalist Michael Sweet, iconic guitarist George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob, KXM), bassist James Lomenzo (White Lion, Megadeth) and drummer Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, S.U.N.) has released an audio snippet of the song Time Will Tel. It is being streamed exclusively at Blabbermouth.net and can be heard by clicking here.

Sweet told Guitar International, “I co-wrote the songs with George. I called Brian Tichy and James Lomenzo to put the band together. You’ll start to hear about it in September with the first single and video. It’s an incredible combination of classic 70s and 80s. You will hear some flavors of Journey, Bad Company, Dokken, Van Halen, and Stryper. James and Brian are amazing musicians. They tore it up. The drums and bass are just as impressive as the guitars. Everybody really delivered. I love this CD. I’m super excited for people to hear this CD. I’m so proud of it.”

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  1. Wow,that kicks major ass. George sounds better on that solo than I’ve heard him sound in ages. A whole lot of talent in this band,as Sweet is an excellent guitarist also, along with having killer pipes. And what could you say about that rhythm section? Tichy is a criminally underrated drummer,an absolute monster,and Lomezo has been proving his killer abilities all the way back to White Lion,even before he joined Megadeth. I will definitely be buying this once it’s released. I look forward to it. \m/

  2. Good riff & vocals. Awful lyrics. “Time will tell if I’m caught between heaven and hell. With my life an empty shell. Time will tell.”. I guess I should have expected that when they named their band “Sweet Lynch”
    Same problem with latest Tesla album. So hard for me to get into an album that has such cliche & “guess the rhyme” lyrics. But hopefully they did better on the other songs because musically it does sound good and reminds me of 80’s Journey with a bit more punch.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Maybe I’m getting older, but the lyrics just come across so cheesy and contrived. The lyrics on the new Slash album were laughable, too.

  3. For what it’s worth, I think Don Dokken underestimates the importance of George’s playing on all those Dokken hits. I think Don did a good job as well, but whenever I heard a new Dokken song, I couldn’t wait to hear what George was going to contribute. It was just as important as the vocals IMHO.

    1. Agreed. George and Pilson also did a ton of writing for Dokken. Tooth and Nail, arguably the best album with the original four has Lynch/Pilson songwriting credits all over it. Lynch, Pilson, and Don were equally responsible for the early success of that band.

    2. Lol. Yes Dana I’m very aware of your admiration for all things John Sykes, Rob Halford, and yes Back for the Attack. And yes I must humbly agree that BFTA was highly underrated and a very good listen. I’m partial to Tooth and Nail cause that was the first album that I got of theirs and loved every second of it when it first came out. Its where I ‘discovered’ the magic of Geoge Lynch. Props to you on the live DVD. I finally got around to watching the whole thing a short while back, and you…like usual were totally right.

  4. Totally BADASS!!!! The depressing thing is we have to wait til 2015 to purchase this CD. Hard Rock / Metal will never go away. The longest enduring music genre.

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