Greetings from Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln CA just outside Sacramento. Got here last night, really nice place. TMS sponsored concert tonight and will be hanging all weekend with some meet & greets and book signings too. I’ll be doing a free meet & greet today 3-5P prior to the concert at the “Main Stage” right on the casino floor. Both of my books will also be available for purchase and happy to sign anything you already have. Concert later tonight and then various activities around the casino Saturday. Follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for up to second updates as always. Should be a fun weekend and never been to this area before. Also FYI if interested I will have Eddie Trunk/Trunk Nation shirts and more available at the concert tonight at the band merch booths.

All new FM radio show tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston, as well as all the great affiliates over the weekend. Listen to it streaming off Q104 via iHeartradio app or off AAF at www.waaf.com Full listing of all stations under Live & On The Air/Eddie Trunk Rocks.

Great response to latest podcast with Night Ranger. The guys told some great stories about the film Boogie Nights, the song Sister Christian, Ted Nugent and Damn Yankees, their early years and Brad joining Ozzy. Don’t miss the Eddie Trunk Podcast free and worldwide! Subscribe and listen via iTunes or www.podcastone.com New every Thursday! Currently posted are Judas Priest, Bobby Blitz and Night Ranger. Next Thursday King Diamond debuts!

Have a great weekend all!

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  1. Hey Dana, It’d be nice to post individual links to each one of Ed’s Podcasts in the News section. where people could comment and talk about them. The Night Ranger Podcast might just be the best interview that I’ve ever heard,and I’m old.

    1. Todd,

      You would have to ask Eddie 🙂 Maybe, he will start to link it here in his Trunk Report?

      All my best,
      Dana 🙂

  2. Hey Eddie, you should have an official That Metal Show concert! A three day festival of bands that have been on That Metal Show! Just let me indroduce a band if you do it ! You know it would be huge!

  3. The podcasts are awesome! I love that they are so in depth. I am looking forward to them all. There are many people like myself who are fans of Overkill and Night Ranger. Continue with the variety and appealing to the super fan that wants to know behind the scenes stuff. Its very much appreciated. King Diamond should be interesting. I don’t know if Cronos from Venom is too obscure but he would be a great interview. I think their influence can’t be overstated. Thanks Eddie.

  4. Will try contacting VH1 and asking if there is anything as fans we can do to increase shows. Perhaps some sort of fund raiser. If there were a way the metal fans could support the increase of shows I know they would.

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