sammyhagar400pix In response to a recent interview that guitarist Eddie Van Halen gave to Billboard magazine, in which he criticized former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, singer Sammy Hagar spoke out in Anthony’s defense. Watch his response below.

After parting ways with Van Halen, Anthony has continued to work with Hagar, most currently with the band The Circle, that also includes drummer Jason Bonham and guitarist Vic Johnson.

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  • Gary B on

    Great job Sammy. Good for you. You flush more class every morning than Ed will ever have. I grew up idolizing the guy. He’s the main reason I play the guitar.But what a toolbag he’s become. Just shut your pie hole and play like only you can. You made the deal with the devil in bringing Dave back and shoving your kid down everybody’s throats. So, live with it, and grab the truckloads of cash that you did it for, because it’s painfully obvious to folks that it’s all you’re in it for.

  • Harry Taint on

    Sorry Ed, the fans would prefer you to get rid of the fat kid and bring Mike back. We know it will never happen.

  • Curt Curt on

    It’s official,I no longer give a rats ass about VH!
    Throwing Mikey under the bus proves Eddies an idiot,besides they’ll never last to the end of the tour anyway,I give Dave maybe 10 shows before his voice takes a dump.

  • J J on

    Eddie is talking trash about Anthony to justify putting his overweight offspring in the Bass spot. Really funny that if Michael couldn’t play / sing etc…. then why would they have kept Mr. Anthony in the band for so many years. Sammy is right, FU, Eddie. It’s a shame to destroy the legacy the ORIGINAL VH achieved, because of Eddie’s alcohol fueled, ignorant, deceptive comments.

  • John Alonzo on

    That’s f–ken awesome to have a person like that for a friend. Sammy Hagar tells it like it is and for him to come out and say it is awesome. Yea F–k Eddie Van Halen.

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