ericcarr430 The lawsuit filed against Kiss in respect of royalties allegedly unpaid to Eric Carr was filed without the support or knowledge of the late drummer’s heirs.

They’ve instructed the lawyer who launched the legal action to cease and desist and KISS frontman Paul Stanley tweeted, “Eric Carr’s family is shocked by a lawsuit filed without their knowledge or support. We will deal with this attempted scam appropriately.”

According to an article in the New York Post, attorney Robert Garson reported that he’d initiated the lawsuit on behalf of an unnamed friend and an unnamed relative of Carr, who died in 1991, because it had been discovered money was sure from overseas sales of his songs.

However, Mark Abbattista, representing Carr’s family, tells blabbermouth, “This proceeding was filed by a non-related third party without any knowledge, authorisation or consent. The party’s attorney has been contacted and ordered to cease and desist from any further statements, actions or allusions purporting to be on behalf of Eric Carr and/or the Carr family.”

He adds that Stanley and bandmate Gene Simmons are aware of the situation and continues, “it is imperative to set the record straight and let the fans know that we are unified in our response to preserve and protect the honourable and beloved legacy of Eric Carr.”

A family member commented, “We’ve known each other for 35 years and we have the highest respect for Kiss and keeping Eric’s memory in a positive light.”

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  • George on

    Where are all the asshole Paul and Gene haters now??? That’s what I thought….morons reacting to a complete bunch of B.S.

    • BurntIce on

      Good point.

  • Richman on

    Attorney Robert Garson and his “un-named” clients are as low as human beings can go. To attempt to cash in on KISSes stupid Hall of Fame nonsense by exploiting a by all accounts good guy who passed away 23 years ago is truly disgusting. What a bunch of lowlife filthy dirtbags. Overseas sales of Eric Carr songs? WTF? I hope KISS takes legal action against these people and they end up in jail if this was done improperly like it seeems. Some certainly not all lawyers are genuine pieces of shit but exploiting dead people for profit is really crossing the line. There is a real Demon waiting for this Garson filthy animal.

  • chad on

    I knew Eric and despite some very rude and totally disrespectful asses on here, Gene, Paul and Eric were united till death and Gene and Paul have never shown one once of disrespect for Eric. Why in Hell do so many disrespect the men who have kept our band awesome and a means to escape the world’s problems. Gene and Paul are two men you do not know personally and all this hate is because of what??…because they CONTINUEd without Peter and Ace when more than 2,times they left because they didn’t want to do it..they didn’t want it anymore and they wanted their own solo stuff and that’s end of story. Being in Kiss is sacred and u don’t get to come and go when it suits you. Kiss deserves to go on sand the rude and disgraceful comments have no place on here. You all sure pay a lot of attention to a band and its two front leaders for a band you act Luke u hate. Fine if your opinion is that you hate Gene and Paul but drip kiss then,ignore then. The rest of us don’t want to hear all the disrespect and bitchin

    • Eddie on

      I knew Eric very well. Your “united till death” claim is just not fact. There were issues very much toward the end of his time in the band. Especially on HITS tour. Eric was convinced his time in Kiss was done even if he did get healthy. He asked me to look for new gigs for him. He was well aware Eric Singer was coming in and wanted to be seen one last time in the band for the video for God Gave R&R even though he is not on that recording. He was a great guy and close friend. He could be insecure at times but I can tell you there were major issues toward the end of his way too short life with the Kiss camp. I always told him get healthy and things would work out. And I like to believe they would have. But sadly he passed away so we will never know for sure.

    • Jimi on

      Chad, Eddie is completely right.
      In 1989 when Paul went out on his solo tour, he had Eric Singer as a drummer, Eric Carr offered Paul to be the drummer, which Paul firmly declined. He was dead set on Eric Singer. At the last show of Pauls solo tour, Gene, Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick were present. After the show Eric Carr went to talk to Paul, and he said/asked the following “That guy, he is going to replace me soon, isn’t he?” to which Paul replied “Don’t be silly?” — This fact comes from Paul Stanley himself, if you read the KISSTORY book, you will find it in there, together with a few places where Paul admits that there were problems in the band.

      It’s also fairly easy to find numerous interviews with Paul and Gene saying, that they fired Eric Carr on his death bed. They had actually just been told that he didn’t have that long to live, and went in to fire him, or let him go if you will. It’s also a fact that Eric Carr was sad that they always rejected whatever he came in with. Fact is, that Eric Carr was absolutely not on friendly terms with Paul and Gene towards the end. Sad, but unfortunately true.
      Another fact is, that Paul and Gene has said many times, how they regret the way the handled the whole Eric Carr situation.

      I encourage all you KISS fans out there, to read the KISSTORY book and the C.K. Lendt book “Kiss and sell : The making of a supergroup” – both very informative. CK lendts book is fantastic, and all of it backed up by official statements etc etc. In his book, he also mentions that Paul and Gene were pretty unfair towards Vinnie Vincent from the beginning (The Rio insident).

  • Lee on

    Gene & Paul probably saw Singer as the cheap check and were bringing him in. The fact he was looking for new gigs speaks volumes. I’d love to know what Thayer & Singer get for all the heavy lifting they do onstage for a tour, probably peanuts but better than what Ozzy gave Jake or Dio gave Viv’, that was slave wage.

  • Eric on

    OK, look people, really if you don’t know what you’re talking about you shouldn’t pretend that you do. I’m sure there were some issues between Gene/Paul and Eric. However, all sources out (including Kulick and others) there tell us that Eric indeed always had health insurance and all of his medical bills were 100% covered. If you have differing information, instead of saying “oh well I was friends with his brother in law and heard differently” why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and actually show us some FACTUAL information on this. If not, then please walk down to your local HAIR SALON and apply for a job so you can go gossip about stuff you don’t know anything about all day.

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