KISS400 KISS fans will soon be able to buy officially licensed replicas of the band’s Love Gun and Monster era costumes.

The suits can be viewed at and pre-orders will be available “soon,” according to the site. KISS are known for their remarkable range of merchandise, having previously made a KISS Kasket coffin available.

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  1. Pretty cool idea but who doesn’t believe this will cost a freakin’ fortune? I got my box of popcorn ready to sit back and watch the comments on various metal sites when the prices come out. As for what “el loco” stated about their live performances today, I do agree Gene still has it vocally 100% BUT…… he glued to the stage now? I mean damn, the guy never moves more than a few feet in any direction anymore. In the 70’s he had just the coolest moves and gyrations, I mean he really sold the whole “demon” stuff. Looked like he was having a blast doing it too.

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