KISS400 KISS fans will soon be able to buy officially licensed replicas of the band’s Love Gun and Monster era costumes.

The suits can be viewed at and pre-orders will be available “soon,” according to the site. KISS are known for their remarkable range of merchandise, having previously made a KISS Kasket coffin available.

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  • el loco on

    Replicas? More new members??? Well, Paul had better sold his soul for a voice now … has anyone here listened to the latest footage from South America? Man, if you thought it was bad on the last leg of this never ending tour (to shame) they should listen to this one, all over YT, this is BAD. E.g. Shout it out loud or Love Gun or especially I was made … he is literally fighting for each note now, in vain. Without the typical South American audience knowing all the words and shouting it should have been absolutely obvious even for the biggest fan with wax in their ears. Even in the low register (cf I was made …) he sounds completely powerless, lost, and the falsetto in I was made …, well, I don’t wanna talk about it. It is heartbreaking and impertinent at the same time for us long time fans. I would say … the voice that is left is compeletly drowned and amateur-like against the tight rocking band, he sounds like a singer that has just made his first steps on the stage all of a sudden being beamed into Kiss … so it is true, there are almost only replicas left of this once great band. Only Gene is keeping it up today, which is ironic, since he was barely there in the 80s leaving the command of the ship to Paul who now seems to be connated with the wheel …

  • Doug R. on

    The Love Gun era was cool, the Monster era? The Love Gun era was cool! 😉

  • Charles Clinchot on

    Now even the fans can get a chance to replace members of Kiss sign me up to be a hired gun.

  • Harry Taint on

    I actually thought you were ten. Thanks for the correction.

  • James K. on

    As cool as owning a replica of Ace’s costume circa the LOVE GUN era, it’s best I don’t. I’d end up wearing it around the house, listening to Kiss and pretending I’m Ace, just like Tommy Thayer does. My neighbors are already scared of me enough already.

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