ThatMetalShow Hosts640(Colin Douglas Gray) copy Tim Louie of The Aquarian spoke with That Metal Show hosts Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson. Excerpts from the interview appear below.

This question is for Eddie anyway. This season is the second in a row from New York City. A couple years ago, Eddie, you told me that one of the reasons why you filmed in L.A. was because it was easier to land guests for the show. Has there been any problems landing guests for the past two seasons here in NYC?

Eddie Trunk: I wouldn’t say problems, but it’s definitely way easier still to get guests in L.A. just for logistics. 95 percent of these guys live on the West Coast. Even Dee Snider [from Twisted Sister] moved to the West Coast. So, everybody’s on the West Coast. The only thing that’s really changed is the fact that this show, thankfully, has become so popular that artists will make the effort to get to New York when we’re taping. For example, today Billy Corgan is coming through and he’s doing some routing just to get here to be with us. So, that’s really important. We’ve been lucky in that regard, but no, L.A. is still where everybody is.

The Aquarian: Will you guys be taking it back out there for next season?

ET: It’s possible. It’s not up to us. It’s up to the network and there are pros and cons to both. My preference that I think would be cool is if we did one season there and we alternate. But again, that’s a network decision. We’ll do it anywhere.

Jim Florentine: I’d rather go to L.A. because we go down there in January. We go for two weeks, it’s 80 degrees, it’s sunny and we knock the season out in two weeks.

Don Jamieson: He just wants it for his frequent flyer miles.

JF: We’ll drink at The Rainbow and play Ms. Pacman with Lemmy.

ET: The one big benefit to doing it in New York. Jim brings up a good point because it is nice to knock things out in a week and a half, but the other side of that; doing it in more real time in 12 weeks, taping on a Tuesday with the show airing on a Saturday. When stuff happens, we can cover it. Last week was a great example, when AJ Pero died; we were able to get the Twisted guys on. If we were taping in the old way, we could have never done that because everything would have been done already.

The Aquarian: Of all the guests so far this season, who were you most excited to have on?

JF: I’m excited to have Lzzy Hale on.

DJ: Why?

JF: Why do you think? (Laughs)

DJ: It’s going to be great to have Kirk Hammett back on the show, obviously having Kerry King coming in, Geddy Lee from Rush kicking off the season. It’s been a good run so far.

JF: Taylor Momsen was fun also.

The Aquarian: Besides Eddie Van Halen, who else is on the TMS wish list that you’d like to see on the show in the seasons to come?

JF: Alex would be great…Alex Van Halen.

DJ: Wolfgang Van Halen.

ET: Anyone with the last name of Van Halen…Jimmy Van Halen?

DJ: We’ll take Eddie’s wife at this point (laughs).

JF: Roth would be great!

DJ: Eli Roth…

ET: Yeah, those guys. Of course, we’d love to have Simmons and Stanley. We’d love to have Ozzy. We’d love to have James Hetfield. But we’ve had some huge people. So, there’s only very few who have been holdouts up to this point.

DJ: Yeah, most of their names are Van Halen, though (laughs).

The Aquarian: If you could be in any band, what band would it be, and what would you play?

JF: I’d be Bon Scott, AC/DC.

DJ: Lemmy from Motörhead. That’s where my sideburns come from.

ET: Any band? Any time period? Any thing? I would be Paul Stanley in KISS, Alive II tour. Coming down on the risers banging out those power chords, dancing across the stage and belting out Detroit Rock City? Come on now.

Read the entire interview at The Aquarian.

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    I’d be Keith Richards circa 1972 Have a double Jack Daniels and kick into Brown Sugar!

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