Since our “discussions” under the Greta Van Fleet Guitarist Says Rock N’ Roll Is An “Endangered Species” story, I mentioned Jet as a good example of a rock band who had a vintage sound, but with an original spin.

For those of you who may have forgotten Jet, they were an Australian band (seems a lot of great Rock bands come from the land down under) who formed in 2001. Their album, Get Born, garnered the hit singles Are You Gonna Be My Girl, Cold Hard Bitch, and Rollover DJ.

Their next record, Shine On, saw success from the singles, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is and Holiday.

Shaka Rock was the band’s last record, and they sadly broke up in March 2012.

Unbeknownst to me, I am happy to report the band reformed in reformed in 2017 opening five dates for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band on their Summer ’17 tour.

In 2018, Jet announced a 15th anniversary Australian national tour for their album Get Born, including dates in Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. They also issued the live album Get Born: Live At The Forum to commemorate the tour.

As a fan, I can highly recommend both Get Born and Shine On. I have included a few clips from those records for you enjoyment, I hope you like them.

If you are interested, you get more information about Jet, at the following sites:

Official Website

additional source: Jet’s Wikipedia page.

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  • James K. on

    Jet are a good band and yes, they proved a band can play with a classic sound without copying any one classic band. Airbourne is another classic sounding band I love. They definitely have a strong AC/DC influence but I never saw them as blatantly ripping AC/DC off. They have their own style and it’s just a very classic in your face hard rock style, very barroom drinking and brawling music. Jet has a great in your face hard rock sound to but it’s a more comercial/radio friendly sound, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Greta Van Fleet can learn from both bands how it’s done the right way.

    • Dana on

      Now Airbourne, I ❤️❤️❤️.

      I turned both Doug R. and Rattlehead, on to the band. While I know that they are an AC/DC clone, I cannot help it, their music just is so uplifting. I have done many stories about them, on this site, including a brief review of Black Dog Barking. I think you can search for them, if you are interested.

      Also, unfortunately, one day AC/DC will retire, so at least, we have Airbourne.

      D 🙂

  • James Apple on

    I listened to Cold Hard Bitch from your link and from the first scream thought “Oh, someone put AC/DC and The Who in a blender.” This was my exact reaction when I heard the first song (Age of Man) of Greta’s new album. “Oh, someone put Rush and Zeppelin in a blender.”

    I don’t find Jet and Greta to be mutually exclusive. You can like both. I don’t care that Greta Van Fleet sounds Led Zeppelin. It’s kick ass music that isn’t auto-tuned, tuned down, or just boring…and I enjoy it. And what we should be remembering from all this nonsense with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is that our music isn’t supposed to be pretentious. Nobody protested Cinderella when “Shake Me” came out even though AC/DC did it better with “You shook me”. I thought they were AC/DC 2.0 when they came out. But they put out good rock and roll music.

    “I know it’s only rock and roll, but I like it.”

    • Dana on


      I agree with some of your points, but the main aim, was to state that a band can have an older rock sound, without being a clone. I used Jet as an example of this, as they have a vintage sound, but upon hearing them, one doesn’t immediately recognize one particular group as being a glaring “influence.” Also, by not giving each Jet song a bit of a sampling, you are basing your opinion on one tune. I have listened to COUNTLESS GVF songs.

      I just find them to be a glaringly obvious copy cat of one particular band, and no offense to the singer, because I am sure he is a lovely kid, but I find his voice, screechy and a bit unpleasant, no wonder both Plant, and Jason Bonham, took a bit of umbrage with the comparison between the two bands.

      With Jet, one may hear AC/DC, The Beatles, perhaps some of The Who? Although, someone else mentioned The Cult, I don’t really hear that, per se, but I do hear some elements of funk in their music. So, to quote James K., below, “They definitely have a strong AC/DC influence but I never saw them as blatantly ripping AC/DC off. They have their own style and it’s just a very classic in your face hard rock style.”

      As for Cinderella, to me, I always thought they were a combination of AC/DC, Aerosmith and The Stones, so again, more of a mix, not a one ingredient influence.

      D 🙂

    • Doug R. on

      I said the same thing to Eric Singer a couple of years ago – I know “It’s Only Rock n’ Roll” but I like it! But “I Can’t Remember” why! Cheers!!

    • James Apple on

      I don’t take issue with any of that. There is absolutely no argument that GRF’s music is derivative. But even so, I can’t stop listening to it.

      That aside, I would love an actual suggested list of bands that are making awesome classic sounding music.

    • Dana on

      James…ME TOO!!! LOL!!!

      The last “new” album I got was Airbourne’s, Breakin’ Outta Hell, that came out in 2016 (hangs my head in shame).

      I am one old fuddy duddy and I admit it.

      D 🙂

    • James Apple on

      I’m in good company, then. I haven’t “bought” (READ: Added a new album to my playlists on Spotify) a new album in quite a long time. My tastes have actually regressed a bit as the hard/rock metal genre has withered on the vine. I tend to listen to the bands that influenced the bands I grew up with. So Beatles, Eric Clapton, CSNY, etc…

    • Dana on

      Good for you and I completely agree with you. Maybe we can start some kind of club?

      I agree, there is nothing new that is exciting, and I admit to being completely stuck in the 60’s-90’s, mainly the 80’s 🙂 . But outside of Airbourne, for the 2000’s, Jet is the most “modern” band in my catalog.

      D 🙂

  • Doug R. on

    If any band can carry the torch, it’s Airbourne! Now “Let’s Ride,” the “Highway To Hell” awaits! Right now, I have to “Check My Brain,” tonight and tomorrow night, it’s all about Alice In Chains! Thanks to my buddy, Tommy the Ticket Master! 😉 Don’t mind me, “When I Drink, I Go Crazy!” Cheers!!

  • RobT on

    Oh yeah “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” I’ve heard before. Must have forgotten about it or was thinking that another band performed it. Have to give a listen to some more Jet and some Airborne as well. Sorry about the time lapse, but as another song says, “Got no time for living yeah, I’m working all the time.”

    • Dana on

      Well, I hope you get some time to enjoy yourself very soon. Also, let me know what you think, when you have a chance to listen.

      D 🙂

  • James K. on

    About Jet’s album Get Born, I heard “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” and thought it was a good song but didn’t take it too seriously. I kind of wrote it off as radio rock. But I have to give credit to my girlfriend at the time for getting me to listen to the entire CD. I think by the song “Rollover D.J.” I was hooked! It’s a great album! I kept her CD in my truck til she got pissed and took it back and I had to go buy my own.

    • Dana on

      Good for you for having an open mind because it is very easy to dismiss a band from hearing only one song, as opposed to their “whole” sound. Maybe, that one song is a poor representation of the band?

      An extreme example of this is Mr. Big. When, To Be With You, became a huge radio hit, lots of folks, who were unfamiliar with band, went out and bought the album based on that song. Well, many were shocked, that the rest of record, save for, Just Take My Heart, was heavy. It was the same story with Extreme and More Than Words.

      Finally, I really like Roll Over DJ as well, very catchy, indeed.

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