In a August 16th news posting, the Atlanta KISS Expo had announced that former KISS guitarist, Vinnie Vincent, will be appearing at their event, in 2018.

The L.A. KISS expo Facebook page has posted a handwritten note from Vincent, in which he states, he is “happy and excited to be seeing all of you at the Atlanta KISS Expo on January 20th, 2018.” See Vincent’s entire note below.

To read more about this event, please click here. Additionally, the Atlanta KISS Expo has an FAQ section, which addresses Vincent’s appearance.

Vincent replaced lead guitarist Ace Frehley in 1982 and played with KISS for two years.

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  1. I don’t know if any of you has heard his Warrior demo with him singing; it’s amazing, this guy could write like Townshend, and then shred like Di Meolia; and he has a great singing voice; really soulful…So, I feel bad for him because he was way overqualified for Kiss and should’ve stayed in the background, and then you hear his songs getting Frankensteined into Kiss songs, with someone else singing them, and Vinnie let them do it. But, from what I understand, Kiss offered him a contract making him a partner, but Vinnie never signed it, so it seems like Vinnie would’ve had more of the spotlight on him going forward…..It seems Vinnie never intended to be in Kiss but was using it to launch his own career…..Kiss needs someone who could front his own band, but is too lazy to do it; thus, Ace was perfect for them. You hear them complain, albeit justifiably, about Ace’s lackluster work ethic, but, really, that’s what made him work with them; if he had been more ambitious like Vinnie, it would’ve imploded…like it did with Vinnie.

  2. This guy had so much talent. Heard alot of bad stuff about him over the years. Always hoped alot of it was blown up. Either way he’s had some issues and hope this appearance is a good thing for him. Without him Creatures and Lick It Up aren’t the same.

  3. no matter how flat a pancake is there are 2 sides , hopefully vinnie has put this questionable behaviour far behind him, sometimes rumour gets mixed up with fact and then people make assumptions …never a good thing- if there is a strong demand to see vinnie live again , he will have no trouble getting gigs if he still has all his talent intact ,

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