Hope everyone had a great Labor Day long weekend. I spent a few days in my favorite city Vegas visiting with friends, doing a little gambling, seeing some shows, and eating and drinking. In other words another great time! I am headed West again on Wednesday night, unexpected trip to LA for a SiriusXM Town Hall radio interview with Stone Temple Pilots. Air dates and times TBA. Speaking of my Town Hall interviews today you can hear my recent ones with Alice Cooper 9P, Deep Purple 10P, and Nickelback 11P ET on channel 106. Back live on Volume tomorrow 2-4P ET.

Speaking of my Town Halls I did ask Purple about a possible Blackmore reunion and they all had a slightly different take, perhaps none more transparent than Ian Gillen’s who said he didn’t feel Blackmore was playing very well these days, but was in touch with him some. Be sure to also hear these On Demand as well on the SiriusXM app, coming soon to my podcast as well.

I do now have re stock of both of my books. So if you ordered signed copies they are on the way. If interested in ordering see Books on my site.

Headed to Dallas this weekend for the Giants opener, can’t wait for NFL, Go Gmen!

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  1. Good news that Ian and Ritchie are in touch. Sounds like Ian isn`t going to make this easy but at least theres a chance. On another note kinda of ironic Ian is going to criticize Ritchies playing these days when his voice hasn`t been the same in years. It`s almost in the Don Dokken range so he shouldn`t be to judgemental. Regardless I would pay some pretty good cash to see that reunion.

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