As previously reported, Europe is will release their new album, Walk The Earth, on October 20th. The band are streaming the title track, which can be heard below.

Walk The Earth track listing:

1. Walk The Earth
2. The Siege
3. Kingdom United
4. Pictures
5. Election Day
6. Wolves
7. GTO
8. Haze
9. Whenever You’re Ready
10. Turn To Dust

Europe’s latest releases were The Final Countdown 30th Anniversary Show-Live At The Roundhouse and 2015’s War of Kings.

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  • shannon mehaffey on

    A bit of an initial let down when it goes into that Kashmir type opening…however, something about how they go so retro here; it’s ELP meets Zep; early 70s pomp rock…i.e, this would tend to grow on me.

  • shannon mehaffey on

    ..there are some deep roots in this music, it holds up, very well done guys.

  • robert davenport on

    I have never liked Europe, they have all the elements a good bands needs , good vocalist great tone , big guitars and drums , they write melodic songs , but it just never came together for me- I just never liked any of their songs – i hate the final countdown with a passion lol , and this song reminds me of a whitesnake throwaway , that never made it onto an album, and the lyrics are silly –

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