Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has released a music video for Mission To Mars. The clip is entirely animated by artist Christopher Fequiere, a first for Frehley. Chock full of KISS fandom easter eggs, this video is the second music video that we’ve seen from Frehley’s critically acclaimed Spaceman album. Mission To Mars follows the release of Rockin’ With The Boys,which was released last year.

He told the Houston Press, regarding the song:, “I’ve been a sci-fi fan since I was a kid, and when I joined KISS, we all had to come up with characters, so I invented the Spaceman. So, I’ve had a fascination with sci-fi and astronomy and space travel from a young age, so it all makes sense to me. I believe eventually were going to colonize Mars and go further.”

Spaceman was released on October 19th through eOne. Former KISS bandmate Gene Simmonsco-wrote two tunes on the record, Without You I’m Nothing and Your Wish Is My Command, the latter of which also features Simmons‘s bass playing.

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  1. This is a slightly better song that rockin with the boys – the video is ok – I guess I’m indifferent about Ace at this point – I wonder why pete doesn’t Put out any new music .. I wish he would-

  2. What do you mean, “after what he did”? It’s a business, right? Everyone IN the business knows that. Even Scarlett, possibly. Are we part of this business? Do we know what went on? So what’s the point? from that perspective, here are really other members of this once great band that should have problems looking at themselves in the mirror, acording to that kind of judgement, but they don’t. None of us knows the exact circumstances so who are we to pass judgement in a moral sense? If the former band members have problems with how the contract was or wasn’t fulfilled, they will certainly do what they think is needed to get what they are entitled to. Other than that, just like in any business, you get hired, and at one point you might get fired. But we are fans of the music. So let’s stick to music issues and not waste any time on moral issues. Let the rock stars remain on their pedestals … actually, who would want to meet them in person just to probably (and painfully) find out they are humans just like us, with flaws and failures and such?

    1. You all know what he did, and you all know it was wrong! Enough with this “just business” sh-t, you don’t fire a guy who’s been with you for 30 years, who’s wife just passed away, and all the while (coincidentally) being pressured and or blackmailed by Gene to take his band out on tour, that is morally and ethically wrong!! Ace’s band was always there for him, and then when they really needed him to be there for them (especially Richie) he goes and fires them! “Just business” my a$$!!

    2. It may be “business,” but ethically it is dirty business.

      Sorry, but I agree with Doug R., in this case. It is beyond selfish, and cold, to fire someone who just lost their wife. Talk about being morally bankrupt, yuck.

      Additionally, Frehley, has never had any issue with publicly denigrating, any of his former KISS bandmates, on their unconscionable conduct. So, as the old saying goes, “People in glass houses cannot afford to throw stones.” Otherwise, one risks looking quite hypocritical, when one behaves in a similar manner.

      Finally, Doug R., et al, have an absolute right to express their displeasure with Frehley’s conduct, as it is all subjective opinion. If Frehley’s behavior, has no barring on your support for him as a musician, that’s fine. But, you should not make others, whom disagree with your point-of-view, feel like they are incorrect, or invalid, in their assessment.

    3. I initially didn’t understand the “after what he did” reference. I’m somewhat agnostic on this one. Based just on what the public knows, yes, Ace could have handled it differently. It is a “business,” but it’s not a corporation. It’s musicians with long-standing personal relationships – in this case about 30 years. So for Ace to unceremoniously fire his band – especially a guy who’s been his sideman for 30 years who’s going through hard times – does seem mercenary. Then again, I don’t know the full story…

      That said, what “unconscionable conduct” did Paul/Gene commit towards Ace? That they chose not to let him back in the band (after he left TWICE on his own)? That they own his Space-man character (after he SOLD it to them)? I think a lot of this “Ace is a victim of Paul and Gene” is self-inflicted by Ace and supported by certain friends and die-hard fans.

      “and all the while (coincidentally) being pressured and or blackmailed by Gene to take his band out on tour” – This, I didn’t understand. Do we know that Gene pressured/blackmailed Ace to doing anything? Ace seems to have made a calculated decision all on his own that it would be more profitable for him to share Gene’s band rather than pay the salaries of four or five guys in his own band.

    4. I think that comment was directed towards me, since I used the word “unconsniable.” Well, let’s just say there has been lousy conduct all around, and I do not need to cite specific examples, but I am sure you can use any of their books, as source material.

  3. I haven’t given much of what Ace has released recently a second listen. As a whole I’ve just gotten much pickier with the new releases from 80’s bands and artists. But…surprisingly…I really liked this song. Good crunchy guitar lick. And Ace himself sounds good in this track.

  4. I have to add, yes it is a business , but in any business , I dont care what business it is , even total a__hole owners know you do not fire someone after just losing your wife / family member -there are lines you just cant cross , ace crossed that line – I hope he has at least tried to patch things up with Richie , but I think no matter what Ace could have said , Richie will probably carry this betrayal with him for a very long time – I’m glad Richie landed on his feet and has a great Gig with Corky Laing the drummer from mountain , and a great singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist Mark Mikel on bass and piano –
    Karma will eventually catch up with Ace on that heartless foolish decision ~

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